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NYE Fun Continues With Entombed AD

Entombed AD return with lots of energy... and VODKA!! is vocalist and our dear fun Papa, Lars Göran Petrov and current touring guitarist Guilherme Miranda)
Entombed AD return with lots of energy… and VODKA!!
(Pictured is vocalist and our dear fun Papa, Lars Göran Petrov and current touring guitarist Guilherme Miranda)

We rose from the concert hibernation and in to the pit of Entombed AD! What better band than these brutal Swedes to kick start Ugh Metal’s concert season? The Jan.16 show at Brick By Brick was memorable for many reasons, and we’re not just talking about Entombed AD’s frontman Lars Göran Petrov. But before we venture to the core of this sarcophagus, Poison Headache was the antidote for the 2016 blues.

Jenny Oh: You know, it was my first time watching Poison Headache and I felt like I really missed out, man. I know I’m a terrible San Diegan!

Chuggo the Klown:  It was our first time, dummy. We didn’t see them the first time because we were still recovering from HeadFest, which happened to be the day before!

J: Oh… Yeah. Anyway, it was great to finally see them in action. It’s no secret why they’re gaining so much momentum.

C: The shocking part is that there’s no bass… sorry Murderface! Still it was great that I finally heard “Sin Eater” live!

J: They brought their A game and wouldn’t have been a Poison Headache show without “Rot With Me.”

C:  No, gracias. Already rotting of my own volition thank you very much!

Poison Headache owned that stage like they're headlining!  Pictured is vocalist/guitarist/bassist Phil Sgrosso and backup vocalist/guitarist Andy Kukta)
Poison Headache owned that stage like headliners!
(Pictured is vocalist/guitarist/bassist Phil Sgrosso and backup vocalist/guitarist Andy Kukta)

J: You and your British shows and their fancy language. Well, you can’t escape the reaper, after all, it’s all part of “Death’s Design.” *wink, wink*

C: You done yet, Tony Robbins? I would like to continue to talk about this performance! Because it’s not every day you see a trio with nothing but a pair of guitars and a double bass drum, thundering their sounds through the night like they were the headliners!

J: I agree Mr. Tolkien! Their performance was boner inducing… enough to blast us off to the Turbid North!

C: Right you are my hobbit sibling! The moment they started, my eyes were alive!

J: Like their song, “Eyes Alive?”

C: Right… that was the name of the opener. Anyway, this Alaskan trio treated us to a night of groove and death metal.

J: The volatility of the “Pyramid Drones” and the mellow transition to the “Red Giant” was much like the unpredictability of the Alaskan weather. You can take the boys outta the North Pole and into Texas, but these dudes proved you can’t take the North Pole outta them!

Turbid North will surely melt a frozen wasteland and raise some hell!... and give us peppermints. L to R: Vocalist/guitarist Nick Forkel and bassist/backup vocalist Chris OToole)
Turbid North will surely melt a frozen wasteland and raise some hell!… and give us peppermints?
(L to R: Vocalist/guitarist Nick Forkel and bassist/backup vocalist Chris O’Toole)

C: Right…? I was thinking Stargate, the movie not the show because these song titles sound like sci-fi and might have been tackled in the Stargate show. I still dunno what Santa had do with this band, though?

J: He has everything to do with this band! He must have been the inspiration for “Destroyer of Worlds” after all it sounded like it came out of the soundtrack for the fiery inferno…hmmm… good pick.

C: I think you mean Satan for this one… at least that’s what staunch Christians tell me. I was talking about the fat pimp from Christmas time.

J: Oh…! That fat ass… you can count on him and Turbid North to “Bring Home the Motherlode.” But no Chuggo, there’s a North Pole, Alaska. I’m pretty sure that fat sack of toys and peppermint doesn’t live there…

C: True that… putting his workshop in Palin country would be…

J: Full of Hell!?

C: Yes… incidentally, isn’t that the co-headliner of that night?

J: Oh yeah… these guys opened a whole new pandora’s box and unleashed a crusty-grindcore monster.

Full of Hell Vocalist, Dylan Walker, summoning distorted demon growls from the crusty-grindcore monster.
Full of Hell Vocalist, Dylan Walker, summoning distorted demon growls from the crusty-grindcore monster.

C: Yeah… although, visually, we got a punk show atmosphere to go along with that monster. The frontman, Dylan Walker, was all over the place.

J: Yeah he was! Thanks to Walker, my eyes and neck got to do a bit of cardio. He was bursting with that raw energy and there was never a dull moment. Full of Hell’s equipment was definitely out of this world and so fascinating… very mesmerizing.

C: Ah, yes, the biggest fucking mouthpiece I’ve ever seen. Walker busted out the mouthpiece of his mixer and went apeshit for “Pile of Dead Horses” and “Kopf.” Although, I was a bit concerned with it because the sounds that mouthpiece emitted sounded like the failed ignition from a car. But it made an interesting show that was far better in sound and performance than Skrillex.

J: Skrillex? Um… really? I’m sure 2010 and the sheep will defer with you.

C: Sheep are meant to be slaughtered! Either way, I can understand why Nails collaborated with these guys, same intensity and almost the same sounds.

J:  For those that missed out on the Nails show last year, like yours truly, these guys reeled me back in to the crustcore loop.

C: You were never in the loop!

J: Shut up! Now let’s talk about Papa Lars.

Papa) Lars Göran Petrov returns to San Diego with Entombed AD with more shenanigans.
(Papa) Lars Göran Petrov returns to San Diego with Entombed AD with more shenanigans!

C: Ah yes… now that our interns had the absolute pleasure to meet the man, 2017 was a great kick off! It was so nice to see Papa Lars and company. Most importantly, AD or not, they’re shows are opposite of “Midas In Reverse.”

J: Like always, Papa Lars is the life of the party and we can always count on him to give us a swig from his bottle of vodka in exchange for beer sips. Our reunion wasn’t complete without some crazy stories and classic Entombed songs.

C: Too bad the original line up isn’t together but it’s awesome to hear “Stranger Aeons” and “Living Dead” live.

J: Though the majority of the set list blasted us to the past, Lars and the rest of Entombed A.D. injected these classics with booze, sweat, mucus and exuberance!

C: Also a bit of freshness with their current touring guitarist, Guilherme Miranda. That guy ruled and kept up. And was the token Brazilian amongst the Swedes.

Lars Göran Petrov of Entombed AD shows us his party face while guitarist Guilherme Miranda shies away.
Lars Göran Petrov of Entombed AD shows us his party face while guitarist Guilherme Miranda meditates.

J: This show felt like a belated New Year’s celebration filled with plenty of VODKA and fun… hmmm… this was a big family reunion done right.

C: Yeah… the one you would like to attend to and stay for. Not the ones you dread because you know it’s going to be in some place in bum fuck nowhere. Hoping to see these legendary Swedes again in our humble abode!

J: Till next time, Papa Lars! Cheers!

The Trials of January 27

Xandria Takes ‘Theater’ to a New Dimension

The Klown loves the ladies… especially of the angelic and operatic vocal variety. On that note, German symphonic metal band Xandria has released their seventh installment, Theater of Dimensions through Napalm Records. Right from the start, “Where the Heart is Home” sets an epic tone and vocalist Dianne van Giersbergen adds a womanly touch. “We Are Murderers (We Are),” features the most recurrent special vocalist to grace our site, Soilwork’s Björn Strid. Unlike other appearances, Strid lends both his growls and clean vocals for the chorus and duets with van Giersbergen. Not to knock on the subgenre, the symphonic brand can’t simply be complete without its ballad and with that comes “Dark Night of the Soul.” The song gives van Giersbergen the complete spotlight in this symphonic and intimate song…It’s kind of a tear jerker. Highly recommended for Sirenia, Epica, Nightwish and Leaves’ Eyes fans!

5 out of 6, Will Bring the Beast Back for An Encore

Xandria takes "Theatre" to a whole new dimension
Hold on your hats ’cause its gonna be a bumpy ride

Hour of Penance Commits Another Sin

Hour of Penance might be the second coming with this album. The Italian technical death metal quartet has seen the proverbial light of Rome and has released their seventh heaven of an album, Cast the First Stone through Prosthetic Records. Let’s just say that right from the get-go, “XXI Century Imperial Crusade” will get you hooked. The Klown thought he was listening to a track from Fleshgod Apocalypse’s Oracles album or their Mafia EP and their influence bled through the tracks “Cast the First Stone” and “The Chains of Misdeed.” The Ex-Deo like closing track, “Damnatio Memoriae,” was rightfully placed as the grand finale of this album so much so that the Klown simply can’t find the appropriate words. It was that great of an album and was epic as it was brutal.

6 out of 6, Jesus, eat your heart out!


Au Champ Des Mort Debut their Kvlt of Joy

Pardon the Klown’s French, but this black metal quartet literally named The Field of Death have debuted their first studio album Dans la Joie (“In Joy,” see? The Klown is saving you some time from Google translate) through Debemur Morti Productions and their bandcamp. The Klown is not expecting you to know who Au Champ Des Mort are because unless you live in France or constantly search for new black metal acts to listen to, it will literally be all French to you. ACDM reminded the Klown of the Irish black metal collective known as Primordial.

The tracks “Le Sang, La Mort, La Chute” and “Dans la Joie” will definitely back the Klown’s claim. Passionate Behemoth fans will LOVE  “Contemplare L’abîme” because it sounds just like an up-and-coming Behemoth with vocals sounding similar to that of a young Adam “Nergal” Darski. “La Fin du Monde” is a perfect closer to this brooding album because it gives you a dark harmony the way a lovely kvlt Dane by the name of Myrkur knows how. If you don’t mind French lyrics and are kvlt AF, lend this quartet an ear, the Klown recommends them. Also this album is perfect for Primordial, Myrkur and Bathory fans!

5 out of 6, Viva La France et Au Champ des Morts!

Straight outta France
Straight outta France

Deserted Fear Will Wash Away Your Fears

The German death metal trio released their third album to date titled Dead Shore Rising through Century Media Records. “The Fall of Leaden Skies” will take you on an journey similar to that of Amon Amarth and Himsa right after the semi epic sounding intro. “The Edge of Insanity” was pretty kick ass to get a pit started and keep it going during a live performance. “Till the Last Drop” was a great song and great background for the Klown to drink when he’s getting sauced at the bar. “Carry On,” on the other hand, was a little slow and melodic but maintained its brutal edge making the perfect closer for these brutal gents. Deserted Fear delivered a good album especially for those who are big fans of Himsa, Poison Headache and Amon Amarth.

5 out of 6, This will leave you thirsty for more!

Deserted Fear really put the the death in death metal
Deserted Fear really put the the death in death metal

Kreator Produce Their Most Divine Album to Date

And now… the Klown will talk about the highly anticipated album brought to us by two German giants: Nuclear Blast Records and thrash legends Kreator! Unless you have been living under a rock, the Klown can only say that he feels sorry for you! Kreator has been teasing Gods of Violence since late last year. The Klown is happy to report that these fine men from the Rhineland have delivered. The Klown’s favorite track is “Satan Is Real,” which is basically the soundtrack to the devoted metal head in you. “Gods of Violence” and “Hail to the Hordes” may now be Metal’s new anthems. These two tracks have the works; a build up, great solos, and the chorus. “Death Becomes My Light” is literally the prefect closer to this album because just like the previous entries, it’s appropriately slow and melodic for a thrash song that doesn’t compromise the thrash sound.

6 out of 6, The German Pantheon of Thrash Proves to be as Brutal as Ever!

Kreator effortlessly prove why they are legends!
Kreator effortlessly prove why they are legends!

Wanna Be Part of Our New Segment?!??

Kicking off this segment are Nattevakt, from our backyard... literally. (L to R: Bassist/backing vocalist Brydø, vocalist/lead guitarist The Lunacy and drummer/backing vocalist LaVey)
Kicking off this segment are Nattevakt, from our backyard… literally.
(L to R: Bassist/backing vocalist Brydø, vocalist/lead guitarist The Lunacy and drummer/backing vocalist LaVey)


It’s not all fun and games and beers in the life of an unknown band or musician, which is why we would love to help you get willingly exploited! 😉

If you have new and brootal music and not enough people to indulge on it, send us any new material you have lying around the ol’ demo bin to our email address below. You can also be our brazen but psycho EX and cyber stalk us…by messaging us through our Facebook page with the goods you gots to offer.

ONE MORE THING. In order for us to properly wine and dine you and show you off to our friends, don’t be shy and tell us a little bit about your band. If you’re a strong and independent  musician who don’t need no band, tell us about your musical conquests. A little bio never hurt anyone and bios are bae. 🙂

Can you smell the beer and the rock stardom?! We can’t but doesn’t mean you shouldn’t! We may not get to everyone but we will try our best to keep up and shine the spotlight on different  bands and musicians.  Whoa there!!!! Settle down guys! Don’t rush all at once….

Reach out and touch us at: ughnams at gmail dot com (subject line “first impressions“)

Don’t forget to cyber stalk us on Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat (SC: ugh_metal)

*The Hatchet Job: Jan 23-27

*Editor’s Note: “First Impressions” had an existential crisis and embarked on a personal quest for a new meaning to reinvent itself and so on. From now on this weekly recap shall be reborn as the Hatchet Job! Stay tuned for “First Impressions” return and its countless stories of self discovery and enlightenment and such.


A New ‘Era’ Is Upon Us

We took an insightful stroll with Opeth in their new music video for “Era” where shit gets real. Now I’m not one to be picky on a first date but I was hoping these Swedes would have invited me to a walk among the flowers or a food truck festival but I suppose their proggy charm would suffice. The crispness and mesmerizing imagery will have you drooling with wonder and it will also bring a smile to your face when you see No-Face from Spirited Away slay his cameo.


Cryptopsy Tour

These brootal Canucks along with Metal Sucks will be taking by storm the U.S as the headliners for this year’s Devastation on the Nation Tour. The technical death metallers will begin their rounds on May 19 and will be joined by throughout the tour by Decrepit Birth (5/19-6/4), Rivers of Nihil (5/19-6/4), The Zenith Passage (5/19-6/4), The Kennedy Veil (5/19-5/29), Visceral Disgorge (5/30-6/11), Gloom and Seeker (5/30-6/11). Stay tuned for the dates!



You Can’t ‘Deny’ This Powerful Video

Ugh Metal has had the pleasure of experiencing the intoxicating rawness and gloom of King Woman, and for those that have not been exposed to this doomy quartet, you are missing out. Still think I’m exaggerating? Well, experience the power of their latest music video for “Deny.” For those that have surrendered to Kristina Esfandiari’s hauntingly beautiful vocals, stay tuned for their sophomore album Created in the Image of Suffering out on Feb.24 via Relapse Records.  

Jan. 26

Mastodon FINALLY Put Out

…The deetz on their upcoming album! After trolling and teasing us so much they finally gave in to temptation and unveiled the sick ass artwork and tracklist for Emperor of Sand which will divide and conquer in March 31 via Reprise Records. Speaking of dividing and conquering and debauchery, be sure to catch these colorful Georgians on tour along with Eagles of Death Metal and Russian Circles starting on April 14.

Someone give this man a Gatorade.
Someone give this man a Gatorade. 


Bewitched with the ‘Sultan’s Curse’

Though this may be shaping up to be the unofficial Mastodon edition of this segment, how could I resist sharing this baby!

Kreator Reigns In ‘Totalitarian Terror’

The trilogy comes full circle with this music video. I will miss that horny devil and his Colgate worthy grin. Mad props to Polish production team Grupa 13 for weaving another masterpiece and Kreator for kicking ass. Half-assed acceptance speeches and statements aside, the fun doesn’t have to end! Why, you ask? ‘Cause the generosity of Kreator continues with their release of Gods of Violence which is out today!! Stay tuned for Chuggo’s review on this baby!

WWE’s Wrestling Branch Will Feature Papa Shango’s Band

Only 90’s kids will remember Papa Shango and his WWF days… I sure don’t but that’s okay! Don’t hate me ‘cuz I was too young and beautiful but enough about me, WWE’s NXT Wrestling branch will use ballsy music (in terms of mainstream) in their Pay Per View event “Takeover: San Antonio” on Jan. 27. Papa Shango’s successful project called Ghost [citation needed] will be featured along with Memphis May Fire, Starset and NF. To NXT’s credit, they’ve featured other metal bands in the past such as Motorhead, Halestorm, and Babymetal. According to my intel *cough* Chuggo*cough* what started out as a failed reality TV project, it blossomed into WWE’s fun and badass younger sister.

The Trials of January 20

Aversions Crown Coronate their Third Album

The quartet from Down Under has returned with their latest deathcore release titled Xenocide under Nuclear Blast Records. The Klown swears that it’s neither President Trump’s or Australia’s Alt-Right soundtrack. This album reminded the Klown of two local death metal bands, Carnifex and Cattle Decapitation. The point here is that this album kicks ass! “Prismatic Abyss” was good but “The Soulless Acolyte” alone will support the Klown’s claim to this sound and it’s a track that will definitely get a pit started in a live show. “Erebus,” “Ophiophagy” and “The Oracles of Existence” sounded like another Nuclear Blast deathcore signee, Despised Icon. This was a good album especially if deathcore happens to be your thing. This latest album is also highly recommended for All Shall Perish fans.

6 out of 6, Monarchs to the Kingdom of Hate

Try staring at Aversions Crown "Xenocide" cover...*drools*
Try staring at Aversions Crown “Xenocide” cover…*drools*


Terrifier Unleash Their Weapons of Thrash Destruction

Unless skipping titles is your thing, the Klown has to ask: how do you know what you’re about to read? Whatever your answer is, titles are just appetizers! Now for the main course, the Canadian thrash quintet known as Terrifier have released their sophomore album Weapons of Thrash Destruction through Test Your Metal Records. Allow the Klown to let you know that he definitely was digging this album. He really thought that he was listening to Death Angel, especially when he was hearing “Deceiver.” “Nuclear Demolisher” had the Klown thinking what if Mark Osegueda vocals were a bit harsher and did a song with Testament? Just saying, imagine Alex Skolnik’s legendary solos accompanying Osegueda’s vocals! These fine gents also provided yours truly with a theme song appropriately titled “Drunk As Fuck.” Bay Area thrash enthusiasts will LOVE this!

6 out of 6, Ready To Launch

 Terrifier bust out their "Weapons of Thrash Destruction"
Terrifier bust out their “Weapons of Thrash Destruction”


AFI Returns With A Bloody Vengeance

The Klown can hear it now… the collective groaning. “WTF Klown, that’s not metal!?” Or “Shut up Clown, you’re very drunk … or sober!?” To that the Klown would retort, that you address the Klown with a “K” not a “C!” But more importantly, whether you’re “metal AF” or a person who wants to prove that they are on par to Kerry King, we all have guilty pleasures! Without further ado, AFI has released their 10th album AFI (The Blood Album) through Concord Records. This album slightly revisits the last albums, Love Crash and Burials, however, “So Beneath You” takes you back to an upbeat version of the Sing the Sorrow album. “Dumb Kids” is catchy and harmonic as hell gives a bit of punk and indie influences. “She Speaks the Language,” in typical AFI fashion, was melodic and dark much like Decemberunderground. Not a bad album for AFI to end their (nearly) 4 year hiatus.

4 out of 6, You’ll still stick your fangs in this in the name of nostalgia! 

Deny it all you want, you know that emo kid in you will devour AFI's "The Blood Album"
Deny it all you want, you know that emo kid inside you will devour AFI’s “The Blood Album”


Firewind Immortalize Their Newest Release After a 5 Year Hiatus

The Klown believes that Firewind was mentioned a while back. Now it’s the Klown’s turn to talk about the brand new release from these Greeks. Immortals was released through Century Media Records  and the Klown loved it. This concept album lived to its name by paying homage to the glory and beauty of a well fought battle. Although the Klown liked Sabaton’s take on “Battle of Thermopylae” featured in The Last Stand, these Greeks one-up the Swedes with their version. “Ode to Leonidas” does justice as a tribute and an ode to the fallen warrior king and will have 300 fans and proud Greeks rejoicing. This ode’s set up works great with the help of its previous and following tracks, “We Defy” and “Back on the Throne” respectively. “Lady of 1000 Sorrows” will make you feel all sorts of things because this sympathetic ballad voices those that have experienced the grueling wait and unwavering hope of seeing their soldier return from war. Firewind also tops this baby off with an extra track, “Vision of Tomorrow” which not only kicks ass but lead guitarist, Gus G, shreds away.

6 out of 6, Leonidas Would Be Proud!

Firewind make their triumphant return with "Immortals"
Firewind make their triumphant return with “Immortals”

**Bonus Round**

Memoriam Will Remind You of Britain’s Death Metal Pioneers

Bolt Thrower fans! I have good news and bad news. First, the bad: No longer known as Bolt Thrower, Memoriam will release their debut album in March. Good news: Memoriam has released their demo The Hellfire Demos II through Nuclear Blast Records. Let’s just say that if you longed for some new Bolt Thrower material, this will definitely calm that itch. The Klown also checked their first EP The Hellfire Demos I which you can check out on their bandcamp! Simply put, the Klown can’t wait till their debut in March. No rating since it’s only 2 songs but you should take a hit!

Memorium lives again with "Hellfire Demos II"
Memorium lives again with “The Hellfire Demos II”

The Hatchet Job of Jan. 15- Jan. 20

Jan. 15

Zakk Wylde Answers Our ‘Lost Prayer’

The master of riffs has blessed us with his latest and powerful music video for his latest single “Lost Prayer.” Zakk Wylde’s 2016 album Book Of Shadows II continues to work its charm with its video and if you missed his sold out Jan.19 San Diego stop for his Zakk Sabbath tour, check out the other dates. Now sit back and get ready for some spiritual healing.


Jan. 16

The ‘Fvneral Moon’ Requires A Sacrifice

“Ask and you shall receive” couldn’t be truer for the latest music video from deathcore metallers Lorna Shore. The quartet from New Jersey take us on a murder mystery that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Though I’ve personally never taken a dip in Lorna Shore before, “Fvneral Moon” is a very enjoyable and heavy single which will be featured in their upcoming album Flesh Coffin out on Feb. 17 via Outerloop Records. If you’re still butt hurt about Suicide Silence’s clean vocals and have a need to forget about it, Lorna Shore’s got you covered.


Jan. 17


No, not the Prez’s empire nor the new Star Wars saga, I’m talking about the REAL empire where Vader reigns supreme. The Polish death metal icons will kick off their invasion on North America starting May 26 in the Maryland Death Fest and because they don’t hate the idea of our beaches, our delicious craft beers and just flat out don’t hate us, they will be stopping by here in San Diego on June 7 at Brick By Brick! (This is NOT the only San Diego show headlined by metal legends this year…)

The supporting acts on this brootal tour are Internal Bleeding, Sacrificial Slaughter, Micawber and Voices of Ruin. If you’re old like us, those names might make your deteriorating body quiver with anticipated pain but as the motto goes, sticks and stones may break our frail bones but metal will never hurt us… be sure to check your local listings for Ugh Metal’s after party in the nearest ER and be part of the crusade!


It’s ‘Sentence Day’

Obituary has spoken! The Death Metal legends released their track video for their single “Sentence Day” which will be featured in their 10th and self titled album via Relapse Records. Though the album is not expected to hit shelves till March 17, this video will certainly fan your fandom especially not just because it’s a love letter to their faithful legion but it’s a fun glimpse into their tour life. Also, be sure to catch them in the Decibel Tour this Spring!

Jan. 19

More Than Just ‘Sillhouttes’

Warbringer stand out and kick some major as with their latest music video for their single “Silhouttes.” Surrounding objects and décor beware! ‘Cause this thrashtastic wonder will have you tearing a new one in the room you’re currently in. Stay tuned for more thrashy goodies from these guys as they gear up for their March 31st release of Woe to the Vanquished via Napalm Records, till then check out the video below!


Iron Reagan Honors The New Prez

That’s right, the crossover thrashers unearthed and released a never before heard ballad to celebrate the inauguration of the new President of the United States of America. The ballad praising the heroism and honor the new commander in chief posses is titled “Take The Fall.” I must warn you; this touching musical piece will bring a few tears to your eyes. The single is now available in a flexi disc format for New Noise Magazine subscribers and all proceeds for the 18×24 poster commemorating the Trumpster will go to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Check out the track right here!


Jan. 20

Havok Offers Another Wonderful Song For Inauguration Day

The Colorado thrashers have joined in on the fun and joined today’s celebration of American infamy history with their lyric video for “Hang ‘Em High.” You bet this anthem will be sung loudly and proudly tonight making this day more unforgettable. “Hang ‘Em High” will be featured in their March 10 album titled Conformicide which will be released through Century Media Records.

The Trials of January 13: The Lucky #13 Edition!

Note: This year has been serendipitous already… or so the Klown thinks. Anyway, Happy Jason Voorhees Day! Historically, Friday the 13th has always had bad luck omen and innuendos attached to it, thankfully we are cynics! In fact, as of writing this entry, it seems that our beloved genre has come back full swing and has also come out of a holiday rest of its own.

Black Anvil Release Their Fourth on Friday 13, As Was Their Intentions

The black metal New Yorkers known as Black Anvil have released As Was and this album manages to keep the kvlt melodic and turn your luck upside up. Unlike Hail Death, As Was is a bit faster by comparison and…did the Klown mention that this album is melodic? For the tracks “On Forgotten Ways” and “As An Elder Learned Anew,” the Klown thought he was listening to lost Rotting Christ tracks or a very melodic and heavy Melechesh… minus the Middle Eastern instruments. The Klown enjoyed “May Her Wrath Be Just” as it reminded him of a Septicflesh song without the orchestrations mixed with a ghastly chorus to back up the song’s melody. “As Was” is the most melodic track of the whole album, the Klown thinks the metal ladies would appreciate this more. “Ultra” was the Klown’s personal favorite, not only was it a hymn for the dark one but was very melodic and felt like an appropriate closer for this album and its current theme. The Klown recommends this album for those who are Melechesh and Rotting Christ fans.

6 out of 6, This Album Is Best As Was

Black Anvil return with their 4th installment "As Was"
Black Anvil return with their 4th installment “As Was”


Grave Digger Is The Remedy To Our 2016 Blues

The Klown believes he and his favorite sibling have talked about Grave Digger in a sickly fashion. No pun intended, the flu is a hell of a thing! Anyway, these German power metal legends show that age is nothing but a number and have graced us with the healing powers of metal. Their current and 18th installment, Healed by Metal, brings the masses a remedy that every headbanger of all ages needs in their time of need. “When Night Falls” is inspirational and eerily appropriate for those needing to express devotion in anyway while “Lawbreaker” is a track that takes you back to a younger Grave Digger. Do you sometimes need a song to motivate your resilience? These gents back you up with “Call For War.” Need proof that our genre is more of a religion than art? Grave Digger got us covered by issuing the “Ten Commandments of Metal” and provided “Hallelujah” as an added measure. Grave Digger also provides two kickass, bonus tracks: “Kingdom of the Night” and “Bucket List.” It’s nearly 40 years (this November it shall be 37 to be precise) since these Germans have graced our scene and made a name for themselves. This brand new installment showed that time is an illusion and that Grave Digger can be enjoyed at any time amongst the young and old!

6 out 6, THE Cure Of All Cures

Grave Digger resurrected us and were "Healed By Metal"
Grave Digger resurrected us and we were “Healed By Metal”


Code Orange’s Third Installment May Forever Be Their Breakthrough

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, Code Orange has been making head way since the last quarter of 2016. Because the Klown wants to exaggerate, they seemed to have become a household name especially among the hardcore punkers. Enough about last year, this year the Pittsburgher quartet known as Code Orange has released Forever and will keep you guessing and in a good way. Let’s just say that tracks like “Forever” and “The New Reality” sound similar to that of Nails if they slowed down a bit. This piece, however, plays with almost every subgenre in metal, such as “Bleeding in the Blur” and “Ugly” taps in to the prog sound similar to that of The Ocean whereas “The Mud” gives you a bit of Nine Inch Nails, “Spy” plays around with Nu Metal and “dream2” give you a bit of the Dillinger Escape Plan. Forever will leave you curious and clamoring for some more.

6 out of 6, This Album is Not Hazardous

Code Orange "Forever," baby!
Code Orange “Forever,” baby!


Sepultura Still Going Strong

Sepultura, for some, has been long gone after Max and Igor Cavalera departed in 1997 and 2006, respectively. Though Andreas Kisser and Paolo Junior kickass and are not the founding fathers, they have been with the band long enough to be considered originals. Despite no original members left, this great Brazilian export is still going strong and pumped out album number 14 titled Machine Messiah. Anyway, this album was definitely a great surprise for the Klown as it revisited all of the Sepultura incarnations with Derrick Green. We get a bit of Roorback and Nation with some Kairos, The Mediator, and Against. For those who loathed Against, relax “Iceberg Dances” is not that bad; the track does an excellent job blending classical guitars and keyboards. The Klown definitely took an immediate liking to “Phantom Self” and “Alethea.” “Phantom Self” does a great job mixing jazz style percussions with orchestral overtures to create a great track. “Alethea” kicks ass and sticks to good ol’ fashion metal reminiscent to an old Sepultura when they were still thrashy. Sepultura also treat us to two bonus tracks, “Chosen Skin” and a cover of The Echoes’ “Ultraseven No Uta”. This album was great and features different musical elements from previous albums making a creative masterpiece.

6 out of 6, The Messiah Hath Cometh!

All hail Sepultura and the "Machine Messiah"
All hail Sepultura and the “Machine Messiah”