Matthew Gerkin of Pissed Regardless was more fierce than Hitchcock’s Birds!

What better way to jump back on the concert saddle than going to a hardcore punk show because we are totally hardcore too! Don’t even try to dispute that, our Gam Gam said so and she don’t mess around! But this article is not an ode to us but an ode to the lineup of local bands near and not so near that added a much needed dosage of grit and sweat to our Friday night. We all joined local punkers Pissed Regardless at the Soda Bar on Feb.9 to celebrate the release of their latest EP Feed The Birds. Before these fierce five got up on that stage, an array of badass bands tore a new one on that stage.

We dove head first into the hardcore grooves of Surface Report which also happened to be their first time playing at the Soda Bar. The quartet performed mostly from their 2017 album Stand By… and let me just say  we all did anything but stand by! These hardcore mofos laid out the first track “One At A Time” which has calculated and paced riffs a la Gojira, yes that damn great! If you are craving the eclecticism of Dillinger Escape Plan, “Quid Pro Quo” will hit the spot. If you’re not feeling any of those bands, no problem because these hardcore gents had more of their own unique brand. 

This may have been Surface Report’s first time at the Soda Bar but they sure knew what they were doing 😉

Surface Report may have started things out with those two killer songs, but once we hit mid set, the quartet enlisted their unpredictable “Lackey” and “Constellations” among others. The karate kids in the venue were bouncing around with enthusiasm recharging their strength but bid their time to bust out their moves. By the time Surface Report wrapped up their set with “Sidelines,” we were shook with a riveting energy and hunger for more. If you wannabe shook too, dive deep and check out their bandcamp here! 

The Soda Bar was rumbling for more of that hardcore stuff, stuff more hardcore than a soda and Mentos cocktail, Burn Infinite sedated our shakes with their grit and started with the explosive duo “Boiling Point” and “InVein.” The quartet showed SD how they throw down with the unmerciful “Wrath Of The Gods,” stirring the karate kids in the venue and churned our know what I mean, ya nasty bois and gurls! Taylor Stevens’ thick vocals fueled the rage and intensity of each track they belted out to the masses.

Taylor Stevens of Burn Infinite was not afraid to get up on our grill! That’s what the kids are saying right?

If you think that’s all I have to say about Burn Infinite, well think again! These guys were not done there and had one more final wave of face melting goodness to dish out because it wouldn’t be a hardcore show if they hadn’t. Stevens even joined the pit while as they capped off their set with the vicious “En Fury” and cast their swift and final “Judgement.” If you haven’t seen these guys, well damn you are missing out my friend because you don’t mess with Burn Infinite! Because not only will they light the fire under your ass but they will most likely melt it too. Time to separate the mice from the (wo)men, check out their Bandcamp if ya gots the guts!

National City natives, Nerve Control, revived the ember Burn Infinite left behind and doused it with more raw and hardcore kerosene when they took over the stage. These guys unloaded an unprecedented energy that will make you wet yourself with sweat and other bodily fluids your body decides to secrete.  Needless to say Nerve Control gave everyone a major nerve to stir that pit up! The band continued to send us on an ultimate overdrive with their passionate performance and their intense tracks.  

Nerve Control’s Elton losing his nerve.

Vocalist Elton would hunch over and conceal his face while he gathered all the energy around him before unleashing it in to a sonic boom! Nerve Control broke the time and space continuum and next thing we knew, it was their time to go. That’s right, and just like that they were dunso! Man… Nerve Control will not leave you blue balling but they will leave you wanting more, and because more is better, see what I mean and check out their Bandcamp here.

Keeping the theme of short fuses alive and well were Short Temper and I mean the band, I’m not talking about the Ugh Metal staff’s issues. The quartet suckered punched us with “Dug Your Grave” from their split with fellow badasses Forged and kept it going with “I Don’t Need” before jumping right into “Cut Off.” The crowd was more flared up than that California reaper pepper you are definitely not going to eat!

Short Temper brought more grit and glory to this Friday night.

Short Temper was raging so damn hard, they had minor technical difficulties. While they were trying to get the problem fixed, bassist Devlin told a nice little hippo joke which I will totally adopt if I remember it and pass it off as my own. Once they were up and running and gave us a set we will never forget, the band teased the crowd with their last song “Secrets (Slapshots)” by starting off this badass song with Disturbed’s David Draiman’s signature “ouchie” cry, you know that “Uh-ah-ah-ah-ah!” Those stinkers! Ok tough guys and gals you think you can handle Short Temper?! Well check out their Bandcamp here if you dare! Short Temper kept the frenzy going till we were  all…

Pissed Regardless… Oh I mean the killer band, not us! Because our happy asses were having a great time! These locals wasted no time and went in for the kill and were ready to feed us their latest EP, Feed The Birds. The quintet started with their classic “Not So Swift” which is off of their 2013 debut self titled EP. Pissed Regardless immediately sprinkled a new song “No Reprieve” to follow it and it’s so damn great and empowering it’ll make you “drop dead!” *raises fists*     

We were far from pissed when Pissed Regardless took over the stage.

Now this special release party wouldn’t be completely okay or alright if Pissed Regardless didn’t unleash the vicious flock on us and “Feed The Birds.”  These exuberant dudes kept the flock going with the ultra frisky “Empty” and the irresistible “Lipstick On A Pig.” PR’s flamin’ hot set didn’t stop there! They continued their badassery streak by adding more classics into their set such as our beloved “Shit Sack” and “Taking It Easy” ‘cause it was Friday night man!

If you were looking for a quiet walk in the metaphorical park on this Friday night, you came to the right place because Pissed Regardless and their hardcore squad delivered a release show you will  never forget! Oh wait that doesn’t make much sense does it? Well I know what I said! And there was lots o’ good booze and merch too! Which I think tops a quiet stroll in the park because did I mention it was a Friday night?! It was a great way to start our year and left us feeling far from pissed. If you wanna get a feeling of how brutal these Birds were, then check out what the Klown thought of this EP here and get your copy here!

Pissed Regardless spared no one from their ravenous beaks and tunes… ok they don’t have beaks… that we know of…

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