Overkill fed San Diego to the ‘Mean Green Killing Machine” on Feb. 29 at the House of Blues

The night was young and so was yours truly alongside the Klown and we were thirsty for adventure. Because we knew we had to make the most of this strange sensation in this leap year, we headed over to the House of Blues on Feb. 29 to see one of the most underrated thrash acts. We busted out our monocles and were ready to mosh… in our balcony seats. Hey! We are not as spry as we used to be but our spirits were! Now who was this legendary band in question? No, it was not the Klown’s and yours truly’s experimental band from the early 2000’s it was Overkill, silly! The legendary thrashers unleashed some Garden State madness on to our Golden coast and it was one to die for. BUT WAIT! They were not alone.

Hydraform from Colorado opened the night with their brand of prog. The quartet warmed up the loyal fans who had secured their spots on the rail and bobbed their heads while they sipped on their beers. Hydraform isn’t your typical prog band, they like to add a dash of garage rock elements into their brew which goes great hand in hand. 

Hydraform warmed up the crowd with their brand of prog. (L to R: Guitarist Jay Streifer, drummer Matt Gotlin-Sheehan, vocalist Carter Pashko, and bassist John Jarvinen)

Carter Pashko does not hold back on his growls but also does a great job laying down some clean vocals.The chill inducing “Chasing My Shadow” was your truly’s favorite, a perfect mix of rough and melodic goodness and if you add the raw emotion from the quartet, it was a chase we were sad to see conclude. Hydraform is enjoyable for all ages and occasions, and fans were digging them. What a perfect way to start this Saturday night!

After Hydraform taught us how to catch our shadow, NOLA’s own Exhorder took over. The quartet dished out a few songs from their 2019 release Mourn the Southern Skies such as “My Time,” and they even played the title track from their 1990 debut Slaughter in the Vatican. These guys brought some good ol’ Southern Metal to sweet Cali and boy it was sweeter than key lime pie.

Exhorder brought some NOLA to San Diego with their brand of southern metal.
(L to R: Bassist Jason Viebrooks, drummer Sasha Horn ,vocalist ,and guitarist Marzi Montazeri)

Exhorder paid tribute to their fallen brother Reed Mullin of Corrosion of Conformity, and guitarist Marzi Montazeri’s uncle who passed away right before the tour and dedicated “(Cadence of) The Dirge” to them. Exhorder certainly revved our engines with their southern blend of metal. 

Now this night would not have been complete without the legendary Overkill who needed no introduction. Bobby Ellsworth’s larger than life personality did all the talking and they introduced themselves as our “ugly uncles from Jersey” causing all his eager spiritual nieces and nephews to go wild. Our dear uncles started the night with “Last Man Standing” from their latest The Wings of War whose intro made the fans go wild.

Our uncles from Jersey have finally returned! And they were here to show us a good time.

The energetic quintet never missed a beat and Ellsworth knew how to keep the crowd going even when he would momentarily disappear for a quick water break, and charge back to the mic stand. Crowd favorites and Ellsworth’s personal favorite was “Mean, Green, Killing Machine” and their ode to their home state of “Welcome to the Garden State.”         

That night was filled with rare delicacies on this leap year and Overkill gracing our humble abode as certainly one of them! After that show, we will continue to apply the golden rules our Uncle Blitz shared with us and will spread the word to other lost souls in need. What are these rules you ask? He said, “Rule number one, don’t be a dickhead…Never mind two rules. Rule number two, don’t be a pussy! ” Thanks Uncle Blitz!