Asesino return to celebrate Dino Cazares birthday at Brick By Brick. (Left to right: Lead vocalist/bassist Tony “Maldito X” Campos, Dino “El Asesino” Cazares, and drummer Emilio “El Sadistico” Marquez)

The Klown, along with the rest of Ugh Metal, decided that attending Dino Cazares’ birthday bash at the Brick was far more important than employment. With that said, the shredding legend from El Centro continued the celebration welcoming his 50th and treating us with a special performance of his band. No, I am not talking about Divine Heresy or Fear Factory but with some good ol’ death metal fit for South of the border, Asesino!

The night kicked off with local death metal quintet Gravespell, and let me just say that Ugh Metal has had the pleasure to witness this band twice in one month. For those who have yet to see this group in action, you will not be disappointed especially if you’re a diehard death metal aficionado.

Front man Garrett Davis jumped in the pit to get shit going for the beginning of “Intrinsic Frost” from their Dead Hand EP. The band also played tracks from their current EP Ignis such as “Imprisoned” and “Ignis.” And once again, Davis lured the Klown and their loyal fans to the merch booth with promises of 69s and rim jobs from the band’s drummer, Ethan Stouder.

Local band Temblad, took the stage and wasted little time busting out their inner thrash gods. Front man Lorenzo Kemp was very vocal about the band’s seven month absence from the stage but these guys were nowhere near rusty and kicked ass.


Local thrashers Temblad return after a seven month absence from the stage. (Left to right: Bassist Nate Raaka, lead vocalist Lorenzo Kemp, and drummer Marlon Matthew)

The festivities continued as they performed tracks from their recent album Nevercrown such as “Mockery of the Fanatic” and “Stratageddon.” Kemp even dedicated a song to some piece of shit who attempted to steal his guitar called “Ship of Traitors.”

After Temblad, Tijuana punkers known as Bio Crisis started a revolution with their blend of Mexican punk sprinkled with some metal elements. Front man Luzen’s vocals blared powerfully for the song “Derecho A Existir,” it was a show fit for the Cuahuila.

Before their time was up, Luzen shared two new tracks called “Olor A Muerte” and “Nuestros Ojos” all in Español! I’ll give you time to bust out your Google translate for that.

Though Bio Crisis seemed a little out of place going right before the headliners, it was a great performance and it would be pleasant to catch them again. With the Crisis averted, los mero chingones (haha, you weren’t expecting more Español were you!?) took the stage, sending our American asses to a Mexican style frenzy.

Just like their last album Cristo Satanico, the band opened with a Spanish disclaimer alerting audiences about the NSFW themes the band is known to cover. Ironically, Asesino decided to open their performance with “Batalla Final” (for the gringos, it means Final Battle).

Dino Cazares

El cumpleañero Dino Cazares, returns to the Brick as “El Asesino” along with the rest of Asesino.

As the night progressed, the savagely fun front man Maldito X, who is played by bassist Tony Campos, spoke in Spanish and had too much fun. No gringo was safe from Maldito X especially one in particular who became the butt of his jokes, but the jests were set up to introduce “Cyko Maton,” “Amor Marrano” and “Adelitas.”

The Brick went in a complete frenzy once they played their hit singles “Regresando Odio” and “Matando Güeros” AND lest we forget the death metal version of Slayer’s “Angel of Death”. Once again, happy birthday to Dino Cazares! And thanks for giving us this gift…on your birthday.

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