Vocalist of Fear Factory Burton C. Bell reaches for the stars and stuff!

Fear Factory brought the revolution on May 5 at the popular metal venue Brick By Brick in San Diego. The L.A. based band celebrated their 20th anniversary by doing a national tour before embarking overseas in June.

The first two bands to stir the drunken pot were fellow Los Angelinos Thrown into Exile and Spades and Blades. Spades and Blades front man, Jason Todd invaded the stage with enough energy to jump start a dead car, while Thrown in to Exile crept with more subtly infecting the crowd with a potent and long lasting adrenaline rush. Though both bands may not have 20 years under their belt much like the headliners, they seem to be heading and obtaining the same infectious showmanship.

Guitarists Raymond Sanchez and Mario Rubio have a best hair contest while shredding!
(Photo courtesy of Santi Ovalle)

Soilwork belted out hits like the beautifully desperate anthem ‘Stabbing the Drama’ and ‘Whirl of Pain’ which is off of their most recent album. The crowd enthusiastically sang along to the bands 11 song playlist and promised their loyal fans they’d return.The show was surely the gift that kept on giving much like the bars on Cinco De Mayo minus the terrible decisions! The Swedes from Soilwork also joined the party as co headliners in this grand festivity, which have been on the scene since the mid 1990’s.

The shadows that swallowed the stage and the futuristic propaganda sounds a la

Fear Factory only fed the hype right before the quartet took the stage. The unmistakable bass drum pedal intro to “Demanufacture” kicked the drunken hornets’ nest, and was the beginning of a desired chaos.

Front man of Fear Factory, Burton C. Bell pumping up the crowd, with Co- founder Dino Cazares on lead guitar.

Aside from playing the ‘Demanufacture’ album in its entirety as promised, fans were also treated to ‘Soul Hacker’ and ‘Regenerate’ which are fresh off their latest album ‘Genexus’. The quartet managed to keep the crowd enthused with their electric performance of the beautiful and anguished ‘A Therapy For Pain’.

Though this is not their first visit in San Diego, Fear Factory has mastered the craft that many up and coming bands aspire to be and make every visit a brand new experience. Time flew in the iconic bar and concluded their 15 song set list as the crowd chanted their name for more.

Band members interacted with fans, in particular bassist Tony Campos and co-founder Dino Cazares flinging their leftover personalized guitar picks. With the pounding (from the stage… get your mind out of the gutter), and busted neck aside it was all worth it.

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