Mayhem performs their iconic debut album "De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas" album in its entirety... YES

Mayhem performs their iconic debut album “De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas” album in its entirety… YES

Pure Mayhem engulfed the Santa Ana Observatory on Feb.7! The Black Metal legends played the entirety of their iconic debut album De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas and DELIVERED. Mayhem brought out the big guns in this unforgettable ritual by inviting the breakout New York Black metal band Black Anvil and fellow legends Inquisition. The Ugh Metal team is still a little high off of this show, allow our gruesome twosome to tell you all about it…

Jenny Oh: I knew Black Anvil wouldn’t disappoint but damn! They blew me away! They put on a FANTASTIC show!

Chuggo the Klown: Yeah… it was bitchin’! The best part of the show was the fact that they wasted no time to keep this kvlt classic going

J: Black Anvil made a great choice on kicking off their performance with “On Forgotten Ways.” It gave me chills once the introductory riff began!

C: Yeah… I know what you mean; it was a perfect opener and gave a feel of all the things to come later on.

J: I really enjoyed hearing my second favorite song on the As Was album, “May Her Wrath Be Just.” The transition was beautifully done.

Black Anvil impress and conquer!

Black Anvil impress and conquer!

C: Yeah… the Klown was surprised how they bulldozed smoothly through their time like if it were the album itself but live. On a quick side note, LaVey the pug lord and master would love to thank his favorite hoomans, Priscilla and Adam for tuning in to our Instagram live feed.

J: Someone had to pay attention to the Instagram live feed! Anway, Black Anvil kept proving to be the masters of conversion by jumping from “May…” to “As Was” smoothly like a lake emptying out into an ocean.

C: Yeah… that deep… either way the closing segment was perfect as it was one of my favorite songs, “Ultra” and the last song in the As Was album. Hearing “Ultra” live made it feel like the chorus of a church choir congregation.

J: The melodic goodness from Black Anvil was great but Inquisition’s presence swallowed us whole!

C: YEAH! The Klown still believes that Inquisición se robó el momento!

J: Holy shit, they made you get in touch with our roots!

C: Yeah just like our mother’s platinum blonde highlights! The Klown was expecting the Bloodshed… album but he wasn’t expected “Ancient Monumental War Hymns” from the Nefarious Dismal Orations album. This also happens to be one of the Klown’s favorite songs from Inquisition!

Dagon of Inquisition has us hooked with his thick vocals and infernal riffs

Dagon of Inquisition has us hooked with his thick vocals and infernal riffs

J: Inquisition treated us to some classics that made everyone giddy and took us back to 2004 with “Dark Mutilation Rites”

C: Most importantly, despite the fact that there were only two of them, they brought a lot to the table and had everyone entertained from beginning to end. Whatever Dagon lacked in speaking, he made up with his performance and legendary black metal vocals!

J: Their performance flew by and wasn’t long enough! But I forgive them ‘cause quality over quantity. I don’t know what they did but they certainly have a gift to effortlessly pull you in.

C: Right you are. It’s like they sent everyone into complete *dramatic pause* Mayhem!

J: YES! Even when we were staring at the signature background with the iconic trios shadowy faces and that small altar was enough to make the pit stir with more anticipation.

C: I guess, the Klown personally thought that I made it in time for a black mass. The band appearing as cloaked figures, the skull on the altar and burning red candles. Hail Stan! But most importantly Attila and the rest of his minions knew how to set the tone. They made it foggy as hell for “Funeral Fog!”



J: After “Funeral Fog” immersed us, Mayhem kept their momentum even after they jumped in to the slow paced “Freezing Moon” before picking up the tempo again with “Cursed In Eternity.”

C: Yes, lest we forget when the crowd lost their shit once “Pagan Fears” began its famous opening sequence. Which by that point, Necrobutcher was unveiled by Attila, which was about the time the Klown knew shit was going to get better!

J: The black cluster of sweaty and excited metalheads descended into pandemonium during this part as well as those that were not in the pit. The hooded Attila only kept working his magic by pacing on the stage while enchanting us with his drawn out occult symbols or the west side symbol.

C: Yeah, his showmanship, although simplistic, was fucking awesome. Attila kept the crowd going and riled up. Also briefly unveiling himself through some quick lighting which made him look like some Sith lord from the Star Trek movies.

J: Careful Chuggo! If you get these references incorrectly the force will not be with you and rest assured you will not live long and prosper! But yes Csihar had that Sith look going on and he knows how to werk it!

Atilla Csihar of Mayhem does a victory cry!

Atilla Csihar of Mayhem does a victory cry!

C: Yeah, I’ll say. In the brief intermission that was somewhat unexpected, Csihar donned a red ceremonial tunic giving off the appearance similar to a high Christian clergyman. While the rest band, excluding the legendary Hellhammer, still rocked the cloaks.

J: Hellhammer didn’t need no fancy shmancy cloak! Just a cool Watain muscle tee and his pair of drum sticks to stand proudly after concluding with “De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas.”

C: Yes… it was rather surprising to see the show being over with Hellhammer standing over center stage like a conquering hero as he threw his drumsticks to the pit like spoils of war! Of course not taking away from the Csihar with his presence feeling more like one fit for a Pope.


Mayhem kept the mystique alive by not getting lit… literally

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