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The Punk Scuffle at Til-Two Club (Part 1)

There was no epic and bloosy battle between the Klown and Jenn Oh , but there was a sweet band of nasty women called Cochinas Locas and more!
(L to R: Bassist Sarah Hodgson, drummer Leslie Knedgen and vocalist/guitarist Paloma Ceballos)

On August 19, Ugh Metal heard about a showdown that was going to take place at the Til-Two Club. Of course, the fools took the opportunity to join in on the action. The “J-Oh-ster” took a rusty bicycle chain and a sock full of pennies and the Klown took some juggling pins from his Railing Bros days and a pair of brass knuckles for added measure. Of course, they felt silly after they realized it was a regular battle of the bands. This misunderstanding was a nice surprise because these fools found a treasure trove of local punk acts AND black metal bowling for those itching for a friendly competition. Stay tuned for the winner of this slobberknocker because we know who won. Let these butt pirates tell you all about it, narrator out!

Chuggo the Klown: Thank you… for nothing, you narrating scum!

Jenny Oh: Who you talking to, tubs!? Did you eat some of Aunt Candelaria’s special rye bread, again?

C: No… Grimace, I didn’t. Stop this inquisition at once or I’ll tell Hamburglar that you done get in his stash of vintage burgers again! Anyway Mr. BigHead, Ugh Metal traveled across the city of Townsville, past the middle of Nowhere to meet up for this one of a kind showdown. This is why we were late for the first half of the battle. Apologies to those bands!

 Stalins of Sounds

San Diego comrades Stalins of Sound conquered with their Devo-esque punk.

J: Okay Krumm while you’re on your rye induced trip, all I need is The Stalins of Sounds to fly into a whole new world and give you an “El Cajon Beatdown.” Which I totally would have done if this was really a showdown! *flexes*

C: Sure you would. Just remember you were trying to use your life savings for this fight.

J: Would have been worth every penny too!

C: I’m sure! The Klown can honestly say that he was intrigued by this trio and their sound in general. The best way he could describe it would be how Devo would have sounded like if they blended some punk, and had ditched those hats to don a Mohawk. And just like the rye the Klown ate because it was a “Heavy Dose!”

J: YASSSS! Or a toned, saner and punkier version of Mindless Self Indulgence especially with “Monkeys Attack.” Either way, this sound is everything and who could resist the power of the mighty synth and its wielder David Hurtt? Hurtt was pounding on those keys and dancing away to the beat of this infectious song. We simply couldn’t look away and stop “dancing!”

C: The Klown supposes that that was a good way to sum up these punkish comrades. You can check out their bandcamp here and here but now on to the Berts!


Bertos expanding outside of taco shops now and into your local punk scene and dive bar.

J:  You mean Bertos! No these guys didn’t bust out a blend of rancheras, no. These compas served up some good ol’ punk that was both mellow and would subtly get in your face.

C: “Oh I See It,” the one thing that the Klown remembered other than the performance was the black metal bowling tourney that was taking place. Incidentally Los Bertos even paid homage to Saytin with “The Devil Counts Your Steps.”

J: They also made the best song about “Stuff,” which is the perfect song to play when you have to clean your room or when you have to gather your stuff after that inevitable eviction from that mean landlord. Don’t forget to crack open a beer and crank up the fun with “Deep Clean.” That chorus will get you, and make you forget about your troubles, and evictions, and everything in between. Even after you clean up and start over and blast these guys when you find their bandcamp in the new couch you’re crashing, you can’t help  the urge of getting down and dirty.

Cochinas Locas

Cochinas Locas, google translate says it mean “Look ’em up” 😉
(L to R: Bassist Sarah Hodgson, drummer Leslie Knedgen and vocalist/guitarist Paloma Ceballos

C: The Klown now had the “Will 2 Survive” especially once the Cochinas Locas took the stage after Les Berts.

J: This band of nasty women got up and showed us who’s boss and taught us not to take shit from no one with “I Don’t Think So.” Are we finally boss bishes like them Chuggo?!

C: Not quite but at least we’re “Something Real.” Speaking of which as much as the Klown enjoyed Paloma’s performance, bassist Sarah chimed in by backing Paloma’s vocals with her own screaming vocals for the chorus line.

J: Sarah had that IDGAF attitude and could win any heart over with those cutesy and semi guttural burps that she shared with us. Dude, I think she really liked us! That’s what people do when they like each other right? They burp in front of them right? Right?!

Sarah Hodgson of Cochinas Locas challenged Chuggo’s burping and drinking record.

C: Right! She showed everyone that she was in “Control” alongside Paloma and the drummer Leslie. Still the Klown felt a little underwhelmed with the fact that he couldn’t use his instruments of ass destruction.

J: Umm..okay? Anyway, they didn’t quite start a mob scene or compelled anyone to make shitty references to has-been’s such as Brian Warner, because this fresh act is full of life, and promise, and ready to raise some hell one last night with “Fight Song.” Cochinas Locas brought some more grit to their night of glory.

C: Indeed! Check them out here. Now the Klown will talk about a band that took the name that the Klown used for his club in collage! But that will be on the next segment! *Evil laughter, gets struck by lightning*

Stay tuned for Part 2!

Marduk Had A Victorious Night

Marduk invaded our coast with the most…toast?

We slapped on our SINday best on August 20 and headed over to Brick By Brick to continue our path of repentlessness (this word exists in the Slayer dictionary) and allowed the mighty Marduk to ravage us. The Swedish black metallers came in and tore the Brick apart one by one with an invincible squadron in tow.

Native badasses and Ugh Metal residents Warpath rushed in and quickly invaded the stage. The quintet from Julian set the mood with the native chanting intro that never fails to get us into battle mode. Though these metalcore warriors were the “odd one out” in the death and black metal lineup, Warpath made it work. The band was energetic and ready to blow their set out of the water.

Warpath were determined to win you over, hardcore kvlt dude.

Vocalist Johnny Osuna, worked up the crowd, like he usually does, along with rest of the band. Though bassist Jason Wolfe was missing that night, their buddy Danny Trujillo from the Barona reservation filled in for him and then some! The bassist donned skull face paint as opposed to the tribal war paint his band mates had and the signature bandit look guitarist Harrison Whitecloud sports.

The bassist got down with his fellow members and was entertaining as hell, and invaded the stage. Lest we forget drummer Dean Osuna towering over his drum kit letting his presence and excitement be known.. It was another successful battle for Warpath.

Frontman Johnny Osuna, bassist Danny Trujillo, and guitarist Harrison Whitecloud of Warpath were bursting with face melting vigor.

Soon after, local black metallers and fog machine enthusiasts Greenskull rolled in. They brought out the classic and mystifying sound of black metal adding a much needed sense of dread to our sunny coast ‘cause too much cheeriness is lame…okay maybe not that lame, it’s alright.

Their sound, however, was anything but dreadful and fueled the enigma of Greenskull with the resonating screeching vocals along with the calculate tempo from the ensemble. Greenskull certainly doesn’t need the excessive amount of fog they use in their shows to fuel their presence because their music speaks for itself. Greenskull already possesses that magnetism without the need of fog, lasers or shiny green skulls …okay shiny green skulls would be pretty gnarly.

With the fog slowly clearing up within the Brick, the stage lights shined down making it seem like there was an abysmal type of dawn and setting up the stage for Abysmal Dawn! Admit it that was a good one! Right?…Everyone’s a critic. And you know who else doesn’t need to try hard to impress anyone? Abysmal Dawn ‘cause they’re already cool!

The death metallers from the City of Angels raised some hell and kicked off with their recent material “Human Obsolescence” off their latest album Obsolescence. Abysmal Dawn appeased their OG followers by revisiting their debut LP From Ashes and played “Servants to their Knees.” The death metallers also paid homage to the Ugh Metal staff with the ultra brutal “Grotesque Modern Art” and “Loathed In Life- Praised in Death.” Before you dispute the claim that I just made, I have three words, let me dream.

Charles Elliot’s interchanging growls took a life of their own and kept you on your toes. Elliot would sometimes release a piercing screech before u-turning his vocals in to a thick growl while keeping his focus on his guitar. Bassist Eliseo Garcia created a mini storm of his own with spurts of windmilling…EEEK! Hold on to your vests! Hurricane Eliseo just rolled in!! Oof! *Picks up headband and fixes hair* Okay now that he simmered down, Garcia’s silent intensity, afterwards, was a storm in repose before triple teaming with guitarist Vito Petroni and drummer James Coppolino for another wave.

The decaying sun had risen and swallowed up the Abysmal Dawn setting in motion the great Incantation. These death metal vets wasted no time and worked all sorts of dark magick on our dogforsaken soles. The anticipation of seeing these guys pumped any worn out foot in the Brick with adrenaline especially when they unleashed “Rites of the Locusts,” and “Carrion Prophecy.”

Incantation work their magick with their brand of brutal death metal.

John McEntee’s guttural growls were still bursting with brutality much like their earlier days nearly thirty years ago. Their latest album Profane Nexus may have been the belle of this unholy mass but this death metal quintet let out some classics such as “Christening the Afterbirth” off of their 1992 album Onward to Golgotha and “The Ibex Moon” from 1994’s Mortal Throne of Nazarene. Though Incantation are living legends, these gentlemen were the definition of humility as they thanked the crowd after every song.

The stage was still oozing with magick and energy that was so ready to be harvested by the mighty Marduk, not that they needed any. These black metal legends had been through a battle of their own earlier this year that had caused them to be banned from certain venues, but not here. The Swedish quartet was ready to melt our faces off and so they did. Yes, I AM  SKELETOR!.. From the neck up.

Marduk briefly turned the pit into dance floor.

Marduk drew first blood with “Frontschwein” and the infectious ode to our fallen hellhound who was a prominent Madame [Citation Needed] “The Blonde Beast.” This “Beast” briefly turned the pit into a dance floor, a choppy sea of black all around us. One can not simply resist Fredrick Widigs catchy ass drum tempos in this song and Hans “Mortuus” Rostén’s presence and showmanship. We’re not that dead on the inside! Mostly on the weekdays and some holidays…

Marduk may have started with songs from their latest album Frontschwein but they slowly ventured back with “Wolves” from 1993’s Those of the Unlight and “Materialized in Stone” from 1994’s Opus Nocturne. But because Marduk wanted to keep things interesting, they slid these classics in between their set list. The pit was pleased with whatever song these titans threw at it.

We all flashed our horns to Hans “Mortuus” Rostén of Marduk.

These black metal Swedes closed off with “Panzer Division Marduk” and the pit became a battlefield once again, like it already wasn’t throughout their set amirite?! Marduk were the masters and commanders of this stage whose presence can easily conquer the far side of the world! For all of those that attended, it was a clear victory from afar. For those that didn’t have the chance to attend, be sure to join the Marduk fleet and experience these energetic black legends in action.

The Quest At The Q: Vans Warped Tour Pt.2

GWAR hath cometh to slay us all!

*Editor’s note:

 Dear security,

Thanks for saying “Fuck you!” to the heat, staying sharp throughout the day, for being rad, and protecting all of our sorry asses. Extra points for those that enjoyed the shows but stayed alert and chatted with us. We love you long time k!


The enthusiastic hooligans/fans XOXO*

Previously on our quest in the Q, we got fucked up by Municipal Waste while we started a punk “Revolution” while making a trip down to “Mexico” where we had three margaritas and a taco before doing that quasi mosh fighting alongside the mighty Candiria. Now that the dust had settled, Jenny Oh was searching for the best spot on the rail for the GWAR show while Chuggo was sulking because he missed his first future ex-wife’s performance. Wait what? You don’t know what the hell we’re talking about? I guess you should read part 1 then huh, buddy?

Jenny Oh: Future ex- wife? First? What are you blubbering about Klown?

Chuggo the Klown: Okay, first of all you are over exaggerating. It’s future ex- girlfriend! Who happens to be New Years Day’s, Ash Costello.

J: Oh man, not this again. *massages temples*

C: Secondly, as for the next future ex-wife, we’ll get there when we get there. At least I already have a future plan with my future relationships instead of you and Shane West!

J: You leave Shane West out of this you loser! Now enough about our respective allures and more about…..


No vape or Mutant was spared in Emmure’s set

C: Very well sibling o’ mine! We shall discuss more about your future sister in laws some other time. Now let’s talk about Frankie Palmieri and his…

J: THE CLAW! He seems to have been chosen to stir the young and lively masses circling under the sun. Palmieri wasted no time or Red Bull…

C: Uhh you mean Mutant? *whispers* You wanna get sued again?!

J: Oh! Umm…yeah. No Mutant was spared … we didn’t get to have any but I’m glad Palmieri and his faithful fans did… because “You Asked For It” Emmure started with this intro track that hyped up every vape in that pit.

C: Yeah apparently he started his set by stating that he was a “Shinjuku Masterlord,” and then things got “Smokey.”

J: The slow burning “Torch” caused a choreography of head bopping while he moved around the stage. That man was bursting with energy!

C: Speaking of fire, Emmure sang the most metal song of their set “Flag of the Beast.” Most importantly, the Klown has to give credit where credit is due. Palmieri really knows how to get his fans going and has the charisma to back it up. Major props to guitarist Joshua Travis, he is an unpredictable force of nature. When Travis wasn’t strumming his killer riffs, he was kicking major ass through interaction.

J: Yes, yours truly is not an Emmure fan at all but it was a fun experience watching them. Travis’s playful interactions with bassist Phil Lockett and their fan acknowledgement were entertaining as hell.



C: As much as the Klown had fun watching the string duo of Emmure kicking ass, the Klown was fortunate to see the embodiment of ass kicking once again and next door.

J: Jamey Jasta and company never let anything get in their way to kick some ass! Not the heat, not the shortened time set not nothing! They cut the foreplay and laid it all on us with their hits “To The Threshold” and “Destroy Everything.” *sigh* Those take me way back.

C: Heck yes, Jasta took the Klown to a special therapeutic place in his mind once “Looking Down The Barrel of Today” started. The Klown knew then what was going to take place and immediately identified the song once Frank Novinec’s opening riffs began. This gave this sack of sleaze goosebumps.

J: Gee willikers old man Klown! You didn’t need expired cough syrup to go to your therapeutic state this time?! What progress! And you know what, Hatebreed were not only crisper than ever, but they gave the sunburned crowd more reasons to breathe and succeeded with the motivational anthem “In Ashes They Shall Reap.” How else would we find the motivation to find the freshest nachos in town without this song?

C: I dunno, “J-Oh-ster” we haven’t gotten any nachos in a while. In fact Jasta capped off his performance with the lack of nachos and the driving force behind the Klown, “Driven By Suffering.” It truly was a spectacular moment since it has been years since the Klown has seen Hatebreed in San Diego. The difference being that this time around, it was more metal: in the beating hot summer sun, a bigger, younger, and energetic crowd and lest the Klown forget the pit it garnered.

J: We may not have been in the close proximity of these badasses for the sake of securing our spot on the rail for the wet and wild adventure awaiting us, but damn! Just damn. It was amazing to see Jasta, his bandana and the rest of Hatebreed kick major ass. Though their set was obviously short, they didn’t let that deter their showmanship. Till next time Hatebreed! After Hatebreed we came down with a brutal new strain…

The Acacia Strain

We came down with a strain…The Acacia Strain!

J: And straight from Massachusetts…well actually they were on the road in the Warped Tour but that’s beside the point. The point was that even though I wasn’t foaming at the mouth and counting down the hours to see them, I was heavily intrigued. I wanted to see Adam Sandler’s younger brother’s band since one of them had to taste success and relevancy. Amirite Klown?

C: Ugh… again with this Adam Sandler comparison!? He looks like Bob Clendenin… a younger and tatted up version of him. Enough of this image comparison, and on with the performance because it was quite unique and rather fun.

J: Yes enough about people we don’t know! Vincent Bennett, AKA Adam Sandler’s successful lil bro, did the impossible.

C: Call Guinness boys and girls! He demanded the world’s smallest pit, a pit for ants, an oompa loompa smash…

J: Are you done yet?

C: Almost…A Chihuahua showdown! A….

J: Anyway, the crowd delivered! Bennett demanded that the smallest pit encircled two dudes in the center of the pit, it’s worth noting that one of them was wearing a neat straw hat.

C: Another one got his ass handed!

J: No he din’t!

C: I see you picking up the kids lingo! The Klown will admit he liked Bennett’s chemistry and showmanship. He interacted with the crowd and…

J: HE WAS FUCKING FUNNY! *Laughs* He didn’t take himself seriously, ‘cause come on man we were all having a good time…minus the heat and dehydration.

C: You can say he killed it, and we were on time for a burial….get it?!

After The Burial

We made it in time for After the Burial…

J: We didn’t know we were bearing witness to their final tour of this year. After The Burial vocalist Anthony Notarmazo announced that they would be taking a long break after the Warped Tour, which has been a while as of now. They unloaded “Lost in the Static” to get this party rolling.

C: Yeah, the Klown believes that the 8-string guitarist Trent Hafdahl was the spectacle of that time, especially his color coded guitar arsenal!

J: Now that After The Burial were here in our home turf, they paid homage to our hell hound, Brydoh, and performed the “Berzerker.” She will be pleased when she goes in berserker mode!

C: Yes, it would have given her some further “Aspiration” to be the berserker had she heard it. But the Klown sometimes sees her as “A Wolf Amongst Ravens” especially when she goes in to her epic beast mode!

J: You know what surely set the pit in beast mode? Not that it needed to be poked and prodded any further, “Anti-Pattern.” Dan Carle took us all the way to pound town, literally, with that sweet drum intro before unleashing the beast. Now that we’re in the subject of beasts, the sun was setting in planet Earth and was rising in Planet Home!


GWAR busted out the big gun.

C: Yeah… Earth… “Fuck This Place!” Oderus left us stranded on this world of pus!

J: But at least he left us Blothar and the rest of the GWAR ghouls so that we may blissfully suffer together for all of our natural lives! The drought was finally over and so they began their ritual by sacrificing a plastic emo-man child and gave us a bloodbath with the instant classic “Sadam A-Go-Go.”

C: Pustulus Maximus joined in on the fun and briefly overshadowed Blothar. Especially with his incomplete dick joke… it was too long!

J: *dumb dumb dumb* Pustulus didn’t need to sway us with his dick jokes or his hilarious vet joke… that I forgot about, he had already won us over earlier in the day. We got give him a bro shake and hug their human slave which for legal purposes they call roadies. We had already established a connection with him man. A connection the GWAR virgins in the crowd, didn’t have! WE WERE SPECIAL. Oh and they got us all wet again by the way, making the parking lot look like a “Genocide.”

Move over McGregor and Mayweather, Bonesnapper vs. Sawborg Destructo is the new fight of the galaxy!

C: Yes, the Klown too accomplished that. In fact, his white GWAR tee got to pregame during that moment! After all, we stuck out like sore thumbs in the sea of GWAR virgins especially the ones who seemed confused by our moment. Speaking of bloodbath aside from getting a courtesy bloodbath from the Scumdogs from Planet Home, The Klown wanted blood…

J: YOU GOT IT! *shakes red Faygo soda and splashes the Klown with it*

C: What the hell… we went to GWAR not an ICP show, you fool!

J: Shut up Klown! Sing me a bad rap song!

C: Speaking of clowns, the Klown had wondered how America’s first clown president’s blood would look like, he just wasn’t expecting an explosion of orange displeasure to come out. But it was still a treat to see the commander –in-chief pay us a visit during the show. The Klown didn’t know he was a fan of GWAR.

The crowd rejoiced when the clown Prez joined the Scumdogs of the universe on stage! Who said our prez wasn’t cool?!

J: After sacrificing the clown Prez and bathing us in his orange blood and zapping us with their green gun o’doom, the Scumdogs took a bow with this unforgettable AC/DC cover. We looked prettyful with ALL the colors of the bloody rainbow and thus creating a strange parallel of bohabs and regular peeps as we waddled away after this unforgettable performance. Can’t wait to catch them at the House of Blues again on Nov. 21! Stay metal Warped Tour! And till next time …or not? *DUN DUN DUN*


The MandoShanks Riot At SOMA

The MandoShanks make us peer deep within ourselves in their album release party for their latest album “Cavity Search”

Still feeling young and alive from the Warped Tour adventure the week before, the Ugh Metal team headed over to SOMA on August 11 to recapture their youth! This all ages show slapped the Ugh Metal team silly by staying true to their word and had several children and families in attendance…whoa man…that’s awesome! This rare but pleasant sight soon made the Ugh Metal team forget about hunting down the phantom of their former selves. We were so ready to partake in this punktastic family reunion courtesy of local punks The MandoShanks who were celebrating the arrival of their latest album Cavity Search (which you can buy here). No awkward small talk was present in this fam reunion but there was a sweet pit! To clarify, I mean a mosh pit and not the metaphorical fire pit that we create in fam reunions that we use to roast the black sheep of the flock.

Starting this party for the night was local hardcore trio Making Incredible Time. These brochachos started this Friday night release party with a fun ode for when we run out of fucks to give called “For The Loss.” They get us man! We’re very willing to bet you will agree with us and blast this track especially after a long brutal week at work AND while you’re chugging the liquid good stuff.

We gambled away all of our fucks given with Making Incredible Time

BUT if you really wanna have a great time, bust out the “Adderall Pills and Poker Chips” in your ipod ya junky! Making Incredible Time brought a fun and carefree vibe to the table that is sure to make anyone forget about their troubles and will make you want to bet double or nothing! After seeing these guys we couldn’t help ourselves and yell out “hit me!” We won big with M.I.T’s short but fun set, we were so ready for the rest of this night. If you wanna see what these guys are all about, check out their bandcamp!

We may have gladly gambled away all of our remaining “fucks given” with Making Incredible Time but it was time to raise our water guns for Guns of Eden! DAHAHA! I shot you in your crotch and now you look like you peed yourself! But enough about my impressive shot that totally happened and more on the quartet from Oceanside!  Guns of Eden kept the party going with “One Man Punch” which will soften your misery on your next dreadful work shift!

Raise them water guns for Guns of Eden!

Guns of Eden displayed their sensitive side and played a nice ode you should totally serenade to that punk rock kween you’ve been eyeing for some time called “My Baby Likes To Rock.” The quartet went out with a BANG! With the ruthless “Mob Killer,” which has a great bass intro accompanied by a steady drum tempo that will make you wish they would go on longer.

Though Guns of Eden kicked so much ass, the bassist’s young daughter stole the show. The little girl enthusiastically greeted her dad, high fived him throughout the night, and ran around in her own little pit. Not to brag but we’re pretty sure we spotted a killer punk legend in training! You’ll be raising your water guns proudly after you check out their Reverbnation profile here.

Speaking of local legends, Authentic Sellout was back and ready to impress the Ugh Metal team again. The Klown may have gotten the chance to see the quartet for the Dead Kennedys show, but it was yours truly’s turn and I understood why they left quite the impression on the Klown.

Authentic Sellout were ready to make an impression on Jenny Oh.

Authentic Sellout needed their signature grand entrance by the coolest pirate wizard you will ever see, whose human name is Christian “The Wizard” Weiss. The Wizard effortlessly worked his magick and flared our enthusiasm as he proudly announced Authentic Sellout…bring it!

Still beaming from their unforgettable performance at the Dead Kennedys show, A.$. hooked us in with “King of Rock N’ Roll” which has a chorus that is sure to stick in your head and make you want to burn everything to the ground ’cause you’re the king/queen! Once you do, be sure to follow it up with an air guitar battle with your buddies just like lead guitarist Christian Borja, rhythm guitarist Andy Danger and bassist Rice Enright did that night.

Lead guitarist Christian Borja and bassist Rice Enright have an epic riff battle.

Authentic Sellout spread the love and dedicated a nice little tune for the hipsters called “Apples & Oranges” which starts with a catchy little beat from drummer Scott Driscoll before Rice Enright’s bass tune creeps in nicely. Aside from The Wizard, A$ brought another special guest to this shindig. LUCILLE WAS BACK! And she was hungry for some blood and circuits with her theme song “Technology.”

Vocalist Sulo King didn’t hold back and quickly joined the pit where he prowled within the crowd displaying Lucille. It was never a dull moment with Authentic Sellout and they left a tremendous energy deposit on the stage. Give in to Authentic Sellout and check out their Soundcloud and see what other treats they have in store for us and give their Facebook page a like.

Sulo King of Authentic Sellout take over the pit with Lucille in tow.

Making a third appearance on this site is Sculpins! They were also glowing from their breathtaking performance from the Dead Kennedys show as well and kept the momentum going. Vocalist Adam Gomez was bursting with energy and proceeded to melt off our faces without warning with “El Banco,” “Diablo” and the empowering “Green Speech.” In between songs the vocalist thanked a lot of their supporters and friends and introduced a lot of songs with short but powerful speeches.

Gomez crouched while he purged every ounce of feeling into the mic with every passionate song and when he wasn’t flailing the mic stand he was jumping in the pit much like King. Needless to say the pit was buzzing the whole time with fans and friends.

Adam Gomez of Sculpins was ready to kick ass with or without the mic stand!

While Gomez was performing his heart out within the pit, guitarist Branden Parish, and bassist Carson White paced around the stage letting those fast paced riffs flow while drummer Jarrod Monday kept his tempo. Sculpins created a rogue wave once again. Allow yourself to be swallowed whole by these local punkers and check out their bandcamp.

Speaking of all things moist, we soaked up our metaphorical booze and were ready for the debauchery of local punkers Drunkin Punkin Idiots! Already not knowing what to expect from these punks, the random “Cookie Cutter” set the right tone and a message that was loud and clear, LOOSEN UP!  D.P.I performed most songs off of their 2013 album Smashed and each had a personality of their own such as the in-your-face “Scenster” and the erratic “Gout” to name a few.

What better way to kick off your weekend than with the Drunkin Punkin Idiots?

Mike Vetter had an entertaining and playful attitude that is sure to make anyone stick around and see what crazy antic he might do…or what crazy antic he might talk us into doing! Because there is no age limit to rocking out, the pit had an elder OG punker sporting an awesome and legit/vintage Goosebumps tank top. Extra points for him! It’s so nice to see other people like the cheesy goodness of Goosebumps! It’s still our show of choice after a concert…you wouldn’t get it! #90skids.

This OG punker joined the fresh crop of DPI fans and it was awesome, but the catalyst who kept the pit alive and well was one of DPI’s #1 fan/unofficial hypeman. Another young fan who has seen the band grow from the beginning was invited onstage to join them for a song and man did he know those lyrics!

When Vetter wasn’t briefly joking with the crowd, he was releasing all that erratic energy he had in the songs. D.P.I are the cool skaters/wild child you cut class with just to head over to the skate park even if you didn’t know how to skate and had a few beers with. They convey that “Fuck it, I’m down” SoCal attitude and energy so damn well into each song. Needless to say the pit was stirring throughout the whole set.

Mike Vetter of DPI was so ready to have some fun!

Vetter ended their set with “Alcohol” and let loose a hilarious ramble where he mentioned “I think, I think, we should, we should make a new album…” and our personal favorite “Let’s have some drugs, let’s get some hugs, throw me in the trunk, I don’t care, let’s have some fun.” YES. As Drunkin Punkin Idiots left the stage, Vetter passed on the mic to their #1 fan/unofficial hypeman to pump up the crowd. Become their next #1 fan and check out their bandcamp!

After taking a swig and living it up with D.P.I, the hardcore beaus of the ball know as The MandoShanks ascended on the stage where friends, families, and fans alike all gathered around the metaphorical campfire. The trio from Escondido were eager to share their new tracks from their latest album Cavity Search with the world and we were ready to receive!

The MandoShanks celebrated “Cavity Search” their latest album ya sicko.

The MandoShanks motivated our pathetic team and made us reevaluate our mild rockstar lives with the bitchin’ song “Generation.” Though we will not confirm nor deny whether we were born to be mild, we’d bump this song at any phase of our lives. The MandoShanks unloaded the short political anthem “Caterpillar” and professed their lurrve for da POHLEES in “F.T.P” which will have you dancing while flipping off the world because who could resist that whammy bar and beat man!

The MandoShanks along with the bands on the bill were all a great example of the untapped gems that are shining brighter than ever in your local clubs and venues. All were welcomed in this family affair which was a refreshing and touching sight. The physical copies of Cavity Search were officially released into the world that day and it’s sure to inspire the new generation of aspiring little punkers that were in the crowd that night. Be sure to give their FB page a like and go ass deep into their latest album in their Bandcamp, links are in the intro paragraph!

The Quest At The Q: Vans Warped Tour Pt.1

Who was cool enough to grow up with Blink 182? Any takers? How about you black metal girl? Or you uber Metallica fan? Cannibal Corpse dude? No? Well if you are a proud 90’s kid you know you were eating Blink 182 up! We sure were! And now, at the twilight of our youth, we FINALLY got to experience the hype our respective peers were blubbering about all those years ago. We finally understood why Blink 182 couldn’t wait for the summer and the Warped Tour. This year’s Warped Tour invaded Qualcomm Stadium again on August 5 and it was an offer we could not refuse. Now, without further ado, let the fools tell you all about it.

Jenny Oh: We were ready to let Municipal Waste fuck us up! Because I wanted to eclipse the pain of missing Carnifex. Damn that Qualcomm summit o’ doom!!!

Chuggo The Klown: The Klown is many things, but he is sure as shit not fit anymore. The spirit is willing but the flesh needed rest! Yes the Warped Tour took place at the beginning of this month but let’s face it, like you had anything better to do.

J: We sure as hell didn’t that day and with such a sexy line up, we gave in to our angsty temptation. I’ve never been so disoriented in my life…well I have but there were so many options, so much music, such wow! Luckily a nice young fellow let us see his schedule and we realized we needed to run in to Municipal Waste’s arms….


J: I was getting to that Chuggo!

C: You took too damn long. But first Honorable Mentions! To our local deathcore band Carnifex and to the metalcore band Counterparts, we wish would could have seen more…

Municipal Waste

Municipal Waste will fuck you up!

J: What he’s trying to say is that we were late and we goofed! Sowwy guys  #booyouwhores Alas, we were there on time for Municipal Waste and they were calling our name! Right when we got there, they disowned us and spewed out the appropriate song “You’re Cut Off.”

C: And the pit it garnered! You know its never too early for a pit when Muni Waste gets shit started.

J: They didn’t need the magic of the “Sadistic Magician” to keep that pit going, oh and the killer song too I guess.

C: Tony Foresta as always, such a friggin’ treat to see on stage.  He even did the youngens a solid, he told everyone what they were and for those playing the home game, they are thrash.

J: Well actually they are crossover thrash metal which is a sweet combination of…

C: Thank you professor! No one cares! As much as the Klown would love to keep talking about the Waste and it wouldn’t be a Waste party without Municipal Waste…

J: IS GONNA FUCK YOU UP! What a treat man.

….Still fucking us up!

C: Now before the Klown talks about his future ex-wife…

J: Isis Queen doesn’t even know who you are!

C: She’s a goddess AND a queen?!… Madre de dios….

J: You bring shame to our name. Before we went to the temple of these punk goddesses and gods, we got ourselves a nice lil loot! Amidst our hunt, we had a magical and unexpected encounter that would forever change our lives. You could say it was the best day of our lives.

C: What are you talking about “college” student?

J: The Warped Tour gods smiled down on us on our maiden voyage and we encountered the GWAR roadie who was overjoyed with our GWAR shirts and hugged me! *Sniff* And I got to give Pustulus Maximus a bro shake *sniff* I wanted to hug him but…

C: Whoa! Hold on there, horn dog! The Klown ALSO got a hug, and a bro shake, and shared the encounter but let’s save the rest of that for part deux!

J: Yeah I guess…You’re lucky I’m excited for the next band!

Barb Wire Dolls

Isis Queen of Barb Wire Dolls proclaims her victory over us… We surrender 😉
(L to R: Bassist Iriel Blaque, vocalist/khaleesi/the Klown’s future ex-wife Isis Queen, drummer Krash Doll, guitarist Pyn Doll)

C: Allow the Klown to introduce to you his future ex-wife and her band. *Clears throat*

J: The suspense is totally killing me, Klown *rolls eyes*

C: First off, screw you and secondly, the Klown will talk about his goddess/queen and her band of merry punkers. A myth come true, the Barb Wire Dolls.

J:  Straight outta Crete, these Greek rebels were ready to send shockwave and empower us. And Rolling Stones Magazine was there to catch all the action in all its gritty glory! Yours truly had several close ups 😉 I’m gonna be a star!

Isis Queen, the first of her name, ruler of Crete.

C: Don’t pat yourself on the back too much, the Klown was also caught in several close ups. Never underestimate the star power that the Klown still carries. Especially once his heart matched the beginning of their opening song.

J: Viewers discretion advised after people see your fugliness because its sure to give people a “Heart Attack.” The song is killer though! This song got my blood pumpin’ and my heart racing and I don’t just mean my dehydration! ‘Cause we are young and we are strong! Isis Queen said so after all. This punk rock Queen instantly infected us with Barb Wire Doll fever!

C: Most in attendance were young, grandma. The Klown will agree with you, the Dolls momentum and set can be best described like their catchy punk song, “World On Fire.” Sorry Alicia Keys but the Klown’s girl and her crew were on fire!

J: THE queen won us ALL over and wasn’t afraid to get close to us plebeians. No, Isis Queen was humble and hopped on the rail and got in our sweaty faces just to serenade us her revolutionary punk hymns. When she was done greeting and pumping up her court, she had her human photog chariots carry her back on to the stage. You know what, I may just have to marry her.


C: Not before I, betch! And yes, when she got off the stage and was around the plebes from the opposite side of the rail, she would use the photographers as her personal steeds to get back to the stage and continue to kick major ass! And as much the Klown would like to keep speaking about his goddess/queen, the Klown has to bring up the other stand out of this awesome band, lead guitarist, Pyn Doll!

J: Aww yes. Pyn Doll was fantastic and adding fuel to my Queen’s intensity but I gotta also give major props to my girl bassist Iriel Blaque and rhythm guitarist Remmington Pearce! Blaque and Pearce became a wonder to watch as well because there was nothing that could keep those two confined in one spot. Though to be fair, when Isis was getting close and personal with all of us, Pyn Doll, Blaque and Pearce were shreddin’ together while drummer Krash Doll beat that drum to pieces like his life depended on it.

‘Cause Pyn Doll knows he’s better than us.

C: Yeah, Barb Wire Dolls finished their time with their Punk anthem for the voiceless and the unjust, “Revolution.” Although it pained the Klown to hear them stop, he took solace knowing that they will be returning on November 24. The Klown will take the words of Dr. Algernop Krieger from Archer, “Stop, my penis can only get so erect.”


Hide yo Margs, hid yo beer, Alestorm be drinkin’ everything up in hurr!

J: Speaking of erect, we raised our sails and busted out our metaphorical bottles of rum for Alestorm.

C: This would mark the second time yours truly has seen these sea dogs. So this landlubber knew that he was gonna be three sheets to the wind on their music as opposed to the alcohol that yours truly couldn’t find.

J: ‘Twas my maiden voyage on the S.S. Alestorm. Who could have thought these funny lads were a simple band in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride and have now evolved into this. Good for them! We all joined forces in the drunken sing along to our favorite pub, “Sunken Norwegian.”

C: The scalawags and poser would be “Keelhauled” and of course, frontman/keytarist Christopher Bowes gave a shout out to our neighbors down south and continued with the drunken ode known as “Mexico.” Apparently the Klown also learned that Mexico has free beer, tequilas and lots of donkey shows, even though the Klown already had the knowledge about the last two things on that list.

J: Don’t forget the affordable medical procedures! And especially the street tacos…MMMMM!! After taking us to the magical world of “Mexico,” we couldn’t help but drink some more to “Drink” until we felt like we had been “Fucked With An Anchor.” What a beautiful song to bid us farewell!


Candiria was a whole new different beast.

C: When the buccaneers disembarked us from their sailing debaucheries we were taken to the Amazon…. Well… we really walked to the Mutant Stage North to see the band named after the Amazonian terror, Candiria!

J: I still don’t know wtf that is after asking you a billion times but alas the beat coming off the stage and vocalist Carley Coma’s hype reeled me in. We swam to this spectacle and I couldn’t look away man! Especially the strange karate “moshing”/choreography happening in the pit. It was a different world…

C: Candiria’s name comes from the candiru, that evil little fish that swims up to the peehole whenever someone takes a leak in the Amazon river. But enough of the Amazonian Horror Story and more on Coma’s performance which the Klown wishes that he could have seen more of. Despite that, it doesn’t mean that yours truly didn’t enjoy the set. The Klown caught the performance of “While They Were Sleeping.” The best part of their time was when Coma took it to another level.

J: Coma abandoned the stage and joined us all! He was on a mission to conquer and had us all follow him and cross over to the stage next to theirs. Soon our horde joined the idle fans that were watching the spectacle at a distance while they waited for their band to play. Coma brought the fun to them and made them part of the show before looping back to Candiria’s stage. This follow the leader game made a goliath crowd and yours truly couldn’t help but skip right next to Coma and almost bump into him… I FELT SO ALIVE!

Carley Coma of Candiria (try saying that 3 times) got close and personal!

C: For those still playing the home game we were part of a traveling pit that crossed over to the next stage. The Klown was… Wow. His Blood. Was. Pumping! He felt like a kid again!

J: Candiria’s set made us shed a few years off and showed us a whole new type of showmanship. Watching them was a must and a great way to end part 1 of our Warped Tour adventure! Stay tuned for part 2 kids, ‘cause things are about to get wet and wild 😉

Ministry Brings Ho99o9 to Comic Con

Unkle Al Jourgensen and bassist Jason Christopher bring their little known band called Ministry to this dysfunctional family function.

Team Klown may have gotten drunk with Punk at the Brick, but Team ASSasIN was in for the win! You know why? Because it was helmed by yours truly! I went ass in… to the House of Blues on July 21 to visit my favorite crazy Unkle Al Jourgensen. We packed our acid sticks and marijeeguana syringes and went on down to see our fave unkle and his little known band called Ministry. Unkle Al brought along his eccentric friends from Ho99o9 (Jenny-Oh Translate says its “Horror,” but spell them with numbers ’cause why not?).

Now that you’re done scratching your head after we deciphered the hieroglyphics, time to talk about Ho99o9! For those that have not been exposed to this dynamic duo, these guys will provide a new soundtrack to those fantasies you have about quitting that shitty job. The duo from New Jersey produce a great marriage of experimental, rap, and hardcore, creating a new relatable, anarchist baby…FUCK YASS! They have been causing audiences to lose their shit the right way since 2014.

TheOGM, drummer Brandon Pertzborn and Eaddy from Ho99o9 have most likely been losing their shit long before 2014 too.

Before yours truly goes on any further, there is something you need to know. A. I have been losing my shit in every way long before 2014 and B. I was exposed to the madness of Ho99o9 shortly after the show was announced, so I had no idea what to expect. The eagerness from fans surrounding moi was contagious as hell and remembering Ho99o9’s crazy shows that are readily available in the interwebs, there was no need to get more pumped!

After the distorted play track filled the dimly lit stage, the volume slowly lowered and lingered on the background as frontman #1 TheOGM slinked out amidst the roars. The vocalist stood slightly hunched in the far corner shrouded in a long black, skin tight gown…robe? His thick dreads limped on his face concealing it, fueling his enigma.

It’s always a grand revelation when TheOGM reveals his beautiful mug.

TheOGM had the stage all to himself as the new haunting sample blared on stage. Yes, yes I know I mentioned they are a duo. Who said co-vocalist Eaddy was gonna sit out of this special Comic Con festivity?! NO! Ho99o9 are a package deal and just ‘cause Eaddy was the last one to make it to the stage, he rolled in with a grand entrance…literally.

Eaddy was wheeled out on a dolly cart on the stage in a straight jacket, and eventually broke free from his restraints. Yes, we all collectively lost our shit with glee and we were ready to FUCK SHIT UP!! TheOGM sprung up, around and down, becoming a spazzed wonder while confining himself in his little corner. Eaddy, on the other hand, jumped and ran around claiming the stage while he bellowed into the mic. These two were an unstoppable force.

Eaddy is a madman with or without his straight jacket.

The duo dished out the pumped political anthem “War Is Hell” and made the pit become a lot more rogue with “Blood Waves,” and “Kill The Rats.”  TheOGM’s low and guttural battle cry pierced every ear in the venue, creating a strong ambience in to this musical psychological ride before busting out his rapid rhymes and chants. Eaddy’s cleaner vocals kept the momentum going, effortlessly matching his counterpart’s supersonic pace and movement.

When TheOGM announced it was time to wrap up their set, the venue whined as a whole.”I know, I know! But we gotta play by the rules.” TheOGM said as he tried to console everyone. Ho99o9 stirred all sorts of madness with their experimental rhythms, passionate lyrics and amazing showmanship. Ho99o9 was a twisted and frustrated nightmare we never wanted to wake up from.

Ho99o9 is an unstoppable force!

Now that we came back to reality, it was time for our dear Unkle Al and Ministry! The OG fans migrated to the front and then in the darkness we all heard our Unkle Al voice shout “Comic Con!” He was the cool but loopy uncle that likes you enough to remember your face but not your name and addressed us all as “Comic Con” throughout the night. We didn’t care because we were so damn happy to see them!

‘Cause we don’t hug in this dysfunctional fam, Unkle Al and the rest of Ministry greeted us with a “Punch in the Face,” “Rio Grande Blood,” “Senor Peligro,” and the hell raising “Lies Lies Lies” which were all complimented by fun projections of hilarious political cartoons, bombs and everything in between. Unkle Al did minimal talking and showed a lot vigor and enthusiasm and gave the crowd what they wanted, more MINISTRY!

Unkle Al Jourgensen, bassist Jason Christopher and guitarist Cesar Soto waiting for us to succumb after “Just One Fix”

Ministry didn’t bust out the big guns yet but instead gave us the new song “Antifa,” which he first premiered in the Blackest of the Black Festival two months prior. Sin Quirin and Cesar Soto’s intro riffs caused our excitement to snowball until it exploded in to a fast paced frenzy. Unbeknownst to us, two women dawning red and black face paint and attire stood on the two ends of the pit and waved two giant flags with determination. The projections of war, chaos, and social turmoil flashing behind the band were appropriate for this song.

There was nothing blue about the House of Blues when the intro to “N.W.O” filled the venue and Jourgensen proclaimed “Here we are again! A New World Order!” This famous song created a volatile whirlpool of darkness, sweat and booze. Ministry added more combustion to the powder keg by busting out the classics “Just One Fix,” “Thieves,” “So What,” “Psalm 69” and “Filth Pig.” Yes, the pit was a merciless beast that no one could tame; the onlookers from the balcony were conflicted whether to look at Ministry or the pit.

Unkle Al showing off his skills on his guitar.

Though this bill only had two acts, it was quality over quantity. With Ho99o9, these two artists gave a voice to our darkest, most angsty thoughts and Ministry created an outlet for everyone to physically release those said emotions. The crazy reception took Unkle Al aback and left him speechless. He fumbled for the right words until he finally said “Damn Comic Con! I thought you guys were gonna be like…” he tried to search for the right words as he scanned the crowd. “Like… all awkward like tech nerds, and comics but you guys really know how to rock out!” Yes we do Unkle Al, yes we do. Here’s to hoping he visits us for another unforgettable family function.

The Dead Kennedys Keep Punk Alive

Dead Kennedys are here to proclaim that punk is NOT dead!
(L to R: Vocalist/ Ron “Skip” Greer, bassist Geoffrey “Klaus Flouride” Lyall and guitarist Ray “East Bay Ray” Pepperell)

Here at the Ugh Metal site, we’ve covered shows that for the most part the Klown and his sibling attend the shows together because we mutually go to experience the moment. This time, however, the punk and metal gods clashed and caused a divide amongst us. July 21 was an interesting day not just for us but for San Diego. That Friday just happened to be the SD Comic Con International’s second official day and as if last year wasn’t enough to convince us of how the scene can surprise us, this year a splitter was thrown. “WTF are you talking about Klown?” you may be asking. Gather ‘round the fictional campfire, my droogs as your savior of misbehavior shall treat you to Team Klown’s time at the sold out Dead Kennedys show at the Brick by Brick.

The Klown got his night of drunk and punk started with local punk scene legends Systematic Abuse formerly known as The Resentments, winning the attendance portion of the split. The Klown knew then that two things were going to happen, his goofy ass was about to get kicked and that he was going to experience what the diehard punkers have with Systematic Abuse. The collective first treated us to “No Escape” from their 2015 release No Escape. Once drummer Adam Cripe began to hit his house drums and pick up the pace, guitarist Erik Dogol added more liveliness to this punk style mix.

Local legends Systematic Abuse kicked off the sold out show.
(L to R: Drummer Adam Cripe , vocalist Match and bassist Grim)

That speed would later be picked up once again after bassist Grim joined in. Once Match accompanied the ensemble with his harsh vocals, he added the much-needed attitude that night craved. Also from the same album, the band treated us to the energetic and guaranteed circle pit starter “Slasher” which also featured Dogol and Grim doing the backing chorus to amplify the song.

The real treat of the night was when Systematic Abuse paid tribute to our metal god, Lemmy Kilmister as they covered “Ace of Spades” and gave it a faster and punk twist to the metal anthem. The performance had left the early birds clamoring for more and the ones trickling in with intrigue.

Systematic Abuse left people wanting more!
(L to R: Guitarist Erik Dogol, vocalist Match, drummer Cripe and bassist Grim)

As the exploits of the Abuse left intrigued, Authentic Sellout had fans enjoying, moshing and headbanging throughout the show. The band kicked off their set by having a comic con vendor known as The Wizard act as a hype man for the night. Lead guitarist, Christian Borja, immediately followed after The Wizard with an infectious opening riff to lead the charge with “King of Rock n Roll.” Frontman Sulo King will have you doing a double take, at first, because of his resemblance to that of WWE superstar Dean Ambrose.

Once King began his vocal work, it began to sound like a decree to this dynamic song and he would immediately be joined, vocally, by bassist Rice Enright and rhythm guitarist Andy Danger. King continued to  showcase his showmanship by not only starting a circle pit but even joining it during the performance of “American Dream.” Not one to leave a fallen mosher laying on the floor, King helped a female mosher up who happened to tumbled down in the pit and serenaded the rest of the song to her before climbing back up to the stage.

Bassist Rice Enright and guitarist Christian Borja of Authentic Sellout make it rain with sime sweet riffs.

King seemed to be a fan of The Walking Dead because he had brought Lucille with him. For those unaware of Lucille, it is a baseball bat wrapped in barb wire at the barrel. King used the prop to send a clear message of their latest song “Technology.” King decreed that anyone on their cell phone would get them knocked off their hands by Lucille. King would then jump off stage to seek out anyone on their phones to knock them off their hands like he said he would.

Authentic Sellout closed out their time with their hit song from their 2009 Live By The Dollar Sign, Die By The Dollar Sign EP, “Working Class Stiff.” Authentic Sellout left quite the commotion and accomplished to soften the crowd for the kill. Prior to that night, the Klown didn’t know what to expect and was glad that he had a hell of a surprise with these gents.

Sulo King of Authentic Sellout wants to show us his friend Lucille while guitarist Christian Borja strums an epic funeral song.

The local punk powerhouse known as Sculpins took the stage and the Klown, alongside all the attendees, could feel a new commanding and confident presence from this quartet. Although the last time the Klown saw these gents was a little over a year ago,  the Klown still believes that these gents represent the current generation of punkers. Sculpins do a great job to remind you that the death of punk has been greatly exaggerated. The quartet kicked off their set with “Social Acceptance” from their 2015 Force Feeding An Obese Society LP.

From the moment guitarist Branden Parish’s erratic guitar riffs began, the crowd was immediately in a fevered frenzy. But the true spectacle of the band was frontman Adam Gomez. For those who have had the chance to see this man in action, y’know exactly what the Klown is talking about. However, for those who haven’t, you, my child, are missing out because Gomez will one-up you when it comes to feeling the music.

Sculpins made us feel, man!
(L to R: guitarist Branden Parish, vocalist Adam Gomez and drummer Jarrod Monday)

When Gomez is not spazzing out while he shows off his vocals, he will carry his mic stand with one hand, flip it over his shoulder and parade the stage with it while still blaring his powerful, screaming vocals. Another thing to note about Gomez is that the man embodies the punk attitude and spirit by sharing anecdotes of social justice or social commentary as a footnote and an intro to the songs he’s about to perform. After the band’s performance of “Reluctant,” Gomez would show his humility and gratitude for the opportunity given to them. This show was the first time a high profile and sold out show featured a lineup consisting of local bands with one major headliner at the helm.

Much like Sulo King, Gomez also got off stage to join the pit helped a female punker that was caught in the mosh and serenaded a lucky lady that was sitting on a knee scooter and had a cast on her leg before heading back to the stage. Sculpins also premiered a brand new song titled “Peace Offering” and closed their unforgettable performance with “Aiding & Incorporating Death.”

Adam Gomez of Sculpins had a duet with the mic stand!

As much as the Klown really wanted to continue speaking of the show stealing Sculpins, it is time that the Klown chats you up about the legendary Dead Kennedys.  No matter the history, issues, or the roster changes, they are legendary through merit and have managed to stand the test of time. Although the Klown amongst many wish that Jello Biafra would still be part of the band, Ron “Skip” Greer does a great job filling the shoes that were left behind.

The group preceded with their sold out affair with “Forward to Death” and the reception they got was bar-none as the crowd erupted and almost brought down the Brick. Greer not only had an infectious personality, he has a voice that can closely match Biafra’s and is not afraid to use humor when he has to. By the time the band finished playing “Police Truck,” Greer was aware of what was taking place in San Diego and took the time to address and joke about the Comic Con. Such jokes were not only comic book related but also pop culture such as Twin Peaks with the implication that the eleventh season was being announced, and the 20th Transformer movie featuring a very old Mark Wahlberg.

Ron “Skip” Greer of Dead Kennedys happy to see all the Comic Con Pop figures.

By the time “Kill the Poor” was finished, Greer once again started to joke and address an issue most aren’t aware of, musicians including famous ones having to look for some regular employment to make ends meet. In this case, he would turn that around and claim that he had taken a job with the Trump Administration and finished the joke with a confession of him being responsible for Trump’s alleged leaks to Russia. Of course, it would be rather incomplete if the band didn’t dish out their famous hits before the night was through which was done during the band’s encore.

That arsenal consisted of “California Uber Alles” and the band’s satirical cover of Elvis’s “Viva Las Vegas.” The night truly erupted when the famous surfer rock riffs of their mega hit “Holiday in Cambodia” began. Much like some of the other songs, it had crowd participation to sing along with Greer especially when he presented the microphone to someone in the crowd. The band teased the ending by giving us one more encore in the form of “Chemical Warfare.”

East Bay Ray uber alles!

This show was great and the Klown could only wish that a lot of you could have joined him alongside to partake in this moment. No matter what your feelings are regarding the Dead Kennedys, these men show that true artists must go on for the better or worse. But most importantly, the fact that these gents allowed the local punk scene to lead the way for them spoke volumes.

This shows anyone how much of a class act the Dead Kennedys truly were since it’s not too common for a titan to let the local bands pull the crowd in like moths to a flame. The Klown can only hope to see DK pop back in for another night. Most importantly, many thanks to DH Peligro, your drumming skills are exceptional but your humbleness truly defines you.