Immolation return 6+ years to our side of the beach and we got our double dose of these legends! (L to R: Vocalist/bassist/legendary metal Manpunzel Ross Dolan and guitarist Alex Bouks)

Immolation’s *SPOILER ALERT* lit show chased away what was left of winter and the white walkers! That’s what the children are saying now in days, right? Anyway, Immolation lit a bonfire on our side of the beach on March 5 at the Brick By Brick, spoiling the Ugh Metal team by seeing them live back-to-back. Before we dive into Immolation and sploorge my excitement all over this article, let’s talk about the first guests to arrive to the party.

Tijuana death metallers known as Unblessed Domain drew first blood with “Thrones of Stagnation,” feeding the pit its first sweaty, and testosterone filled meal of the night. The quartet kept the momentum going with “Perversion Rites,” “Arcanum Supremacy” and “Communion Of Ravens” to name a few. Unblessed Domain’s subtle energy wriggles its way into your bones and neck and next thing you know you’re headbanging!

Unblessed Domain convert a new batch of faithfuls through the power of death metal!

Unblessed Domain returned last year and have been keeping themselves busy. The quartet have been making their rounds playing shows in their native Tijuana or opening for death metal legends such as Incantation and thrash supergroup Eliminate. If these dudes keep their momentum going and continue to spew out death metal sermons, it would come to no surprise that they will spread like a raging virus we want to have.

Speaking of epic returns, Warpath came, saw and conquered with their set. The all Native American band pumped their faithful legion with a playback of tribal chanting and made anticipation soar with “Mending Feathers,” the chill inducing riffs from “Immortal,” and lest we forget the licks exchanged between guitarist Harrison Whitecloud and guitarist/backup vocalist Chance Perez in “No Mercy.”

Warpath stand and deliver like headliners in the making.

The quartet’s music not only bared their fangs this time, but they bit too! Not downplaying the first time we saw them, but this time they were oozing with the confidence and energy of a headlining band. These warriors not only delivered an infectious set but they had us wanting more. Think I’m kissing ass? You can see for yourself on March 26, they’ll be stirring limbs and minds once again with Warbringer at the Brick.

Tijuana struck again with another black metal band and continued to show off their metal prowess with Infinitum Obscure. This collective started off with “Disintegrate Life/ Onto the Empty Void” from their last album Ascension Through The Luminous Black,  and took us back  further with “Shunned By Thy Dark Light” and flung us back to a fairly modern time (2009) with “Collustratus a Tenebris” to name a few.

Roberto Lizarraga and Hugo Lalanne of Infinitum Obscure will tear down ANY wall with their killer riffs.

The candles and the faint glimmer bouncing off the skulls on their modest set weren’t the only things shining on stage. The band from Baja Cali worked some sort of black magic that would take a hold of those that would give in to Roberto Lizarraga’s growling. Infinitum Obscure were an unstoppable force and delivered as a whole. Here’s hoping these guys, along with other acts from near and far, return to our town and vanquish any wall that threatens to stop the music from playing and spreading.

Helsott soon followed and performed their first gig as a signed band, proudly waving the M Theory Audio Records banner. Whether you were a fan sporting one of their exclusive Indiegogo shirts or just there for Immolation, the crowd grew loud and stirred with support. Helsott, as a whole, were in high spirits as any band would be after landing a record deal. The band performed their upcoming EP The Healer in its entirety which isn’t due till April 28.

Helsott triumphantly returns as a signed band!

Helsott’s enthusiasm and joy was contagious which made the fantastic reception from fans grow, delivering another great performance and easily rose to the task as co headliners. Stay tuned because they will be headlining high profile raids of their own.

Immolation took over soon after, giving us (at Ugh Metal) a second dose! As Ross Dolan had promised the night before at the Return to Roots show, they played more songs. After so much anticipation, we saw “The Distorting Light!” The death metal vets kept shining the spotlight on their latest album Atonement and performed “Destructive Currents,” “When the Jackals Come,” “Epiphany” and the orgasmic anticipation builder “Fostering the Divide,” yes it’s just as great live and that intro is still just…whoa.

Immolation flash the horns making us all collectively lose our shit. (Guitarist Robert Vigna, vocalist/bassist Ross Dolan and guitarist Alex Bouks)

After we all collectively cleaned up and discarded our soiled garments, Immolation broke open fermented songs from their 30 year legacy and splashed them all over their 14 song set list. We continued to get stupid drunk and gave in to the “Swarm of Terror,” “All That Awaits Us” and they even performed the Maury show’s newest theme song “Father, You’re Not The Father” [citation needed].

When Dolan wasn’t causing a tornado onstage with his Herbal Essence worthy locks, he expressed his gratitude towards fans and Nuclear Blast Records for the support and shared what the band had been up to. Having wrapped up a successful tour with the Cavalera Brothers the night before, these underrated legends were ready for another round of brutality and certainly didn’t hold back. We can’t wait to see them return, just like Dolan mentioned earlier in the night…yes I am keeping tabs and am ready to be blown away again, literally.

Ross Dolan and Alex Bouks of Immolation latest promo for their Herbal Essence campaign.

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