Defy The Tyrants teamed up with fellow local bands and a non local to entertain us during the storm!

What’s this? Ugh Metal doing shows again?! It was bound to happen sometime, right? The Klown sought out some entertainment for his endless life of leisure. So on February 2, the Klown took his goofy ass down to the Brick By Brick to indulge on some bands of the local variety and one from the land of the Grand Canyon. That’s right, you pessimistic San Diegan “elitist,” the local scene is still alive and breathing!

The night first began with some hardcore in the form of Legions. The Klown confesses that he didn’t know what to expect from the Chula Vista quartet but he knew one thing for sure, from the moment “Third Eye” started, the night of niceties ended. Legions then followed up with “Recognize,” fun fact about this song, the band notably performs it with David from No Altars in their debut LP Paranoia. That night David was not there but it still sounded cool.

Legions frontman Javier Rios was more hardcore than the raging storm that night.

The band also treated us to “C.U.N.T.” to keep the momentum going. The Klown will definitely say that Legions are an act to keep an eye out for especially if you love unfiltered, gritty and hardcore. Check out Paranoia on their Bandcamp page and check them out in general on their Facebook, if you wanna know what the Pallaso is typing about. 

Pyrotechnica rekindled the flames that were left behind with their brand of power metal. The quartet were the only non-locals of the night. The Tucsonans began their set with “Ignite,” frontwoman Scarlett Chang, had some serious pipes. Chang’s clean vocals mixed with some samples would have your ears doing a double take. Why? The combo made this band venture deep on to Japanese pop metal territory much like Baby Metal. Sorry, elitist, pop metal is as Japanese as the pocky sticks and sushi that you enjoy.

Pyrotechnica bring the Arizona heat to the Brick By Brick

The quartet busted out new material such as “One of A Kind,” their current single “Stereo,” and “The Branded” from their self-titled debut LP. The Klown will take his red nose off to Dustin Russell and his killer riffs and solos.The Klown will also salute Chang and bassist Ben Iniguez for providing us with funny banter during the instrument tuning. If you want to experience their brand of pop metal, check out their bandcamp here!

After Pyrotechnica, Finding T.H.E.T.I.S., a band that the Klown has been meaning to see for some time, took over. Much like that single father who shares custody, is unintentionally neglectful, and is behind on alimony, the Klown finally got to see one of his beloved First Impression alumni. The Klown finally made it to your recital, kids! Finding T.H.E.T.I.S. is one of the local bands that like to experiment with their sounds and musical harmonies. That night, they showcased some of those said features while debuting material.

First Impressions alumni Finding T.H.E.T.I.S were not shy about experimenting.

That night, frontman Andy Chavez confessed that the band hadn’t played in a about year and were working on a new album. The quintet began the night with a new one titled “Levi” which had front woman Syren Franco chiming in with her mesmerizing vocals which complemented Chavez’s growls. Other new songs that were introduced that night were “Kaiju,” “Norwegian” and “Machine.” Finding T.H.E.T.I.S revisited their debut EP, Metávasi, and performed “The Wraith” and “Crawl.” For “Crawl,” Chavez finished by getting off the stage, and finishing the rest of the song’s verses in the pit.

The collective’s time on stage was chill in terms of their approach, and was a fresh show. All the Klown can say about his Gor-Gors is to keep an eye out for them, and check out their stuff before the next album comes out. See what the Klown thought about their debut EP here and check out their bandcamp, you may end up being an instant fan!

Finding T.H.ET.I.S’s Andy Chavez was far from rusty.

The final locals of the night took over like the metal revolutionaries that they are. Defy The Tyrants should be a familiar name and if you don’t follow or just tuned in, you can read about them here. Still rusty? Check out their YouTube channel here! Unlike the last time the Klown saw them, the collective were the closers of this night. DTT went straight to their original material and stuck to their guns with no covers.

Much like the bands prior, Defy The Tyrants also brought out brand new content titled “Salvation Ruined,” “Asylum” and “Negation.” The quintet also mentioned the new material  they are producing which currently has the working title Asylum EP. Frontman Chris Maddox, aside from interacting with their loyal deviants, poked fun at himself in between breaks and even went as far as spreading the love to a fan by giving them a hug. These Tyrants also treated their followers, and new potential fanbase to some of their known established songs like “Guillotine” and “We Are Sisyphus.”

Defy The Tyrants stirred the crowd with their manifestos.

There you have it, San Diego elitists. LA and the OC are not the only ones who have a metal scene. For those who missed this show because it had no mainstream artists, the Klown remembers when he was once like that too… and grew out of it. Remember, before you or anyone can reach the top, you must first start from the bottom to build that steady, solid foundation. This night was no different, the Klown was glad that he went to this show, even if there was a storm that raged on in San Diego. Four subgenres, many personalities, one stage, it definitely made for one hell of a night.