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Devildriver closing out their tour at San Diego’ Brick By Brick.

Everyone’s favorite inebriated Klown had a bit too much fun on the 18th of June, Devildriver concert. He went to his home away from home at Brick by Brick got his own party started with the help of the local band Daemos.

Daemos’ “Pillars of Eternity” was powerful enough to sober up any Klown in the venue. For those not familiar with Daemos these guys are as heavy as they are melodic with their songs “Room 512” and “Into Another”. Daemos capped it off with a cover of Sweden’s melodic death metallers At The Gates’s “Blinded By Fear.”

Right on after the local boys, the night continued with the 23 year veterans from Sin City, Hemlock. Right from the very beginning, vocalist and bassist Chad Smith wasted no time and began to hype and encourage those in attendance to get as close to the stage as possible. The self proclaimed hard working metal band lived up to their word wasting no time by opening with their hit “Nobody Knows.” The Brick’s energy surged throughout the room that, towards the middle of their set list, the breaker felt insulted enough to derail the performance. Literally, a power breaker was attempting to steal the show… how dare it! Proving that nothing can derail momentum, Smith didn’t allowing a setback halt the ever present energy.

Ritchie Cavalera’s band, Incite, took the stage and reminded those that his dad did well to pass down the trade. Cavalera’s vocals were reminiscent to his legendary father, Max and his younger brother Igor’s vocals. Incite kicked off their turn by playing “No Remorse”, a song from their current album The Oppression. Throughout the night, Cavalera played some of the old favorites such “WTF” and “Up In Hell” from their 2014 breakthrough album Up In Hell. Incite later ended the night with their first pair of singles, from their first album The Slaughter, “The Slaughter” and “Army of Darkness”. With all said and done this boy definitely proved that the Cavalera name is definitely one of the closest things the metal community has to a dynasty.

Following Incite were the fast rising, Holy Grail. First time, this accomplished loser saw

Holy Grail

Holy Grail charging the crowd with energy, blowing out breakers and such!

them was November 4, 2015 at The Observatory in North Park. These guys have come a long way since opening for the legendary King Diamond on that night. Just like then they never seized to amaze. This power/thrash metal band kicked off with “Bleeding Stone” charging the air with electricity, the breaker felt that it should try and steal the show again!

Proving that nothing will slow them down vocalist James Paul Luna and lead guitarist Eli Santana kept entertaining the masses by indoctrinating their rhythm guitarist, Alex Lee, to show off his yo-yo skills. During the yo-yo session, Santana played the tune of Merry Melodies to further lighten the mood. Technical difficulties aside, the guys carried on and even introduced brand new songs from their current album Times of Pride and Peril, “Crystal King” and “Sudden Death” to name a few.

Once Holy Grail finished, Devildriver frontman Dez Fafara became the master of suspense and began his turn with a loud pop. As he demanded a louder one, he made the crowd louder and crazier. With San Diego being their last date, Devildriver began the performance with “End of the Line”. In a night filled with euphoria and surprises, Fafara’s biggest surprise to fans was when he covered electronic indie band, Awolnation’s “Sail.” The night beckoned with middle fingers, devil horns and loud sing-alongs. During his very few brief pauses, Fafara announced how he is not really a talker and is more of a performer transitioning into songs back to back.


Frontman Dez Fafara flashing an endearing gesture to fans.

Fafara sympathized with San Diegans adding how performers that skip this fine city are quitters because they don’t know how to handle us and get up all worked up for failing. The frontman surely knew how to push all the right buttons ending the night with “Meet the Wretched” leaving the audience in an ecstatic stupor begging for more.

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