Superjoint Puts on a Lit After Party

Superjoint kick off the San Diego Metal Swap Meet After Party!
(L to R: Guitarist Jimmy Bower, vocalist Phil Anselmo, unimpressed security dude, bassist Stephen Taylor, and guitarist Kevin Bond)

If you don’t keep up with any form of social media or Ugh Metal, April 29 was a very busy but fun day. First a pre party was held at the Soda Bar featuring Ugh Metal alumni Sergulath a day prior. Sadly, the evils of adulthood got in the way and Ugh Metal couldn’t attend. The day after ( April 29), the eighth annual San Diego Metal Swap Meet took place in Downtown San Diego at the Quartyard and featured legendary power metal band Jag Panzer (stay tuned) as a performing act, both official and unofficial meet and greets, and of course great vendors and consumptions.

Lastly, the after party which took place later that night after the Metal Swap Meet at Ugh Metal’s home away from home, Brick by Brick. The night featured both locals, and known acts who were miles away from home, and the guests of honor Phil Anselmo and the rest of Superjoint. This whole thing was so yuuuuuuuge, the Klown had to call in some assistance for the show.

Jenny Oh: By assistance you mean me, right? Of course, I’m always here to save the day and clean up your mess.

Chuggo: Don’t get too full of yourself! The Klown called an actual assistant to the mix… a friend!

J: Oh… you mean the slave in training, Jason? Oh yeah… I guess.

C: Right… anyway the night started off with the local quintet known as Sight Unscene which the Klown can say that is the metalcore of the Killswitch variety.

J: I did feel like I was a teenager again listening to them.

C: Emo and cheap make up of the Hot Topic variety?

J: No, you dumbass. Angsty and no makeup! I refused to conform and I was making a statement…I was also too broke for makeup.

Sight Unscene stirs all sorts of emotions and the get us ’cause no one gets us!
(L to R: Guitarist Mike Halsdorff, Vocalist Anthony Dedrick, bassist William Buckwalter, guitarist Tony Lamarra)

C: I guess some things never change. But yes, the Klown can agree in the sense that it felt like a time in which metalcore was at its zenith.

J: It may not have been my cup of tea, now as an adult, but it is a nice band to listen to on a chill day and if you want to reminisce about your high school days. I will drown out my reemerging high school angst with Anthony Dedrick’s voice!

C: They get me. *chugs down a 40* They ended their time in the after party with a very feel good song with “Wait to Breathe.” Dedrick’s vocals along with the killer guitar riffs and solos left a balance between craze and appeasement amongst the already excited crowd.

J: The crowd was so excited that they disturbed the hive and brought forth Beekeeper.

C: Yes, the Klown was looking forward for some honey in the form of their brand of metal since the last time we saw them at the Brick. This time though the queen bee known as Ally Levine not only cranked the power to 11 but had a commanding presence to her. Not to discredit bassist Adam Wollach and drummer Dylan Marks.

J: They managed to do what not many openers can do, start a pit on the first song!

C: Damn straight! The Klown believes that Beekeeper may have been inspired by his former volatile roommate or the circus the Klown should have joined in the first place, “Vargas.”

Beekeeper made us into rabid metal junkies!
(L to R: Vocalist/KWEEN Ally Levine, drummer Dylan Marks and bassist Adam Wollach)

J: Not everything is about you, Chuggo or your string of failures. This “Vargas” was anything but failure! They poured sugar on us ofr sure. Levine made us believe with “Fictitious” which not only kept the crowd alive but it’s riff kept buzzing in our ears.

C: The pit that these trio had going looked like a swarm of angry bees protecting the queen from possible danger. The Klown would also like to point out that our non metalhead intern, Jason, became an instant fan by this time.

J: I was surprised the slave… I mean intern in training, really dug them considering it’s not the type of honey he puts in his tea. Even he couldn’t resist KWEEN Ally’s ferocious campaign who continued to shine with those riffs and interchanging vocals. Disney’s got nothing on her voice which has the ability of taking you deep into the scary forest and quickly bring you back to the beautiful castle.

C: That was beautiful, man. But now venturing out of Disney territory, Levine took us to the world of Dragonball Z and invoked the spirit of “Vegeta” which left the performance with a power of over 9000! The Klown also enjoyed Wollach’s performance as he rocked out with his bass and played like the late great Cliff Burton of Metallica.

KWEEN Ally Levine from Beekeeper stirs the hive with her growls and high notes and killer riffs

J: Too bad they shut off Beekeeper’s supply of honey prematurely, we were all screaming like a bunch of rabid junkies. But alas, it had to be done. Beekeeper may have blown off the roof of the Brick but Child Bite glued it back together… just not back in its place.

C: Yeah… Dylan Walker’s (Full of Hell vocalist) volatile father took the stage proving that he could throw a tantrum like a child on a sugar high.

J: Who dafuq…? Oh! You mean Trevor from GTA 5? It was great to see that he found a creative outlet and that the meds were kicking in. I do miss fucking shit up with him in Los Santos though.

C: Right you are! The best part was that they played the Klown and Ugh Metal’s theme song!

J: Ah yes, the song we recite, especially, right before a family gathering, “Still Fucked Up After All These Years.”

C: A timeless classic, it’s right up there with “Belle.”

Ever wonder how it would be like if Trevor from GTA V found a creative outlet for his outlet? Look no further!
(L to R: Bassist Sean Clancy, vocalist/contortionist Shawn Knight and drummer Jeff Kraus)

J: The Beauty and The Beast song? I… I think you may have inhaled too many Superjoint fumes already, Chuggo. Way to commit yet another “Molestation of the Arts,” Klown! Anyway, Trevor…Oh right I mean the vocalist Shawn Knight was bouncing off the walls and showing off his contortionist skills. Also how could I forget Knight playfully getting in my face and asked “What are you looking at?” My defense mechanism kicked in and stuck my tongue out at him. I can totally be a bodyguard! *Flexes*

C: Ah yeah, it was pretty entertaining and a unique experience but then we went off to battle!

J: We were starving for blood so Battlecross delivered a meal with “Force Fed Lies”

C: Indeed. Although they fed us they still said that they’re “Not Your Slave.”

J: Kyle Gunther was fun and seemed very happy to be there especially after seeing the selection of hot girls with ugly guys, according to him. This, according to him, may or may not motivate him to be a San Diego resident soon.

C: Yeah he said he has hope for himself. Either way Battlecross’s performance was “Beast!”

Battlecross serenaded to hot girls and dudes alike in this grand celebration.
(L to R: Guitarist Tony Asta, vocalist: Kyle Gunther, bassist Don Slater and guitarist Hiran Deraniyagala)

J: Kyle Gunther was figuratively the embodiment of “Flesh & Bone” because he gave that song some oomph. He may not have yet won the hot San Diegan girl he hopes to find but he won our respect dammit! ‘Cause he’s a strong, independent front man that don’t need no woman!

C: ….. Umm, Okay…Gunther’s performance didn’t just end with the set, he continued it by convincing everyone to crowd surf him to his merch stand. At first everyone was thrown off until he really dove in!

J: AND AWAY HE WENT! *Cues this anthem* Great set by these guys and they delivered. The quest we had with Battlecross was great and all but after a long hot day, we just had to wind down. So it was time to sit back, relax, drink and take a hit of Superjoint.

C: More like several, ‘cause it’s legal now. We burned something alright, but not what we were supposed to burn in the first place.

J: That’s right Phil Anselmo started “Burning the Blanket” but don’t worry, no actual blankets were sacrificed in this performance.

C: He blazed through his performance to the already lit show, or whatever the kids are saying these days. But he took it down a notch with “Ruin You.”

Phil Anselmo singing the Ugh Metal staff anthem “Asshole”
(L to R: Vocalist Phil Anselmo, bassist Stephen Taylor and guitarist Kevin Bond)

J: Hmm, that’s tame for you huh? Makes sense considering our ear drums weren’t ruptured, ‘twas a chill show I guess.

C: ‘Twas indeed. Then he dedicated one towards the Klown! Even though he “dedicated” the song to himself.

J: “Asshole,” Ah yes. I totally saw him looking at you before I nudged you so we wouldn’t make eye contact with him. We are not worthy! But you know what I think he totally dedicated another song to you, Chuggo.

C: Again, the Klown is NOT an alcoholic. He is “The Alcoholik” and even then he does not have a problem, other than why is his beer mug empty?!

J:  Anselmo added a dash of darkness in this audible trip with “Ozena” but quickly bounced back to festivity mode by inviting Sean Knight back on stage. Together they performed “It Takes Guts” and added more intensity with Anselmo’s fierceness and Knight’s hyperactive contortions. Good shit!

C: Knight was as good as any cocktail, a Molotov that is! It was nice though when Phil would slightly toned it down by sharing some of his personal anecdotes especially when he recalled the time he met Brian May from Queen in 1991.

Child Bite frontman Shawn Knight and Phil Anselmo tell us why “It Takes Guts”

J: The shock in Phil’s face when he realized he met May in 1991! That had to be his best and funniest story especially when he thought May was a delusion caused by the fever he had at the time. The shock factor didn’t stop there especially when May was surprised that Phil knew  who he was by naming prolific Queen songs. After that anecdote, it led Phil, Shawn and fans to sing the first verse of “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

 C: The Klown was amongst that group. It was fun to let it all out, I worked out those pipes. A shocking twist would occur towards the end of his stories. Phil was very transparent about a band’s concept of an encore and made it clear he wasn’t going to leave the stage because he knew they were going to come back anyway. But most importantly, his final message was feel good and spoke louder than the show itself.

J: Phil’s message was “be kind and respect everyone because all we have is each other” and added to be kind and respect yourself. The string of messages the iconic vocalist shared throughout the night, weighed heavier than Chuggo’s keg. Anselmo’s words were filled with more wisdom than the Klown’s drunken rants considering everything Anselmo has been through and done. Amidst the metal, the surmountable amount of people, and the good time Superjoint provided, it became a show seething with intimacy. Anselmo became a self professed cautionary tale seeking atonement who is on a mission to inspire both fresh and seasoned metalheads.


Werk it Phil!


The Hatchet Job: May 16-19

Editor’s Note: It’s so easy to be absorbed by the stigma and the shame society ingrains into people’s minds regarding mental health and its emotional counterparts. It’s also very easy to condemn those that have succumbed to their silent battles rather than to have empathy, learn from it, and create a safety net for others. But please, always remember that regardless of who you are and what you do for a living, what your musical preference is, your gender, your religious believes, or what your sexual preference is, your life matters. You matter. End of story.

We are all human with complex emotions and minds and there is no shame in that. Above all, we are irreplaceable. If you or someone you know needs a life line, don’t be afraid to reach out for it and get the help you need.

May 16

Oregon Venue Axes Shining Show, Vocalist Competes With Bobby Liebling In The Scumbag Olympics!

Not long ago we talked about how the Crypt Keeper who happens to be the vocalist of Pentagram and goes by the stage name of Bobby Liebling, pregamed for mother’s day by assaulting his octogenarian mother. Now Liebling faces a new and promising competitor that threatens his gold medal status in the scumbag Olympics. Who can this be?! Well it’s none other than the batshit crazy eccentric frontman of Shining Niklas Kvarforth!

You’re probably wondering just how he’s a threat to Liebling, especially since Bobby has an impressive résumé. Well Kvarforth joined the games when Tonic Lounge in Portland axed their May 17 show after he left quite the impression at The Shredder in Idaho on May 14. According to Toilet Ov Hell, the vocalist was not only accused of drugging a woman’s drink and threatening audience members, but he is also caught on the security camera outside of the venue making a gesture resembling the Nazi salute while attempting to attack an attendee.

“After booking them, it was brought to our attention that Shining’s singer has done and said many things that could be considered offensive, dangerous, or destructive.” Said Tonic Lounge on a now deleted statement on Facebook justifying their decision. “We were also told that later, while performing at The Shredder, he used many blatant racist and homophobic slurs on stage, threatened audience members with rape, slapped audience members in the face, and was sieg heil saluting repeatedly throughout their performance.”

Though the Ugh Metal team has seen Kvarforth in action before, and it was interesting to say the least, it was family friendly compared to the show at The Shredder and definitely this one. For those that have been to a Shining show will confirm that Niklas is a little screwy. Other venues didn’t seem to mind and Shining is on course to wrap up their tour with Wolvhammer and Revenge at the Rail Club on May 24. Check out Tonic Lounge’s full statement here and read all the dirty details and while you’re at it, check out the infamous video and you be the judge. After all of that, get your score cards ready! Who deserves the gold medal the most? Team Liebling or Team Kvarforth?

May 17

Time Do Things ‘The Ski Mask Way’

Ever wonder how GTA would be with a little bit of Body Count? Well, wonder no more and Body Count does just that in their latest music video for “The Ski Mask Way.” Minus the boring characters and the hookers *sigh.* This get-rich-quick anthem is featured in their latest album Bloodlust which is now out via Century Media Records. If you this song does not convince you to add this album to your collection, perhaps the Klown can persuade you.

May 18

Farewell, Mr. Cornell

One of the forefathers of grunge and vocalist of Soundgarden and Audioslave, Chris Cornell, has passed away at age 52. News of this tragedy broke in the early hours of May 18 after the vocalist’s bodyguard Martin Kirsten found him unresponsive on the bathroom floor of his hotel room at the MGM Grand Hotel Detroit. Later in the day, a medical examiner confirmed the rumor that Cornell took his own life by hanging himself making this already unfortunate incident more heartbreaking.

Cornell performed with Soundgarden earlier in the night at Detroit’s Fox Theater and was slated to headline at Pointfest in Missouri which has been cancelled, and Rock on The Range in Ohio which will still run accordingly. Several fan videos of Cornell’s last performance is going viral creating a bittersweet effect on fans offering a last glimpse of this great artist in action. Cornell leaves behind three children and his wife and an amazing musical legacy.

Our deepest condolences to Chris Cornell’s family, friends and bandmates. And to you Mr.Cornell, thank you for everything you gave to the world and for serving as a beacon for all the angsty youths. May your music offer a light at the end of the tunnel to someone that is stuck in their darkest hour.

Carach Angren Reign With ‘Blood Queen’

Melodic death metallers Carach Angren bring a visually haunting tale to life with their latest lyric video for “Blood Queen.” All that she wants is to have a behbeh, dammit! Either way, this is a bloody good ride that Guillermo del Toro would be proud and I’m sure Dario Argento would love that opening sequence. Check it out and get ready to Dance and Laugh Amongst the Rotten which will be released on June 16 via Seasons of Mist Records.

May 19

Decrepit Birth Release New Song From Upcoming Album

California technical death metallers Decrepit Birth released a fancy 360° video for their latest single “Epigenetic Triplicity.” The time off has not wavered the quartet’s brutality to table and will be releasing their first album in seven years on July July 21 titled Axis Mundi via Nuclear Blast Records. Take this video for a spin and don’t be a wiener and pre-order Axis Mundi now especially ‘cause this track will have you feeling all sorts of things.

Iced Earth Enlist On The “Great Heathen Army”

The white walkers may have the army of the undead but power metallers Iced Earth have the “Great Heathen Army” on their side. The lyric video showcases great artwork to accompany this battle song will surely please inhabitants of Valhalla and Hel. Be sure to preorder their June 16 album Incorruptible which will commence its raid through Century Media.  

The Trials of May 12

Opus Diaboli Unleash the Devil’s Work

The Uruguayan quartet known as Opus Diaboli have released their debut album Black Light of Destruction through Satanath Records. Allow the Klown to start by saying that these guys invoke the spirit of black metal in its humblest beginnings. “Ilmarinen” and “Hymn of Ragnarok” are a great example of that description. The track itself features sounds of Bathory when Tomas “Quorthon” Forsberg began to incorporate some folk like influences to his brand of black metal which is best heard in “Hymn of Ragnarok.” From there on, the album mostly features sounds near identical to that of an earlier Darkthrone, Mayhem and Emperor. Most prominently “Glory In Steel,” “Luciferian Black Light,” “In Flames” and the Disneyesque title of “Better to be a Mortal than a Crucified Whore.” One of the Klown’s favorites in this album happened to be “Rivers of Blood” not only did it bring some intensity in the form of drumming and some guitar riffs. Front man/ guitarist Lord Wolf Alexander sounded like a younger Atila Csihar of Mayhem if he had added more ghost-like screeching to his vocalization. For die hard black metal enthusiasts and if you fancy yourselves kvlt, the Klown definitely recommends this album. If you need some convincing, you can check their bandcamp to hear it for yourself.

5 out of 6, No Rituals or Sacrifices Necessary

Amentia Returns with Third Anticipated Album

Alex Goron, who is the bassist of Posthumous Blasphemer, has returned with his side project Amentia and a follow up to the 2015 Mind Degradation EP. The Belarusian quartet has released Scourge under Satanath Records and right from the beginning, Amentia shall take you on a brutal death metal ride with “Kill Me.” Valery Toothgrinder and Dmitry Zubov’s harsh and screaming vocals highlight the song’s brutality by accompanying one another, not disregarding Goron’s bass plucking talents which emphasize the foundation of the song, and guitarist Artyom Serdyuk’s killer guitar riffs. Although not identical to “Kill Me,” “Slow Decay” and “Sentence Executioner” give you a near pure dose of brutal death metal. “Anorexia” on the other hand is much like “Kill Me” but with Goron and Serdyuk really showcasing their talents emphasizing the technical brand. “Paranoia” caps off this latest release just like it began but more aggressive, heavier on the drums and on the technical aspect and features two awesome guitar solos courtesy of Serdyuk himself. The Klown highly recommends that you lend this album your ears especially if you fancy yourself a death metal aficionado. Fan of Artificial Brain, Kronos and Dying Fetus will love this. Lastly, you can check out this album on the band’s bandcamp and judge for yourself.

6 out of 6, This Album will Reward Your Death Metal Crave 

Pure Brings Forth its Fourth Release

The one man band called Pure has returned with their latest J’aurais dû (I Should Have) and has been distributed through Symbol of Domination Productions. The black metal Swiss army knife at the helm, Sergio “Ormenos” Moplat, treats your ears to raw black metal that can be synonymous to the sounds of the underground. “Anonyme et San Visage” (Anonymous and Faceless) treats you to such sounds but it’s also borderline ambient with the sounds the guitar riffs emanate. However, the song intended for the ladies “Je Tuerais le Monde pour ta Lumière” (I Would Kill the World for your Light) features a plethora of instruments and intensity which takes over a good chunk of the track towards the end. “The chunk” the Klown speaks of contains a slow paced, ambient electric guitar sounds with faint drumming before transitioning back to the same intensity featured in the beginning. “Le Silence Mortel” (The Deadly Silence), “Le Jour où Je Suis Mort” (The Day I Died) and “J’aurais dû” will make you nostalgic and set up the banner of raw black metal that this Swiss is representing. It was a pretty good album to listen to especially if you fancy yourself old school or a black metal faithful. Check this album on the label’s bandcamp.

5 out of 6, ‘Cuz You Old School!

Wormwitch ‘Strike’ With Their Debut

The Canadian black metal trio known as Wormwitch has released their debut studio album Strike Mortal Soil through Prosthetic Records. “Howling From the Grave,” “Relentless Death” and “Mantle of Ignorance” give you some black metal likened to the style of the known Swedish wolves in Watain in terms of intensity, instrumentals, composition and vocalization. “Even The Sun Will Die” tones it down a bit but gives an atmospheric, hymn-like song near identical to that of Black Anvil before becoming intense again towards the end. “Cerulean Abyss” and “… Smote His Ruin Upon the Mountainside” visit Norway in terms of guitars, vocals and composition to match the style to that of Taake’s. “Everlasting Lie” features more of a thrash influence and guitarist Colby Hink shred and performs an awesome solo. “So Below” wraps up this album and features some black metal similar to that of Poland’s own Mgla. This was a pretty sweet debut album from the trio and the Klown highly recommends it. As always you are more than welcomed to check it out for yourselves through the band’s bandcamp.

6 out of 6, Wormwitch Will Strike You!

Kobra and The Lotus Release the First Half of their Double Album

The Canadian quartet known as Kobra and The Lotus has been making quite some noise lately especially after their single “Gotham” was released in February. Now they have released their fourth album Prevail I under Napalm Records which was revealed to be part of a double concept album. The Klown must say that this album is well rounded. The album kicks off with “Gotham” and does a great job giving this album a strong hook to have you invested in this album, Kobra Paige’s voice does justice to this hard rock song. “TriggerPulse” was not only the first single of this album but also feature some Gothenburg metal influences synonymous with In Flames. The current single “You Don’t Know” kicks off with marching percussions but tones down with a bit of piano to accompany Paige’s angelic vocals before picking up tempo right before the breakdown to give you a hard rock song of praise. “Light Me Up” is a power ballad of the hard rock variety which features a bit of piano, a guitar solo by Jasio Kulakowski and the rest of the band serving as a backing chorus to Paige. On “Manifest Destiny,” “Victim” and “Hell on Earth” Paige treats the listener to some more power metal style of music. In “Check the Phyrg” Paige takes a backseat and allows her bandmates to shine in the limelight. This was a pretty great album and has yours truly anticipating part two.

6 out of 6, This Album has Prevailed

The Hatchet Job: May 11- 15

May 11

Nuclear Blast Will Become Possessed

photo courtesy of their Facebook Page

Nuclear Blast Records won’t exactly be starring in a reboot of The Exorcist but they did something way cooler by signing death metal icons Possessed. The record label along with the band plan to release a full length album in 2018. Another fun fact about this mysterious upcoming album is that it will be Possessed’s first full length album since 1986’s Beyond The Gates… Whoa.

“We are proud to finally announce that we have signed a worldwide deal with Nuclear Blast Records!” The band stated in their Facebook page. “We are honored to be a part of the Nuclear Blast family and look forward to bringing you all our first full-length release in 31 years, sometime in 2018!”

If that doesn’t make you feel all tingly inside then check out the teaser below.

That’s Dr.Professor Holland To Us.

Dexter Holland keeps defying the “stereotypes” and when he isn’t kicking ass belting out his signature vocals in The Offspring, he is out getting Ph.Ds. Holland didn’t just receive the fancy doctor title that comes with the coveted degree, but he received the Ph.D in molecular biology. The frontman stated in The Offspring’s official site that he “was interested in the molecular dynamics of HIV infection and of virus: host interactions in general.” How ‘bout them apples? Holland had put on hold his education after the band reached success with their 1994 album Smash but went back to school about five years ago and it paid off. Dr. Holland will not only be indulging us with more music from the Offspring but will now be helping save lives, on other news Dexter Holland has reached a supreme level in street cred. Think this a joke? Then take a look at his thesis which is titled “Discovery of Mature MicroRNASequences within the Protein-Coding Regions Of Global HIV-1 Genomes: Predictions Of Novel Mechanisms For Viral Infection And Pathogenicity” right hurr. And be sure to send him plenty of graduation cupcakes and balloons!

Dexter Holland: I BE A DOCTOR!

Get Your Shit Together, Bobby!

For those that haven’t been keeping up with Pentagram and their latest misadventures, let me quickly fill you in. On April 20, the band released a vague statement explaining why their front man/living dead man Bobby Liebling wasn’t going to join them on their short East Coast tour as a result of his “personal actions.” Now Pentagram released a statement earlier today announcing they would be embarking on their European tour without Liebling because he was in a detention facility awaiting a preliminary hearing…Umm Okay. But wait! There’s more! So a few hours after that statement, MetalSucks broke the news that Liebling had been charged with three different types of physical abuse on a “vulnerable adult” and one count of first-degree assault.

According to MetalSucks, it is highly speculated that the victim is none other than Liebling’s elderly mother who is in her 80’s. That’s right. Two separate Facebook statements posted by former Pentagram drummer Gary Isom fuels this speculation when he sent out his thoughts and prayers to “Mrs. Diane Liebling… I don’t care for Bobby but his mother is a super sweet lady.”

Bobby boy is no stranger to controversy and has been accused of being a misogynistic douche in the past which raised eyebrows when the female fronted bands King Woman and Wax Idols abruptly dropped off their tour with Pentagram last year. Hopefully the band can soldier on and hope his mother is okay and can recover from this unfortunate ordeal. As for Skeletor..I mean Bobby, you need some serious help.

Yes Bobby, I am talking to you.

May 12

Doyle Says “Run For Your Life.”

Antsy about Halloween taking forever to get here again? No worries! Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein is here to satisfy that urge with his new video for “Run For Your Life.” This slasherrific video will entertain the hell out of you and the song itself will make you want to “fight to survive,” whether you are feeling the urge to tap out on the treadmill or down that extra shot of tequila you know will get you hammered. “Run For Your Life” will be featured in the June 2 album titled Doyle II As We Die out through Monsterman Records/EMP Label Group which is available for preorder. Be sure to catch him on the road starting on June 1 where he kicks off his tour at The Maywood in Raleigh, NC and for my fellow San Diegans, be part of the horrorlicious bash from Doyle at the Brick By Brick on June 17.

Danzig Will Take You On Your ‘Last Ride’ If You Ignored Doyle’s Advice

Who knew Ugh Metal would be hosting a mini Misfits reunion! Well… sort of. Just in case you ignored Doyle when he told you to run for your lives and resumed drinking your 40, Danzig will kill you slowly with “Last Ride.” This old school and somewhat bluesy song will have you blasting it as you set off into the sunset on your bike. “Last Ride” will be featured in Danzig’s May 26 album Black Laden Crown via Nuclear Blast Records. And if you REALLY can’t get enough of Danzig, after pre ordering this album be sure to get your tickets to his Blackest of The Black festival which will be on May 26 – May 27 at Oak Canyon Park in Silverado, CA

May 14

Grindmother: The Movie!

Our Grindmother, yes the same grindcore band by that is fronted by the 68 years young Grindmother and who melted our faces off not long ago, is now turning to their loyal grindchildren to help fund a documentary on Kickstarter. The star of this film will be none other than the Grindmother herself and will shed light as to how she went from being a simple Canadian gam gam to THE badass Grindmother we all know and love. The campaign offers several different perks according to the amount you donate, but if you feel generous and donate $1,000 or more you will have a private screening of the film for you and 15 of your friends and will be dubbed her “favorite grindchild.” The Kickstarter campaign ends on June 26 so there is still plenty of time to help this film reach its $8,771 goal and is currently at $614. Once you give Grindmother dearest some donations in this link, headbang to her album Age of Destruction while you eat the delicious cookies she gave you.  


Myrkur Unveils Upcoming Album Title

Mareridt will be the name of the album Amalie Brunn and Myrkur have been working on. The big announcement slithered its way out of Myrkur’s Facebook page, and Bruun captivated fans with a video clip of her playing Scandinavian folk music on her string instrument called a nyckelharpa. The album will debut this fall via Relapse Records and though the details of the album are still shrouded in mystery including the actual date of its release, it will be worth the wait. Not quite familiar with Myrkur? Check out how the Ugh Metal team fell under her spell last year and check out her YouTube channel too.

We Love Lacuna Coil  “ ‘Cause They Hate You”

JK! You’re our homie… so long as you supply us with booze and burritos. Anyway, Lacuna Coil delivers the crime thriller music video” I Love You ‘Cause I Hate You.” This concept video is a follow up to their previous video “Blood, Tears, Dust” and this track is not only a haunting ballad of unrequited love but it will also have you at the edge of your seat. We follow vocalist Cristina Scabbia as a detective and her partner who is played by UK actor Andrew Harwood Mills and is still way better than True Detective season 2! Check it out this second part of the concept video and be sure to get their latest album Delirium which is out now via Century Media Records!

The Trials of May 5

Note: Feliz Cinco de Mayo, carnales! Although this is belated, in actuality, most Mexicans don’t really celebrate this. BUT that still doesn’t stop us from some drunken debauchery! You wanna feel traditionally Mexican and remain metal/punk? Play some Metalachi, Brujeria, Asesino, Mictlantecuhtli, Piñata Protest, Café Tacvba crack open unas heladas and call yourself a Mexican for a day! In the meantime, here are some albums to add to your drunken soundtrack!

Lucifer’s Dungeon Is Released at Last

The Russian black metal duo known as Lucifer’s Dungeon has released their studio debut album The Dark Army Raises through Grimm Distribution. The brainchild and front man Cain Black features an array of ambience and sounds of old school Norwegian black metal. More of the latter is featured with “Unconscious Faith,” “War,” “Burn Your Dogma” and “The Forest,” just to name a few. “The Dark Army Raises” presents the ambient black metal sound with vocals features some great guitar play from Black himself. If instrumentals are  your thing you are in luck friends, and you will love “The Last Day of Life,”  “III Lives of Dark Angel” and “The Secret” which sounded like something that came from an earlier Ghost Bath demo.

Lastly, Lucifer’s Dungeon dabbles in a style similar to that of Darkthrone’s Transilvanian Hunger with the Fre“The Answer” and “Beyond Good and Evil.” It was a pretty good debut and will definitely ride on the nostalgic black metal train. The Klown recommends this album for die hard black metal enthusiasts and for those who fancy themselves kvlt. Finally you can check this out on the label’s bandcamp.

5 out of 6 Lock Up Has Never Sounded So Good.

Freiheit Liberates their Newest Album

If you know your German, the word literally means freedom. In a twist befitting an M. Night Shyamalan movie, this blackened death metal quartet is from Russia and has released their long awaited studio debut Безумие. Ненависть. Смерть (Madness. Hatred. Death) via Grimm Distributions. The album begin with the short but pretty strong and singing intro “C.C.C.K” which then transitions to “Волк” (Wolf) and had the Klown thinking he was listening to some earlier Carach Angren. Not to be outdone by “Мясорубка” (Meat Grinder) which sounded like a spry Dimmu Borgir if they had death metal and folk influences incorporated as well as rapid double bass drumming courtesy of Pavel Melnikov. However, Freiheit really bring you some fast death metal with “Корпус Смерти” (The Corpse of Death) and “Монумент” (Monument) which features Alexandr Merzliy’s smooth but harsh growling vocals. If you’re the type that’s big on brutal death metal “Технократия” (Technocracy) and “Свобода” (Freedom) are the tracks you’re definitely going to enjoy. Lastly, this album finishes really strong with some really fast paced death metal “Горящая земля” (Burning Earth). If you don’t mind hearing Russian vocals but enjoying the fast paced instrumentals then the Klown highly recommends this. You can also check ’em out through the Grimm Distribution’s bandcamp.

6 out of 6, The New Sound of Freedom has Arrived

Full Of Hell Release Their Latest with Some Fanfare

The self proclaimed Martians known as Full Of Hell have made not one but two appearances in Ugh Metal. On that note, check out the articles in which they were featured after you done checking this out. Anyway they have returned with a fifth installment Trumpeting Ecstasy through Profound Lore Records. This album was a little different than what the Klown has heard in the past from this quartet. Full Of Hell first takes an ultraviolent approach with “Deluminate” and “Bound Sphinx” but they immediately revisit their brand of grindcore with “Branches of Yew” and “The Cosmic Vein.”

This album contains a handful of guest vocalists such as such Isis’s Aaron Turner, Andrew Nolan of Column of Heaven in “Ashen Mesh,” and  Canadian pop beauty Nicole Dollanganger in “Trumpeting Ecstasy” which became the Klown’s favorite track. “Trumpeting Ecstasy” has Dollanganger’s soothing and angelic voice beautifully mixed with Walker’s beastly growls, his mixing board and some autotune. Lastly, “At the Cauldron’s Bottom” feature Converge’s Nate Newton’s harsh vocals to make a really intense and doomy closer for the album. The best part of that song is the ending because of how the electronic ambient sounds from Walker is incorporated,  making it seem like a march to an epic battle leaving you satisfied after the album. You can check this latest album out through the label’s bandcamp.

6 out of 6, Will leave you in ecstasy

Nagaarum Continues to Bear Fruits of Experiments

The one man experimental black metal project known as Nagaarum has released his 14th studio album titled Homo Maleficus via Grimm Distributions. The Hungarian man known as T.G. Nagaarum starts off his new album with “A Befalazott” (The Walled) which can be described as very experimental and ambient doom metal with some black metal vocals. Despite that description, the song is more instrumentals which is not a bad thing before you misconstrue the Klown’s words.  “Az Elvhu” (The Principle) and “A Vassal Nevelt” (Raised with an Iron) pick up the pace and are rather intense considering that they’re somewhat slow paced and ambient. “Mens Dominium” and “Dolgunk Végeztével” (When We’re Done) offers experimental black metal with some electronic sounds and synths making the songs borderline Industrial. “Kolontár” was definitely the most befitting way to end the album. Why? Aside from the song being deliberately slow, it seemed rather appropriate to top off this album’s irregular direction and almost present a bit of normality to this piece. The Klown definitely recommends this album for those who are in true ambient and experimental black metal. Drop by their bandcamp as well.

5 out of 6, Damn Good

God Dethroned Latest is FIRE

The band most synonymous with the Dutch metal scene, God Dethroned has produced a new album after seven long years titled The World Ablaze through Metal Blade Records. The legendary quartet quickly start strong with “Annihilation Crusade” which is made stronger with that sweet guitar solo. In a twist of patriotism combined with cynicism “The World Ablaze” serves as a great and borderline sludgy song especially because of the heavy melody it and the meaningful lyrical content that front man/ guitarist Henri Sattler offers. “On the Wrong Side of the Wire” and “Close to Victory” features the melodic death metal that the band was known for. “Escape the Ice (The White Army)” features a bit of brutal death metal to the mix and also features another sweet guitar solo from Mike Ferguson.

“Breathing to Blood” was only awesome but had the Klown thinking that it was a lost Amon Amarth track, regardless of how is sounded for a brief moment it was just awesome in general with the intensity and speed that it carried. Looking for a song to head straight into battle? God Dethroned gots you covered with “Messina Ridge.” “The 11th Hour” was basically the perfect closer for this album because it was melodic and somewhat slow paced and leaves you clamoring for more. This album not only did well to commemorate the fallen soldiers and it’s more than in time for Memorial Day but it was a great comeback. The Klown definitely recommends this album especially if you are die hard God Dethroned fan. Don’t forget to get your copy now

6 out of 6, FIRE

The Trials of April 28

Helsott Release Their Cure for the Metal Head in Need

The name Helsott should be extremely familiar by now especially if you keep up with us. If this is your first time, however, the Klown shall indulge you just a tad but will highly encourage you to really check out their previous appearances. The pagan metal quartet from Menifee, CA has released their latest album The Healer EP through M-Theory Audio. Allow the Klown to state that it’s a bit refreshing hearing these songs once again. However, unlike the last times, the Klown is now hearing them as professionally recorded songs. Anyway, “The Healer” begins the EP epically with Dave Waltson playing some hard rock guitar riffs which build up and are mixed with some sounds of blustering bugles and features some powerful beast-like howls and growls from Eric Dow.

“Tavern’s Tale” is a song that not only sounds like something from a medieval tale but also takes you back and has you wondering if the song was originally Blind Guardian’s but only speedier, rougher and with harsher vocals. For those who are fans of the classics, Helsott covers Iron Butterfly’s “Unconscious Power.” Lastly, for the LARPers who need a song to make their battles heroic, “Epic Battle” is exactly what it sounds like, epic. The song has a bit of everything such as female operatic vocals, synths, Cooper Dustman’s drumming likened to that of a galloping horse and Dow’s growling with the occasional pauses to let it all soak in. Truth be told, if you truly love pagan metal and power metal, this is definitely something you really want to check out. As luck would have it, you can through Helsott’s bandcamp.

6 out of 6, This EP Will Cure You

All That Remains Descend In To ‘Madness’

The quintet have released Madness through Razor & Tie Records. The Klown was surprised with the opening song “Safe House.” Why might you ask? Simply put, it sounded very metal. Phil Labonte shows off his harsh vocals, has some heavy and fast drumming by Jason Costa and features a sweet solo from Oli Herbert. “Madness,” “Nothing I Can Do” and “Halo” are the brand of metalcore that the band is primarily known for. However, for those who stopped listening after “Six” from the Guitar Hero 3 exposure, this time Labonte struts another kind of talent by including his piano skills onto these songs.

Assuming you want a similar song to that of “Six,” “Open Grave” and “Trust and Believe” settle that itch that you have. This album also features two ballads in the form of “Far From Home” and “Back To You.” Lastly, the band covers Garth Brooks’ “The Thunder Rolls.” The Klown hasn’t indulged in the original version but will admit that it did sound pretty good as a metalcore song. No matter what your feelings are on All That Remains, if you are really into metalcore or a super ear friendly rock then this is definitely something you might want to check. The Klown, however, would have appreciated this album had it been released 10 years earlier; he would have been all over it even though it’s not his shot of tequila.

3 out of 6, Not the Klown’s shot of tequila.

Ayreon Will Take You to A Night at the Opera

Arjen Anthony Lucassen’s ambitious rock opera known as Ayreon has returned with a ninth installment titled The Source via Mascot Label Group. This album not only revisits their 2008 album 01011001 and plays with its Science Fiction theme, but it also serves as its prequel. Just like the previous albums, an array of metal musicians are featured giving us some harmonic prog metal euphoria. For those not familiar with “The Chronicle” it is about an advanced alien race known as the Forever, which were introduced in 0101101, and takes place in their home planet Y and they discovered the secret to *spoiler alert* longevity. The Forever plant their DNA on an asteroid that is on a collision course with planet Earth so that their line may live on in the new planet. The Source takes you back to the events, characters, the demise of their planet and the evolution of the Alphas A.K.A. humans.

Remember the Klown stating the array of metal musicians? The vocalists have roles in this opera such as Tommy Rodgers (Between the Buried and Me) who plays The Chemist, Tommy Karevik ( Kamelot) is the Opposition Leader, and Simone Simons (Epica) is the Counselor, Floor Jensen of Nightwish reprises her role as the Biologist and Hansi Kürsch of Blind Guardian as the Astronomer just to name a few. Lastly, this album also features guitarist Paul Gilbert of Racer X and former After Forever Joost van den Broek on the grand and electric piano. The Klown recommends this if you’re big on rock operas, Sci-Fi or Prog metal.

5 out of 6, To Infinity and Beyond! 

The Hatchet Job: May 1- May 10

May 1

Give Yourself To The ‘Helsinki Vampire’

Front man of The 69 Eyes, Jyrki 69, will unleash the Helsinki Vampire on June 23 via Cleopatra Records. In this solo project, he will bring more goth n’ roll. The album will be mixed by Johnny Lee Michaels who is no stranger to The 69 Eyes camp so we can maybe expect to hear more of the classic 69 Eyes influences in this album. Join the dark side and pre-order this vampire and we promise you won’t star on a bad supernatural love triangle.


These silver tongued demons from Texas celebrate the god of all things wild in the music video for “Pan Reborn.” SILVERTONGUEDEVIL  has a little jam sesh in front of their fans, what better way to celebrate the second coming of the god of music! Did you enjoy “Pan Reborn” and can’t get it out of your head? Well then check out their 2015 album Orthodox Heresy album via Devils Music Records and check out their Reverbnation.

May 2

Come Alive With ‘Ghost Of A Chance’

Rancid is getting us all sorts of excited! Aside from their upcoming summer tour (don’t forget to get dem tix btw) they dished out their music video for “Ghost Of A Chance.” This fun track will  be featured in their June 9 album Trouble Maker which will wreak all sorts of havoc via Hellcat/Epitaph Records. Be a badass and pre order this bad boy and don’t forget to catch them on tour.

‘Immortal Sin’ Will Take You Deep

Former vocalist of Sister Sin, Liv “Sin” Jagrell and frontman of The 69 Eyes, Jyrki 69 have teamed up to bring a new rendition of “Immortal Sin.” The cover originally sang by Rob Halford’s band Fight, adds a woman’s touch with Liv Sin’s and is complimented with Jyrki 69’s signature baritone vocals. Check out the video below and take a bite of that apple and grab a copy of Liv Sin’s debut solo project Follow Me which is out now.  

May 3

Goatwhore Make Their ‘Vengeful Ascension’

If this is what sweet vengeance sounds like, then we shall have retribution! Batman would be proud and so will Goatwhore fans! “Vengeful Ascension” finally sought its revenge on the non believers a few months after Goatwhore announced their upcoming album. This evil track will be featured in their June 23 album Vengeful Ascension which will seek its revenge via Metal Blade Records. You can preorder the album and because these gents from the Big Easy are fucking G’s, they are offering a version with a spell book. A FUCKING SPELL BOOK. Quick! Get your book before the wicked witch of the west comes in and whacks you all the way to next week with her Louis Button bag and takes all the spell books!

‘Opus Brain’ Will Mess With Your Brain!

The electronic composer Igorrr keeps dishing out audible and visual pieces that will make you say “Da Fuk?!” and think about your life and our entire existence. This music video directed by Swiss short film director Garrick J Lauterbach who captures the trippiness and mixes a lot of symbolism to the track. Experience “Opus Brain” in all its eclectic glory below and pre- order his upcoming album Savage Sinusoid which will be out to mind fuck us on June 16 via Metal Blade Records.

May 4

Rammstein Are Going To Be Strange and “Unusual” On Next Album

Rammstein has been keeping us in the dark regarding a follow up to their 2009 album Liebe Ist Für Alle Da but that’s okay because guitarists Paul Landers and Richard Kruspe threw us a bone. In an exclusive interview with Metal Hammer Magazine, Kruspe and Landers filled people in with the album’s progress and said that they would create a new and blend “unusual methods,” in the mysterious seventh album, which is Rammstein terms, it can be ANYTHING.

“Our goal right now is to write really good songs and maybe even try unusual methods, new ideas, and change the path that one usually has.” Said Landers about their desire to reinvent themselves in their upcoming album. “It might be that when grandmother hears the album, she thinks it’s the same as the other ones. But for us, we really want it to be another milestone.”

Kruspe added that they were waiting for frontman Till Lindemann to finish the “mysterious ideas” they have. All I have to say to that is MY BODY IS READY and so should yours! Be sure to see these iconic pyros this summer on their short North American tour and for those that are in the west coast, be sure to get your tickets to their only west coast show in Sin City at the T-Mobile Arena on July 1. Read the whole interview and order your copy of Metal Hammer.

May 5

We’re Sailing Down to ‘Mexico’

The pirates of Scotland known as Alestorm have found a treasure more fun than gold in the music video for “Mexico.” Alestorm released this new anthem in time for us to drown our shame and have a great time as every drinking holiday should be! Get drunk with glee with their second single and get drunker but with joy after pre-ordering their May 26 album No Grave But The Sea via Napalm Records.

May 6

Behemoth Will Awake In 2018

Guitarist/vocalist of Behemoth Adam “Nergal” Darski said in an interview with online music station Rockhok that they have about a dozen songs in development for their follow up album. Darski also stated that they are shooting for a fall 2018 release to their 2014 follow-up to their successful The Satanist album.

“We’re taking it easy it’s not tense whatsoever but we have 10 or 13 songs already like sketches of the new songs. Times flying and we are super stoked about this new stuff its like, I like the approach with Behemoth too you know because when I went from this to do Behemtoth songs, I was super hungry.” Said Darski as he tried to find the right words to describe his desire to play metal again. “I was like hungry for doing like this you know radical, you know, sounds and I really hope it sounds different again but it’s refreshing and it’s something we’re defining and rejuvenating in what we do with Behemoth again.”

We are just as excited and borderline speechless as Darski when it comes to Behemoth. Check out the full interview below and soothe the beast inside with Me and That Man’s debut album Songs of Love And Death which is out now. Need help deciding whether you want to sings the blues with Darski? Check out the Klown’s verdict on this baby.

May 8

King 810 Will Turn Heads With ‘La Petite Mort’

In the spirit of celebrating the French phrase used to describe an orgasm and their track, “La Petite Mort,” King 810 has recruited three porn stars for the NSFW video. The band has been teasing fans with eight second clips on their Twitter and if you’re still a little hot and bothered, check out their peepshow. It will be interesting to see exactly how the Michigan metallers will portray “La Petite Mort” since the song itself is dark and gets real and far from sexy. We won’t know exactly what’s up with this video till its premiere in the world famous PornHub sometime in the future. I will get to the bottom of this to answer this burning question people have…I will not rest till I do! But for now start the foreplay with their latest album La Petite Mort Or A Conversation With God which is out now via Roadrunner Records.

May 9

Feel ‘Absolutego’ Run Through Your Soul

Veteran experimental Japanese trio Boris have released their first and psychedelically sludgetastic single “Absolutego.” The track will be featured in their July 14 album Dear which will be released via Sargent House Records. This chill track has a kick to it and will definitely indulge the stoner rocker in you. If you like what you hear so far, don’t forget to preorder and spice up your next smoke circle.   

May 10

Napalm Records Snags Satyricon

The Norwegian black metal legends have found a new home in Napalm Records and will still release their highly anticipated follow up to their 2013 self titled album on September 22. Though Satyricon has been keeping the deetz on this album under wraps, we can’t wait! For my lucky European peeps, be sure to catch them on the road starting September 24.


Presented By Jenny Oh and Chuggo the Klown