The Trials of October 13, 2017 (Part 2)

Honorable Mention:

Transplants Got You Covered with Their Covers

If you are a huge punker or just remember the Garnier Fructis commercials then the supergroup known as the Transplants should be no stranger in those regards. The Klown shall re-indulge you on who they are just for kicks.  The side project of Rancid’s Tim Armstrong and Death March’s Robert “Skinhead Rob” Aston have been teasing a reunion and an album for some time and have now delivered.

Their latest EP titled Take Cover has now been released through Epitaph Records. This EP has the supergroup covering and adding their own special touches to Minor Threat’s “Seeing Red,” Madness’s “Baggy Trousers,” The Flirtations’ “Nothing But A Heartache,” The Violators’ “Live Fast, Die Young” and the Beastie Boys’ “Gratitude.” The one special treat aside from the group replaying “Saturday Night” would be a new song.

“Won’t Be Coming Back” is the name of their latest new song which serves as a teaser and as a lure for the future that still being teased. Other than that this album just serves as a nice buffer for a very busy Armstrong. You can check this album on Spotify or get this album here.

Fozzy Make an Album of Biblical Proportions

Fans of WWE and pro wrestling altogether already know who this band belongs to and the same can be said about the trolls in our metal communities. For those unaware, WWE superstar/actor/author Chris Jericho is the lead singer and founder of the hard rock band Fozzy where he collaborates with Stuck Mojo’s guitarist Rich Ward. Now that that formality is out of the way, Fozzy has released their seventh studio album Judas  through Century Media Records.

The album kicks off with the albums forerunning hit “Judas,” a song that WWE fans and network subscribers will tell you has been featured to death… almost. Nevertheless, it is still catchy AF. It is preceded by their following singles “Drinking with Jesus” and “Painless” which can be described as very ear friendly hard rock, and a good lure for potential new fan base.

“Wordsworth Way” was a very harmonic hard rock track and featured some keys that help set a tone and foundation for the song and felt like a meaningful song to that was a borderline ballad. In “Burn Me Out”  Fozzy take a page from 30 Seconds To Mars in terms of influencing sounds such as the harmonic hard rock sounds mixed with electronic samples. “Three Days in Jail” was very good and interesting song because it starts off with some nu metal, electric rock sounds, features rapping, and some harsh vocals in addition to Jericho’s clean vocals.

“Capsized” feature some hard rock/ alternative metal similar to that of Breaking Benjamin. The album closes with “Wolves At Bay” which was a bit more metal than the previous and features aggression in terms of both sounds and lyrics. The track also features a really awesome wailing solo from Rich Ward which was a rather satisfying ending.

The Klown will tell you that it was an enjoyable album,  a pretty good breakthrough, and showcased many influences in music and not necessarily of the guitar and screaming vocal variety. The work he puts in the songs and album demonstrates Jericho’s artistic values, character, and serves as an explanation for his part-time status in WWE. If you like hard rock and tame nu metal such as Linkin Park, Deftones, Breaking Benjamins and 30 Seconds To Mars the Klown recommends you check it out. If you are a huge Y2J fan you’re definitely going to want to look into it. You can get a copy here and see what you think.

5 out of 6, This Album Just Made the List!

Signatura Rerum Release their Darkest Follow Up

The Klown has delivered again! The Klown has found the Romanian trio known as Signatura Rerum and their latest independent release Legend 1. This black metal group begins their current saga with “Rise and Fall, Pt. 1” which begins slowly and ambient to set the tone which is then followed by tribal style drumming and some spoken word vocals and chorus which seemed rather ceremonial and serves as a great intro “Rise and Fall, Pt. 2.”

“…Part 2″ is first met with some erratic riffs from Denis “Stihia” Sbârcea, followed by  a couple of solos from Erwin “Varcolac” Weber and go slightly folk for a brief moment. “Legion and Order, Pt. 1 and Pt. 2” has the band sporting more whimsical sounds that are normally associated with pagan-folk styles such as Primordial and Akercocke.

The song featured some “woodland” sounds combined with melodic black metal as its foundation. The album caps off with “Sand and Wine” part1 and 2. Part one is lengthy at a little over 11 minutes long and takes an approach to prog similar to Opeth and Nidingr. Much like the bands the Klown just mentioned, Signatura would begin rather tame with acoustics but would build up and unleash heavy and hard black metal with Varcolac’s vocals instead of growling  before shifting to clean ones. Part 2, on the other hand, would serve as a great ending and an outro that showcasing how artistic beauty can emerge from chaos.

In this case, the track would solely belong to guest vocalist former Döxa female vox Dina Nasser who would be accompanied by the sounds of the oceans crashing. This album was a good one to hear and really showcased a different side most symphonic black metal bands aren’t known to do. The Klown highly recommends this album if you enjoy Nidingr, Keep of Kalessin, Hour Of Penance and Opeth. Lastly, if you want to check it out because it piqued your interest or want to challenge the Klown’s words, feel free to check out their Bandcamp.

6 out of 6, T’was a Masterpiece of Epic Revelations!

Gothminister Shall Help Parishioners to The Other Side

The Norwegian industrial metal quartet known as Gothminister have returned after a three-year hiatus to bring forth a new dark congregation. The sixth Gothic sermon of Bjørn Alexander Brem is titled The Other Side and has been released through AFM Records. This latest sermon begins with “Ich Will Alles” which has the group revisiting their signature Goth rock sounds that made them a breakthrough in the industrial/Goth metal scene. The track also includes Brem’s interchanging bass-baritone vocals and continue to follow their style in  “Taking Over.”

The album carries on with an ode to vampiric and Gothic love with the ironically titled “The Sun.” This track features some female vocals accompanying Brem’s vocals and take a similar approach but turn up the volume with “We Are The Ones Who Rule The World.” Gothminister give us another shot at German with “Der Fliegenden Mann” and features a kickass guitar solo and feels a bit more metal like its antecedent album Utopia. The band turns down their roughness and revisits the Goth rock element with “Aegir” and male backing vocals and chorus.

The album “All This Time” and “Day of Reckoning” has more industrial  sounds similar to that of classic Oomph! and Rammstein. Speaking of the latter, the album closes epically with “Somewhere in Time.” Why did the Klown bring up Rammstein? The song closes off with orchestral overture samples and the harshness similar to that of “Mein Teil” and the remix version of “Ich Keine Lust” making these songs grandiose. Gothminister kept it Industrial, dark and has Brem’s voice become distorted and manipulated as if to hint that he’s something evil.

All those big words should sum up how awesome it sounded. It seems that after abandoning Goth metal, Brem rediscovered his previous style of industrial and Goth rock. Faithful congregates of Gothminister will be as pleased as a vampire in a blood bank. The Klown, for one, enjoyed this album and can see this as a possible breakthrough enough for them to  officially cross the pond. As always you can either check this album out before buying at Spotify or you can take the Klown’s word and take the plunge with your wallet here.

6 out of 6, And The Lord Sayeth “Let There Be Darkness!”

Enslaved Will Break You Free of Traditional Black Metal

The band Enslaved should not be unfamiliar to you especially if you are into black metal. One of the originators of the Bergen warrior spirit is back with their 14th album titled E through Nuclear Blast Records. The Klown has to assume that the E in E stands for evolution or experimental because this latest is a testament to both of those things. Either way, change is good and this album shows it.

The quintet open this album with the decelerated “Storm Son” which sounded more like a movie’s opening score. This intro included the a tuba, horses neighing, and are all immediately accompanied by some melancholic ambient sounds combined with some soothing guitar. Those sounds would immediately transition into some prog which would then be accompanied by guitarist Ivar Bjørnson, keyboardist Håkon Vinje’s vocals and an interjection by frontman/bassist Gruttle Kjellson’s harsh vocals.

If that sounded like too much allow the Klown to tell you that this piece is not only nearly 11 minutes long but changes quite a bit with the same formula. If you’re seeking just prog “The River’s Mouth” would be the winner in this search. If you don’t mind a bit of sax in your prog Enslaved presents “Hiindsiight” alongside guest vox Einar Kvitrafn Selvik from Wardruna.

“Sacred Horse” and “Axis of the World,” however, brings you some black metal with a bit of prog. “Feathers of Eohl,” on the other hand, feature complete ambience to the tame black metal sound. The limited edition version of the album features two new songs, while the last one features the band covering the Norwegian electro pop duo known as Röyksopp and their song “What Else Is There.”

For the record, the Klown has yet to hear the original version of “What Else…”but can tell you that Enslaved’s version does the song justice and may cause you to pique interest in the original song for comparison sake. The album was pretty gnarly and highly recommends it to anyone who was anticipating this current release. This album is also recommended to those who love ambient black metal or avant-garde. You can listen or take the Klown’s word and take the plunge here.

6 out of 6 It Will Set Your Ears Free

Samael Will Subjugate Your Ears

You thought the Klown was done? Ha! Guess again, plebian. Once the Klown received word that Samael was back he had to check it out. The Swiss quartet is back with the appropriately titled tenth release Hegemony through Napalm Records. Why it is appropriately titled? That’s because this album will dominate your ears with awesome industrial/black metal goodness.

The release begins with the track  sharing the namesake of this album and begins with some industrial that features some overture for the beginning of their brand new epic sound. Those sounds are immediately met with Michael “Vorph” Locher’s harsh screaming vocals. The same style would recur with “Samael” and with the bonus track “Storm of Fire.”

Samael feature more Industrial metal with “Angel of Wrath,” “Rite Renewal” and “Red Planet.” If you are seeking just industrial with minimal metal influence then “Black Supremacy,” “This World” and “Dictate of Transparency” would be your tracks of choice. The Goth metal is also featured on this album with “Murder or Suicide,” “Against All Enemies” and “Helter Skelter.”

Although Samael has drifted away from black metal, that’s not a bad thing. Assuming you’re not a staunch black metal aficionado and dabble with Industrial and Goth metal then you will find this album rather enjoyable. The Klown would also recommend this album to Deathstars, Gothminister and Dagoba fans. Lastly, you can get this album right here.

6 out of 6, Dominance!

The Trials of Oct. 13, 2017 (Pt.1)

Solar Haze Delivers Debut

The 60’s may have had a purple haze but in 2017, we have a red haze and I’m not talking about global warming! I’m talking about something better and awesome like stoner rockers Solar Haze and their debut self titled album which was released independently.

These ultra groovy dudes can ride the desert and make it melt with “Hammer to the Head.” This song will still give you that boost on badassery and confidence even if you have a giant glob of dog dirt on your shoes or if you have a killer wedgie. The free spirited “Hawk in the Wind” will set you free baby and no dust in the wind can stop you ‘cause the world is your oyster with this one!

“Nefarious Natures & Truth Perceived,” “Stoned to Death” and “Coven” collectively ride out of the sunset and into the night by flirting with doom. There are instances where vocalist Stephen Falla resembles Ozzy Osbourne circa Black Sabbath especially in “Neafarious…” This album gives you the best of both worlds by giving you the orange tinted stoner rock and teases you with some light doom, a great way to entice new audiences. Let Solar Haze consume you and snag their debut album in there bandcamp and wait till you feel it *cough* and give ‘em a like to see how their mystery album artwork will look like!

4 out 6, *cough* I feel it! *cough*            


 ‘Metal Bear Stomp’ Is Fierce

That’s right Siberian Meat Grinder is here to rip your face and melt your ears off with their latest and epically titled Metal Bear Stomp via Rise Sound Records. The 90’s people may have slept till they reached Brooklyn but not us man! SMG’s crossover anthem “No Sleep Till Hell” will make us giddy to warm up by the eternal fire in our eternal slumber! *LAUGHS EVILLY*

“Hunt the Steel” will beat the wimp outta us and will be THE song when we’re crushing our enemies. Once sweet victory is ours, you bet “Walking Tall” will play as we walk away from the explosion and we put on our extra dark sunglasses. Vocalist Siberian Vlad sprinkles some light rap in to the mix in “Ruder Than Thou” and “No Way Back.” The rap adds an extra grittiness to these crossover songs along with Vlad’s raspy and thick vocals.

I know you are probably dying to know how the title track sounds like and let me just tell you it’s just as awesome as it sounds. It is also just as fierce as the commander bear that is dominating the album cover! “Style” sets the catwalk on fire and moshes on its ashes while “Cant Stop Wont Stop” has a nice little black metal riff towards the end.

I can go on and on about this but you just gotta check it for yourselves which I’m sure will have you as hooked as yours truly was! Listen to this feisty beast on Spotify and get your copy here! If you’re really hooked like we are on their crossover goodness, check out the rest of their material in their bandcamp.

6 out 6, Everybody’s doing the ‘Metal Bear Stomp’!

Exhumed Put the ‘Death’ Metal in ‘Death Revenge’

Exhumed welcomes us in to their horror show titled Death Revenge via Relapse Records. The legendary death metallers are hungry for blood and metal and so are we! Well actually just metal and they delivered. Exhumed starts this show with the instrumental intro that Michael Meyers would adopt as his new theme song, Matt Harvey soon takes over and lets that intro riff loose, and is soon followed by drummer Mike Hamilton and the rest of the band. That’s right they jump right in to the death metal extravaganza.     

“Night Work” has never been so good especially if it means we get another sweet riff from Harvey. “The Harrowing,” “A Funeral Party,” and “Unspeakable” are sure to get your blood flowing especially when you’re pumpin’ iron at the gym or running after the bus.  “The Anatomy Act of 1832” is a great instrumental track in this American horror story.

Exhumed do something different this time around and set the mood and pique our interest with the theatrical interludes and intros. That’s right, they don’t give up that sweet death metal right then and there, they make us salivate and work for it and hot damn we love it! I do love the horror flick vibe they are going for in this album and did I mention I like the concept? No? Well I really like it! And I’m sure you will too. You can listen to Death Revenge on Spotify and you can get you copy here. If you are a fellow San Diegan, snag your tix for their Nov. 15 in our city.

6 Out 6, Sweet Revenge

Nachtblut Will Convert You With Latest

Get ready to unleash the inner goth in you, metalhead! You will not resist especially after you believe in Nachtblut’s latest album Apostasie which was released to the masses via Napalm Records. The German quintet spread the love with the grim “Multikulturell” which has several little riffs and hooks from guitarist Greif that will tease you in to the rest of the album.

“Scheinfromm” will blow the lid off your skepticism that “goth” music is not your “thing.” Why?! You ask with venomous doubt! Because this “goth” track has that feisty attitude you like so much. A tune my industrial heads (?) will enjoy a little bit more is “Geboren um zu Leben” because it has more of that fun electronic element present which make you violently dance, the J-Ohster can already picture the awesome remixes on this one! And if you’re not feelin’ rowdy “Einsam” will soothe the beast inside you.

The edgier tracks that staunch metalheads will enjoy a little more is “Der Tod Ist Meine Nutte” which has another great intro riff, and “Wat Is Denn Los Mit Dir.” Apostasie is hellbent on making you believe in Nachtblut, no hypnosis needed! You see what I did there? I made a shitty vamp joke! …everyone’s a critic. Get you copy here and see if you are ready to follow Nachtblut.

5 out 6, You’ll believe!

Sicarius Create A Wicked ‘Serenade’ In Debut

For those of you that keep up with our shenanigans and read our latest edition of First Impressions, you probably have an idea who Sicarius is. The debut full length album from Sicarius is finally here and they are taking no prisoners in Serenade of Slitting Throats which was releases via M-Theory Audio Records.

These expert assassins sneak in and lure you in to a sweet melodic trap with their instrumental intro before plunging a black metal dagger into your ears with “Ferox Impetum.” Still want more unforgiving black metal eh? “Forceful Bleed” is the one for you! This track is sure to make your ears and butthole bleed! But in a good way that is. Sicarius will waste no time and pounce on you once again in this track to prepare you for the grand finale.

The title track “Serenade of Slitting Throats” and “Torture Trials” takes things down a notch but all in the spirit of fueling the antagonistic character of this album. These songs allow you to inhale and process Sicarius’s musical talent. That’s right you can swivel around Kurt Karcass’s thick borderline growling vocals.

Sicarius have risen out of the shadows with their daggers held high and have stepped into the spotlight with this strong debut album. For those that have not checked these guys out, man, you are in for a treat. After submerging yourself in to this bloody Serenade, rest assured you too will be joining the order of Sicarius. Join the Serenade and get your copy here, and see how you feel about these black metal assassins we just can’t stfu about!

6 Out 6, We raise our daggers high

The Trials of October 6, 2017 (Part 2)

Fireball Ministry Want You To Remember That They’re Back

The stoner rock quartet known as Fireball Ministry has returned and came back with their 5th album to date. Remember The Story, released through Cleopatra Records, will have you remembering why this band gained some traction from the beginning.

The album, unsurprisingly, starts off mellow with “End Of Our Truth.” Soon after the band picks up the pace a bit with “Everything You Wanted”  and feature more of a hard rock influence than that of the stoner variety. “Back On Earth,” on the other hand, speed things up some more and features some really cool guitar solos and James Rota II’s signature harmonic vocals.

“The Answer” features some good ol’ fashioned stoner rock and has  all the members showcasing themselves. Most notably, bassist Scott Reeder has a brief solo, and drummer John Oreshnick accompanying him with his own bass drum kicks. The same could be said about “Remember The Story” minus the bass solo by instead featuring a guitar solo. “Stop Talking” actually does as it implies and has the band give you full blown stoner hard rock instrumental with some heavy distorted bass and guitars. “Weaver’s Dawn” introduces some more harmony to the mix in terms of vocalization and composition and also features some psychedelic influences.

This album caps off with a tribute to St. Lemmy by covering “I Don’t Believe A Word.” The Klown had never heard another rendition of this song till that moment and he’s got to say that it was rather unique and enjoyable. Rota’s touch adds more pain to the song and makes it rather significant which is accompanied by Reeder’s bass and also features guitarist Emily Burton chiming in with her vocals in an ongoing chorus towards the end of the song.

This album was pretty good and if you huge of the Ministry the wait is over. The Klown enjoyed this album but not much stood out beside the Motorhead cover. You can check this album at the label’s Bandcamp and hear some for yourself.

5 out of 6, You Can Still Get Blazed to This Album

You can totally blaze to this

Necromante Will Mystify You with Debut

The Klown recently stumbled upon this nugget and just felt intrigued to give it a listen and spread the word of their existence. Necromante is a black metal trio from the land of the Cavaleras and Samba have released their first studio LP The Magikal Presence of Occult Forces through Machado Fantasma Records in collaboration with Iron Bonehead Productions.

Anyway, the album starts off with Arquimedes “Arquimedes666” Araújo playing the transverse flute to make a rather ominous and suspenseful mood with “In the Wings of the Dark Mother (pt. 1) and it is immediately followed by “Secret Eye.” When the Klown first heard “Secret Eye,” he thought he may have been listening to an old, secret Sepultura song during their death metal phase.

“Nekrokosmic Pentagram” take it a bit further and feature some length and black metal reminiscent to that of an early Celtic Frost. The Klown really took a liking to “Occult Cult” not only did it bring speed into the mix but it really featured Macabro Oculto’s drumming and Gustavo “GC Reaper” Coveiro’s heavy bass for some foundation.

“A’arab Zaraq” in the opening play a bit of a tribute to the sounds of Black Sabbath and proceed to pick up the pace soon after. “Prelude to Movement” feature Arquimedes adding some acoustic guitar as a catalyst for the rest of the song and has the song pass over to “Baphomet Movement” which is best described as a blackened speed metal track.

The album is capped off with outro “Enuma Elish” which was a rather soothing, faded acoustic guitar play that felt like the perfect cherry on top. Although this band is a black metal band, they featured quite a bit of death metal influence most notably that of old Sepultura and Death. On that note, this album was still heavily ingrained with black metal influences and even featured a bit of a curveball like the addition of flutes and acoustic.

Nevertheless, the Klown enjoyed this album more than he thought and would incredibly recommend you listening to them if you like black metal and early death metal. If you are looking of the cassette of this release all you have to do is email Machado Fantasma Records. Otherwise, for the contemporaries, you can acquire it here.

6 out of 6, Ready for the Next Ritual

so kvlt they even made cassette tapes

Marylin Manson Will Give You a Dose of Industrial Heaven

If you were to bring up Marilyn Manson to casual fans, you’d expect a mixed reaction. To other metalheads who grew up around his music or have listened over the years, they’d probably say that he has lost his touch over the years. Whether you care to admit it or not, you knew you were looking forward to Manson’s tenth album Heaven Upside Down which was released through Loma Vista Recordings and Caroline International.

The album begins with some Industrial with “Revelation #12” and continues on in the same fashion with “Tattooed In Reverse” and “Je$u$ Cri$i$” which actually sounds like the Manson from  Antichrist Superstar.  “We Know Where You F’ing Live” and “Say10” has the bit of censorship from the Klown and felt like a revisit of Mechanical Animals sounds.

“Kill4Me” was rather unique and features Manson sporting electronic dance influences with some funk with the added bonus of it being a dark ballad. “Saturnalia” features more of a mellowed out Manson by keeping closely reminiscent to some songs to that of Portrait of an American Family.The album finishes the album with some more of a goth rock with both “Heaven Upside Down” and “Threats of Romance.” The latter  features Blues rock influences and has a nice but the brief guitar solo.

This album feels like a comeback for Manson and seems to have rediscovered his iconic sounds that most fans are akin to with some new influence. In a way, Manson reinvented himself through rediscovering some of his old material. The Klown would recommend this album if you fancy yourself a diehard Manson fan or actually enjoy industrial. You can get your copy here and hear for yourself what the Klown is writing about.

6 out of 6 Brian Warner has Done It!

Still as Satanic as Dumb Parents Think

August Burns Red Release a New Anthem for the Fans

The metalcore band known as August Burns Red has returned with their eighth installment titled Phantom Anthem through Fearless Records. The album starts off strong with “King Sorrow” which can be described as a plethora of rage and speed. It begins with muffled opening riffs from John Benjamin Brubaker and it is immediately accompanied by Jake Luhrs harsh vocals and the rest of the band which is later met by Brubaker’s solo.

“The Frost” features a lot of guitar play from Brubaker and Brett Rambler. “Lifeline” has Luhrs show more of an angry side than his preceding tracks and has Brubaker and Rambler’s guitar play even more as well as a solo from Brubaker. The same can also be said about “Invisible Enemy,” “Quake” and “Dangerous.”

ABR stick to metalcore with “Hero of the Half Truth,” “Coordinates” and “Generations.” The album ends with “Carbon Copy” which is nearly close to how it began with the difference being that it was more metalcore but somewhat aggressive with some sweet solos from Brubaker.

It has been awhile since the Klown has heard anything August Burns Red and he was a bit more impressed with this album than he originally anticipated. In fact, this feels like a good comeback for the band. Check this album about to either deny or take the Klown word on this. Either way, it’s just one opinion and can get here.

6 out of 6, Apparently Burns All the Way to October

Apparently, burning all the way to our Octobers

First Impressions: Sicarius and Vontrov

Honorable Mention: Sicarius

Sicarius dominating the stage earlier this year at the Helheim shot at the Brick By Brick.

Sicarius should be a familiar name especially if you keep up with Ugh Metal but if you don’t the Klown will fill you in. The band was founded by guitarist/vox Argyris. The cool part about Argyris is that that’s his actual name not just his stage name, his full name being Argyris Malliaros. In a journey that not a lot of people are known to do, Malliaros would do as the clown Prez has said, and grabbed life by the pussy by forming a band after serving 9 years of patriotic duty in the military.

“I had this strong desire to do something I wanted to do when I was 19 before I joined and that was to start a metal band. That includes playing guitar.” Malliaros said about the beginning stages of Sicarius. On that note, the founder would set the wheels in motion in 2013, after he bought, learned, and practiced guitar until he mastered it. During that point, Malliaros had composed a crude version of their track “Shadowalker” which is featured in their 2015 EP Scorch The Earth.

“Sicarius was kind of a journal that I could put all this hate and malice and fucked up shit into and have an outlet for it.” The founder described what Sicarius means to him. ”I think over the short time we’ve been together it has manifested into a sponge for others to put that kind of frustration and violence into and it has fed off of the fucked up shit we carry with us.”

Sicarius ditched their cloaks and busted out their daggers.
(L to R: Vocalist Kurt Karcass, drummer Brandon Zackey and guitarist Argyris)

Tinder for bands has yet to exist, so Malliaros pursued his mission to find his traveling dysfunctional family the old fashioned way. The first to be found was bassist Chad “Carnage” Carney 6 months after Malliaros bought his guitar. The nifty part of this encounter was that one thing united these gents fast, and that was their fondness for a legendary black metal band.

“Carnage walks in wearing an Emperor t-shirt. I have an Emperor tattoo so I’m like ‘dude!!!” Malliaros recounted the moment he met Carnage while working as a bouncer. “A week or so later a mutual friend knew I was trying to start something and needed a bassist and introduced me to Carnage, formally, which was rad.”

“The others wouldn’t come on board until the span of a year.” Malliaros would add in regards to the band’s development, “Especially Karcass [vocalist Kurt Anderson] and BZ [drummer Brandon Zackey], those guys came much later, but once we were a full band there was no fucking about.”

Vocalist Kurt Karcass and guitarist/founder Arygiris show no mercy!

The influences of this band are rather unique because Malliaros had a specific formula and goal in mind for the band. The Klown could describe Milliarios’s response as to what motivated the guitarist to make an act that creates shock and awe through actions and lyrics but why should the Klown spoil this moment? The man himself puts it best.

“I’ve always had a pretty odd fascination with assassins and that was what I wanted the theme to be very early on. ‘Sicarius’ is Latin for ‘dagger man’ and it just made sense after that.” Malliaros recalled. “We like the fact that we come out of nowhere, blow the doors off a venue and then everyone’s going like ‘who the fuck are you guys???’ The band is angry and hungry and we go all out every time.”

The Klown and his least jovial sibling can absolutely vouch for Malliaros words on that. If you haven’t already checked out our site prior to this, check out their performance reviews after. Now that the gratuitous and shameless self advertisement’s outta the way, it is time for the update.

Since this interview, Sicarius were courted and signed by the fast rising M-Theory Audio Records in August. Since their signing these gents announced their debut studio album Serenade of Slitting Throats which comes out on Oct. 13 (TODAY!), opened for Marduk in Los Angeles on August 18, headlined at the Viper Room on Oct.10, are slated to wreak havoc in Sin City’s The Dive Bar with 1349 on Nov.2, and will support Execration on Dec.16. at the 5 Star Bar in L.A.

Sicarius first blew our brains out at the Mictlantecuhtli show earlier this year at The Merrow.

“Sicarius will always represent the violence and ferocity of the world. Sicarius is rage, it’s war, it’s suffering, blood, filth, death, pornography, torture. This music is supposed to be furious and bad and offensive.” Malliaros said about his band and their upcoming debut LP. “It’s supposed to shock and awe and make people feel uncomfortable…Trust me, the upcoming debut is even more fire breathing in delivery, and the lyrics that myself and Karcass penned are very fucked up. But that’s the point!”

Stay tuned and be ready for it. Check out their bandcamp here and join the Serenade! Congratulations, boys!


The Klown had the serendipitous pleasure of being introduced to an EP at the SD Metal Swap Meet back in late April. Amidst the merch, artists and other paraphernalia, the Klown was approached by a local black metal upstart who goes by the name of Arevera.

Although the Klown knows Arevera’s actual name, the Klown will honor his request of keeping his actual name out. The solo artist’s journey was much like most musicians, and was involved in many other small bands from the span of 2005-2008. On 2007, however, his current solo act Vontrov was officially consecrated.

Arevera, the mastermind behind the solo band Vontrov, has a new brew of black metal.
(Photo courtesy of Vontrov‘s FB page)

“The inspiration for a one man black metal project I got from Xasthur. I figured if he could do it, so could I. I moved into solo recording back in 2007, and that ended up being my sole focus from there.” Arevera explained. “I honestly work better alone. Working with a band is a lot of fun, but keeping everyone on the same page is a pain in the ass.”

The band name Vontrov is rather unique and so are the inspirations and influences behind it. The concept of the name was pretty inimitable and converse. The Klown can describe it as an organization through disorganization.

“The name ‘Vontrov’ started as nothing more than a scramble of letters. Instead of looking for a meaning in a name, I started backwards with how the logo would look, and what would fit the profile.” Said Arevera about finding the right band name, “I did all of the name preparation in a very chaotic manor, and it gave itself meaning in the end; chaos creates.’”

In a genre not known for being tender and sensitive, Arevera’s influence and inspirations are a testament of what can happen when a revelation occurs in the unlikeliest way.

Arevera is as elusive as his solo band Vontrov
(Photo courtesy of Vontrov’s FB page)

“Luckily my fiancée is also a huge fan of black metal, and I get a lot of advice from her as a listener.” Arevera shared, “She’s my muse. My only fear is running out of ideas, but I have one more thing going for me as well.”

The Klown’s diabetes may have spiked a bit but that sentiment created the EP that the Klown was speaking of. The title of that EP is Zenith and the Klown was the ninth recipient because not only was he handing out 50 copies at the Metal Swap Meet, he also kept a tally. The kick ass parts about this EP were Arevera’s thoughts and compilations he went through in the writing process, which is not always a thing that a lot of artists enjoy sharing.

“When I first started writing 10 years ago, I was getting fucked up all the time, and that continued until almost a year and a half ago.” Arevera explicated, “I did a lot of writing during 2005-2015, all under another state of consciousness, and I still have all of the material.”

Although Arevera confessed to Ugh Metal that he was a bit disappointed with the quality sound of Zenith because of software issues he encountered and because, like any artist, Arevera is in the pursuit for perfection. The Klown’s sibling has already spoken about Vontrov’s latest EP Second Summoning  but stay tuned because Ugh Metal will talk about Zenith in the near future. If you want to beat Ugh Metal to the game, however, check out his Bandcamp and hear the fruits of his labor.

Speaking of which, Arevera also gave Ugh Metal a bit of news regarding the future of Vontrov. Since this interview, the solo artist announced the production of his debut full length album titled Through A Once Closed Passage and released the first single on his YouTube channel titled “Legion” in the summer.

Vontrov’s werkin hard to produce this baby, his debut full length album. TBA

“I feel like I have a much better handle on what I’m doing now, so I’m really excited to release my full length.” Arevara announced, “There’s no release date yet but 4 out of 10 songs are mostly completed, and all 10 songs are already written.”

The Klown believes that that’s 10 more reasons to lend Vontrov you ears and four more to really keep your eyes peeled for him. Most importantly, there’s no reason to avoid giving Vontrov a chance especially if black metal is your cup of tea.

The Trials of Oct. 6, 2017 (part1)

Lord of the Lost Takes Us To The Theater Again

Lord of the Lost traded in their industrial sound for a symphonic one in Swan Songs II via Napalm Records. The German rockers return with this follow up to their 2015 album Swan Songs with a bigger sense of adventure and wonder.

Lord of the Lost creates the perfect ode for all the anti heroes/heroines out there titled “The Broken Ones” and has a dramatic and cinematic intro that will grab your attention. You will feel sympathy for the devil after listening to the “The Devil You Know” which continues to play with the theme of being misunderstood, aren’t we all!?

“Ribcages” and “My Better Me” are not only a beautiful, hopeful and anguished songs that will hit your soft spot. “Wander In Sable” will serve as a great musical number when you are about to embark on an adventure of your lifetime to the taco shop. Though this album is not my cup of wine, this album is enjoyable, and serves as a great soundtrack to compliment your rainy days and your fan fic writing. Grab your best fancy shmancy suit and get your copy here.

3 out 6, Away we go!

The Black Dahlia Murder Will Swallow you Whole

The Black Dahlia Murder will slash and smash ya with their latest Nightbringers via Metal Blade Records. TBDM begin this new hellish ride with the ominous “Widowmaker,” which is just as brutal as any GoT episode, I KNOW YOU WATCH IT! So don’t even try to deny it! They stay on a roll in this bloody vengeance and though they slightly slow their pace down for the title track, it allows the nice little breakdown from Brandon Ellis to really simmer.

“Kings of the Nightworld” deserves to be the meaty center of this album not just ‘cause it has an awesome title but also because it’s an awesome and brutal song. Ellis takes the lead in that catchy intro before emptying itself out in to more death metal goodness. If you’re still not convinced, you gotta stick to the end and listen to the last track “The Lonely Deceased” which the J-Oh’ster is very certain is a tragic ode about her.

Travis Strnad is more relentless than ever and the rest of The Black Dahlia Murder is here to back him up fully. If you’re a TBDM lover, this is definitely for you as they still maintain their signature melodic death metal sound. Get your copy here and see how you feel about this latest travesty!

6 Out of 6, They are the night!



‘ The Atrocity Reports’ Will Have You Hooked

We fall into the void with Wheelfall as they crack open their latest album The Atrocity Reports via Apathia Records. The French industrial band solidifies their enigmatical presence with “The Way to Every Crime is Ours” and “Violence Is Seduction.” These tracks are perfect for your next escape mission. The calculated tempo from drummer Niko Giruad builds quite the anticipation and Fabien Furter’s vocals will put you on edge before those badass riffs lunge at you with the heightened instrumentals.

“Compulsions” lives up to its name and you will feel its faint volatility bubble beneath that thin veil of self control. The struggle is real man! Another song that will get your blood pumping is “Impenitent,” a track where Wheelfall let us have it! Giruad takes the lead in “There Is No You” piques your interest and makes you wonder what’s gonna happen next?! Right before you get catapulted in to the distorted wormhole known as “Control” and “Black Bile” where Furter greets you with clean and pained vocals.

The final song “Lost Cause” has Furter lay some of his deep vocals giving a hint of death rock elements to this song. Furter’s anguish and anger will continue to strike you down. The Atrocity Files is the Lynchian side of The X-Files and is a case worth taking. Check out their stuff and get your copy here.

6 out 6, Sign me up, Scotty!

Baldrs Draumar Show US The Tamer Side Of Viking Life

 Bust out your drinking horns and gather around the fire! ‘Cause we’re about to have a good time with Viking metallers Baldrs Draumar and their third independent LP . These warriors are determined to show you a great time with their jolly first track “Hymirs tsjettel” aren’t you glad I asked you to bust out your drinking horn in the beginning?

Viking life wasn’t all about pillaging and conquering, and sometimes they just wanna express themselves after a long day. Baldrs Draumar show their softer side in “Hadagrims ferttriet” before picking things up with “Deät Lun,” “Tsjoch op” which have a catchy chorus. That’s right, you will be singing along to these even if you don’t speak any Frisian.

Baldrs Draumar’s latest is a hell of a lot more tame and teaming with feelings, the opposite of their previous release Aldgillissoan. Fan Fryslans Ferline serves as a sweet homecoming after a long battle. Baldrs Draumar just wanna sit next to you by the fire and sing beautiful songs in their native tongue. There is a lot wonderful instrumental pieces from Baldrs Draumar and will leave you satisfied even if wasn’t quite what you were expecting. Check out their album here and once you’re wooed get the album here.

5 out 6, They’re happy to be home


The Trials of September 29, 2017 (Part 2)

Honorable Mention

Black Stone Cherry Release a Buffer for the Blues

The hard rock band known as Black Stone Cherry has released a brand new EP titled Black to Blue through Mascot Records. Before the Klown continues he shall note that he will not rate this album. The Klown is aware that there are metalheads who have this band as a guilty pleasure. Much like the reason that the Klown didn’t rate the current Motorhead album, this album is a compilation album.

Unlike most hard rock and metal albums, BSC decided to cover the blues. This six-track EP covers four of the Chicago Blues legends and give it a hard rock twist in one album. For those who are wondering who those legends are Howlin’ Wolf, Albert King, Freddy King and Muddy Waters. Check it out and get your copy here.

Transyuggoth Debut Their First Ritual

Team Klown has done it again! He found a new independent act in the form of the Norwegian quartet known as Transyuggoth. This Norwegian independent in true black metal fashion has released their first album 3rd Deich as a cassette. If you were an 80’s and 90’s kid or have checked out some commemorative re-releases then that relic should be familiar. #shitwereold.

The debut starts off with “Drive Me Into Oblivion” which, right off the bat, will have you experiencing some raw black metal like the type you would experience at a live show. Frontman Eirick Seeberg will have you descend into madness with screaming vocals that are further enhanced with the use of the autotune for the reverberant, echo effects.

The cassette gets a little more interesting when Seeberg decides to unleash his inner wolf with “Eraser” by howling like a wolf in between the lyrics. Brings in the spirit of the banshee and ghosts with “You Shall Know Me” and “The Universe” which the Klown shall note had some doom metal influences in it. The latter really featured Torgeir Berg’s bass and Seeberg having a bit of spoken-word for a chorus. The cassette caps off strongly with the “Natteskrekk Og Undre” which only picks ups the pace but also had Fredrik Falk’s erratic guitar play from beginning to end.

Although this album was rather enjoyable, not much stood out. However, the Klown keeps in mind that this is still their first album and you can’t win ’em on the first try. This debutant may have been released in cassette but fret not peeps they are also on an up-to-date format as well. The band has this available, digitally, on Bandcamp. Keep an eye open on these gents they may yet still surprise us.

3 out of 6, This was Raw. This was Real!

36 Crazyfists Light Up their Return

The Alaskan quartet known as 36 Crazyfists have returned after a 2-year hiatus. Their seventh installment Lanterns has officially been released through Spinefarm Records and brings back a bit of their brand of metalcore. The album kicks off with “Death Eater” which can be described as a song that was rather ear-friendly and featured more of a hard rock element. Brock Lindow’s vocals, although not really too harsh, were melodic and infectious.

The same can be said about “Sleepsick.” The band really shines melodically in “Wars To Walk Away From” and “Bandage for Promise” which the Klown wouldn’t be surprised if the song ends up playing on public access radio someday (sorry, Sirius XM you can’t have all the fun!).

The band really features pure metalcore with “Better to Burn,”“Below The Grave” and “Old Gold” are just but a few that will appease that craving. The band sings one for the ladies and the gentle bros who want a bit of oomph with their ballad in “Sea and Smoke.” But if you’re really craving an actual ballad, the 36 has you covered with “Where Revenge Ends.”

The 36 cap off their albums with “Dark Corners” which was not only  a slow dark ballad but felt like a fit ending for the album. This was rather enjoyable and wasn’t what the Klown was expecting. The Klown still isn’t much of a fan of the 36C but can respect a band that produced a mature album. Most importantly keep an ear open because this album seemed to have been made radio friendly. You can get your copy of the album here.

5 out of 6, Jackie Chan Still Approves

Act Of Defiance Return to Cause More Damage

The metal supergroup known as Act Of Defiance has returned with their awaited sophomore album. Their latest installment Old Scars, New Wounds has been released through Metal Blade Records and it is a must-listen. The album begins with “M.I.A.” which opens with Chris Broderick’s legendary riffs and quickly followed up by Shawn Drover’s killer drumming.

Those names should sound familiar especially if you are a Megadeth fan. The song is followed up with “Molten Core” and really features some aggressive harsh vocals from Henry Derek and a sweet solo from Broderick. Derek should also be familiar to you if you have kept up with us in the past  and if you used to keep up with him in his Thrown Into Exile days.

Speaking of which, the Act ventures into metalcore territory similar to Thrown Into Exile with “Overexposure” and has Broderick accompanying Derek vocally. “Reborn,”“Conspiracy of the Gods” and “Another Killing Spree” feature an aggressive take with some growling vocal action and a very awesome guitar solo from Broderick. The album caps off just how it began with “Rise of Rebellion” but more aggressive in terms of vocals and instrumentals and featured more of Broderick’s solos.

This album was pretty enjoyable and will definitely pique your interest into a much more serious version of metalcore. For Megadeth fans, it definitely shows a new side of Broderick and Drover for those who couldn’t picture them doing something other than thrash. You can check this album out here and hear what the Klown just wrote about.

5 out of 6, Defies Metal Norms

Kadavar Will Mellow Out Your Roughest of Times

The German stoner/psychedelic trio has returned with their 4th album Rough Times. Ever since Nuclear Blast Records has been featuring these gents in adverts, the Klown had to check what all the noise was about. The album begins with “Rough Times” which starts off real heavy with Simon “Dragon” Bouteloup’s heavy, distorted bass and continues this trip with a bit of recorder flute and sax in the mix and Christoph “Lupus” Lindemann’s mesmerizing fading vocals.

Boutelop’s bass once again takes the helm and takes you on a detour away from Mars with “Into the Wormhole.” Lindemann then returns to the spotlight but this time with his guitar for “Skeleton Blues” and will take you back to a time where Jimmy Hendrix reigned supreme.

Kadavar continue to dish out the psychedelic sounds of the 70’s hard rock style with  “Vampires”and features a really cool guitar solo from Lindemann. The trio will continue to trip you out with “Tribulation Nation” as they add some sci fi style effects to their psychedelic hard rock brand, and is very melodic, and features some backup chorus work from Bouteloup. The trio takes a page from the Beatles with “You Found the Best In Me” and try to sound similar to The Beatles in terms of style and harmony.

The album finishes this trip with another tame track that features new age elements and French with “A L’ombre Du Temps,” and has Lindemann doing more of a spoken word chant that was atmospheric and experimental. This album was a bit of a curveball in term that the Klown didn’t know what to expect outta this installment. Despite that it was rather enjoyable, it was not the Klown’s stein of beer. Naysayers and fans can acquire this album here and enjoy till their hearts content.

5 out of 6 It was Still Far Out, Man

Inquisition Indoctrinates San Diego

Inquisition sanctified us with their legendary black metal.

Inquisition reached our shores and marched straight to the Brick By Brick on Sept.2. Not a single dog fearing person was in sight ‘cause we’re San Diego and we love our doggies, but instead the black metal icons found a dog loving horde eager to hear their dark hymns. But before Inquisition ascended to their rightful place, they let their black metal armada take the reins.

Jenny Oh: This Inquisition didn’t bring death and destruction, just booze and a good time! We were sweating like sinners in church…but because it was a hot ass and super humid Saturday night. Mexicali death metallers Tombstoners brought some more heat while stepping in at the last minute.

Chuggo the Klown: You? Church? JOh-kah, please! Speaking of heat, Tombstoners performance can be best described as a flint being struck to spark a flame. Although the Klown is not sure if Impure Consecration was suppose to perform that night or not, the Mexicali duo did a good job filling in!

Tombstoners brought some more heat with their brand of black metal.

J: Hell yeah they did! Tombstoners showed us the brutality Baja Cali has to offer. Though this duo is, well, a duo they definitely played with the energy of an octet. Quality over quantity! Vocalist Alex Venegas’s elusive presence was only heightened by his thick growls and his flickering medusa locks. Thank goodness they had a handy dandy fan onstage, did I mention that day was hotter and a lot more humid than Satan’s asshole?

C: Uh… yeah. The dynamic duo performed admirably and really began to set the tone for all the things to come. Their brand of metal and presentation was rather mystifying and ambient in the Brick. You guys should totally check out their bandcamp here and see what we’re talking about!

J: Speaking of ambient, deep from within the smoggy urban highlands of LA rose Highland! These guys presented their brand of traditional black metal that was proudly made in SoCal ‘cause ‘MERICUH!  Kudos to frontman Gevork Matevosyan for not only beating Reagan from The Exorcist in the extreme eye rolling competition but for also being brave and/or cray enough to be completely covered. Did I mention it was a hot ass and ultra humid day that day?! #neverforget

Frontman of Highland and eye rolling champ Gevork Matevosyan , ladies and gents.

C: The Klown knew he was basting in his juices but not as much as those guys. The drummer Michael Semerdijan wasn’t covered but definitely met your exaggerated claim. But the moment the Klown saw Matevosyan’s possessed-crazy eyes, he knew that everyone present was really going to experience some kind of awesomeness.

J: Exaggerated?! That heat was nothing to you Klown since you are a sad and inebriated demon from hell but for us mortals, it was unbearable! Though Semerdijian was melting, he didn’t let the overheated environment deter his speed and focus. When one wasn’t silently comforting Semerdijian, we were hypnotoad’d by Matevosyan’s facial expressions and the whites from his eyes. The vocalist certainly didn’t let his juices affect his presence and showmanship.

C: Indeed, the band didn’t need to conceal themselves behind any extra special effects or props. Highland not only put themselves out there but they kept the spirit of black metal and “occultism” alive. Even though Matevosyan remained stationary and left everyone in a trance, guitarist Narek Avetisian also showed off with his riffs and motions on stage.

Highland collectively flipped off our humidity and heat! Did Jenny Oh mention it was hot AF that day?!

J: We understood why Highland is one of the fastest rising black metal acts in SoCal. Seeing these guys is a must, especially Matevosyan and his expressive face. Hearing these guys will appease the black metal demons and the trve in you. Listen to their album here!

C: After a mystical trip from the terrains by Mount Ararat, we took a trip to Guatemala and went back in time to honor the Mesoamerican Mayan roots with Volahn. No ritualistic sacrifices required… this time anyway.

J: But headbanging was! Vocalist Eduardo Ramirez was as elusive as the Mayans civilization. Though Ramirez wasn’t out there, his presence was more than enough to intrigue anyone.

Volahn would please the Mayan gods!

C: The Klown supposes you might be onto something. Volahn, in the way of a Mayan ceremonial rite, added more mysticism to their already numinous tone and setting. They also threw Spanish in to the mix for some added measure.

J: Raza! Volahn brought a new and refreshing concept. They showed any nay-sayers some brutality… like the Mayans! They were cool. Much like the hype of the Mayan calendar, Volahn’s reign ended. They left us in a state of astonishment.

C: The Klown is astonished with your lack of tribal knowledge. But onto a much talked about band known to the plebeians as the “Mgla knockoff” even though he has yet to see what was truly imitated.

Uada crept out of the Oregon woods and into our hell hole of a city.

J: Trick statement, Klown. The plebes don’t even know who Mgla is! Uada are different than Mgla and both of these bands have a style of their own and are great. Of course they may sound similar to the untrained ear and to the sheep. I love these two bands and it be pretty bitchin’ if they toured the states together and come here to our humble beach city! *Daydreams*

C: Add Midnight in to the mix and we got ourselves a hooded black metal X-mas! But enough of our wishlist, we are here to talk about Uada and their hooded glory shrouded in darkness.

J: I was very excited to see Uada and they did not disappoint. This American quartet came out of the Oregon woods and into the Brick By Brick like hooded specters.

Vocalist/guitarist Jake Superchi and bassist Robb Bockman cast their black metal magick.

C: Move over Aokigahara Forest! The Oregon forestry just beat you in spewing out dark apparitions, with the difference being that they don’t creep the Klown out or entice him to kill himself. These dark figures from the Northwest proved that less can be a shit ton more!

J: The relatively dimly lit stage pleased the pit, the drunkards and the fans especially once hooded guitar player #1 (James Sloan) started playing the opening riffs to “Devoid Of Light” and Jake Superchi let out his harsh screaming vocals.

C: Right, you are sis. The Klown will point out that, in an ironic twist, they had plenty of lighting in the background and had our undivided attention towards them. The Klown has only one thing to say about that: Genius!

J: Lights or no lights, Uada didn’t need to try hard to get everyone’s attention. Every time Superchi got a little closer to fans, they clawed the foggy, warm and musty Brick by Brick air to get closer. Superchi towered over spectators and silently praised with enthusiasm by flashing his horns.

All hails Superchi and Uada!

C: Lest the Klown forget the ominous sounds of the closing song “Black Autumn, White Spring.” Some people, totally, came out looking possessed but not as much as Trevor Matthews’ double kick. Those bass drums sounded like a rapid heartbeat which the Klown is sure was what the moshers had going for them.

J: Less was more with Uada. What an unforgettable performance. After they retreated back into the darkness, it was time to cleanse and feed our need…

C:  Question! Are we going to talk about Inquisition, yet?

J:  *Slaps red nose off of the Klown* That was my moment! Thanks for stealing my moment, Klown! But yes.

Inquisition time!

C: You took too long in bringing them up, Muy-quemada!

J: I am an artiste! One cannot simply rush and artiste! Anyway you uncultured swine, though I was a little sad they did not take us on the “Wings of Anu” this time around, they began their reign of savagery appropriately with “From Chaos They Came.” The pit, she was alive and pleased.

C: The pit, she was to die for! *Perv face activated while evilly laughing* It was just like with Randy “Macho Man” Savage, they were kings and just like any king, they took “Command of the Dark Crown.”

J: The only thing Macho Man took command of was that nasty coke habit among other things but this ain’t about him.

C: Yes, they better be glad Hulk Hogan wasn’t there, otherwise we would have been “Embraced By the Unholy Powers of Death and Destruction.”

J: What, are we dabbling into our current political climate now?

C: Just a bit. I had to give a shout out to a fellow clown. One of us has to take the “Astral Path of Supreme Majesties,” the Klown is really talking about Pennywise. The Klown must beat Donny! I am Pennywise’s sole servant! Praise IT!

J: Okay well you’ve clearly had too many expired Paletas Payaso and seen too much of It. Enough about your sad life and more on the boys from Cali! Drummer Incubus’s stamina would put a seasoned triathlon to shame!

Incubus of Inquisition put to shame any seasoned triathlon .

C: El Pallaso would like to state that although, for “metal standards,” they do less it goes back to the argument less is far more. No fancy gimmicks, no fire balls, no sacrificial offerings, none of that. Dagon and Incubus’s presence and talents are the main focal point and attraction.

J: Whoa Klown, didn’t think you’d spew out your alter ego to the Mexican authorities like that! Didn’t know you had it in you! I gotta mention Dagon’s hair, not just because it’s beautiful but also because it escalated his subtle but grandiose presence. Dagon’s guitar plucking and Incubus’s rapid drum pounding was a spectacle. We were all lucky to be at Brick to witness these guys, but we were lucky to see them for the second time this year.


Presented By Jenny Oh and Chuggo the Klown