Morbid Angel, one of the grand daddies of death metal!
(L to R”: Guitarist Dan Vadim Von, drummer Scott Fuller, vocalist/bassist Steve Tucker and guitarist Trey Azagthoth)

June 18, two things happened on that day. One, Fathers’ day happened to land on that date, so happy belated Fathers’ day to all the metal dads checking out this article. Two, two of the daddies of death metal came to the House of Blues in our humble abode. The night featured the mighty Morbid Angel and Suffocation. They also brought help in the form of Revocation and Withered.

Chuggo: The Klown is not a big fan of Downtown but he sure loves the House of Blues. It is also worth noting that that night was the first time the Klown indulged on ATL’s own Withered.

Jenny Oh: Withered perked up the crowd with a short but strong setlist. They added a touch of doom in to this death metal ensemble. It was a nice curve ball… a doomy one *laughs evilly*

C:  Right…? They kicked the performance off right away and without a second to spare. The group opened with “Leathery Rind” which also happens to be the Klown’s snack of choice.

J: Tis the flavor of my enemies! Withered switched gears and became less doomy and more aggressive with “Distort, Engulf.” You better believe I will be playing this song next time I have my next serving of… *dramatic pause* Enemies! *evil laugh, thunder cracking*

Withered sure knew how to perk up the crowd \m/

C: If you had that much enthusiasm as you do now, we could have finished this article sooner.

J:  I can say the same about you but only if you were more sober and cooperative. Stop daydreaming about your days in Railing Bros.

C: At least I had a career that paid. Not like your press “career” that was revoked at UPN. Wait…. What was the name of the band that followed?

J: REVOCATION! And enough about our dirty laundry in this article and more on the Bostonians from Revocation. Their “Communion” was the only communion our family should have shoved us into.

C: Agreed. It was also short but great. This band gave us a taste of their “Madness Opus” and gave us a dose of their brand of technical death metal.

J: And technically held a political conference with “Scorched Earth Policy.” If there were more conferences like this, I think politicians would actually listen and maybe finally loosen up a little. Oh… wait a minute, I don’t think they need any more help in the loose department. 😉

Revocation gets technical and brooding.

C:  Ay Oh! Whatever the issue, these guys have my vote for the upcoming elections! Even if their policies leads us to a “Crumbling Imperium.”

J: Plenty of Suffocation will be needed in that crumbling imperium we asked for. *plays “Your Last Breaths” in the background*

C: Yes, they played that current single from their latest album …Of the Dark Light, an album which yours truly rated. Self promotion aside, these gents kicked off their set by kicking it old school like the dads present at the show with “Throne of Blood” from their 1995 album Pierced from Within.

J: They took us deeper down memory lane by really going back with “Liege of Inveracity!”

C: The very brief times the group took a break, current touring vocalist, Kevin Muller did a great job filling in for Frank Mullen and showed off his showmanship. The Klown still remembers when Muller succeeded in getting bassist Derek Boyer a hometown ovation by letting everyone know that he was a local! It’s truly a small world, after all.

Hometown hero/bassist Derek Boyer and Kevin Muller or Suffocation werk it!

J: Like if we needed any more cool points! Nearly 30 years later and these guys are still on top of their game. They refueled the hype we all felt when they first announced the production …Of the Dark Light. For those that missed out on that set… man, happy father’s day to us.

C: Major props to lead guitarist Terrance Hobbs on everything from being really cool to the fans prior to the show to sweet and killer riffs. The Klown hopes to see Mr. Hobbs and the rest of Suffocation again in the future.

J: After succumbing to Suffocation, the Morbid Angel descended upon us and began their sermon by “Summoning Redemption.”

C: No hope for us, dummy. Well… except for “I” there still hope for the Klown.

J: Because it was a special day Morbid Angel surprised us with a new song called “Warped.” This slow building song is tactful and will sneak its way to your brain and you will be headbanging in no time. We can’t wait to see what new stuff they’ll put out.

C: Right you are, broke ass. In the meantime, the quartet stuck mostly to the 2000 classic Gateways to Annihilation as well as their 1998 masterpiece Formulas Fatal to the Flesh with “Bil Ur-Sag” and “Covenant of Death.”

J: Frontman/ bassist Steve Tucker was a man of few words but his performance and his appearance resonated throughout the show. Morbid Angel chose wisely when they reached out to Tucker again to take the reins full time.

Steve Tucker of Morbid Angel giving us our sermon.

C: The Klown would have wanted to see David Vincent and Pete Sandoval but alas this was just as great. It really felt like the Klown was young and getting exposed to Morbid Angel for the first time as a child.

J: Yeah it was so cool seeing all the OG metal dads bring their offspring to the show and bonding through some headbanging and moshing to some good ol’ fashioned death metal. Parenting done right!

C: *muttering* Wish our dad was metal…

J: Well Chuggo we can’t have everything in life but at least in that night we got to see Morbid Angel and the rest of that awesome lineup!

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