Hellyeah! For the Fifth Installment

About nine years ago, when this supercard was first announced not many thought that it would beat the odds and grow beyond a side project. The thought of continuous albums never really came to mind… till today. Sure, there are four others prior to this one but the reason this was brought up was because Chad Gray’s vocals on Unden!able, truly made Mudvayne resonate on this album. Not saying that it’s a bad thing, frankly this album will give you a long overdue Mudvayne fix, assuming that you are craving one to begin with. The melodic undertones of Unden!able give you a reminder of the Buckcherry and Nothingface’s influence in the band, whether or not it was prevalent to begin with. This album will not only make you miss Mudvayne, it will certainly make fans of Hellyeah appreciate this fresh material by comparison to their previous works.

Rating: 4/6, good enough to posses ya!


Cover of Hellyeah’s new album

Poison Headache,the Antidote To A Headache

If you’re a San Diegan and are a metal head, Phil Sgrosso may be one of the names that may come to mind. The 2007 “Ultimate Metal god” recipient never ceases to amaze despite his busy schedule. A testament of that is his current side project, and self titled album, Poison Headache. Combined with the vocals of Andy Kukta and the Adam Rosa’s drumming, Poison Headache makes a good hardcore album. The Poison Headache’s debut sound like Kindom of Sorrow and Nails (Phil Sgrosso, FYI, currently is touring with them) had a recent union. Despite all the good of this album, to this drunken sack of fun, a Midas touch was felt absent to make this debut, perfect. But I’ll digress for the fact that not all debut album start off perfect and completely refined.

Rating: 5/6, this unholy melody can surely tame those hellhounds!

poison headache

Gnarly cover for Poison Headache’s debut album


You’ll die happy for this Dark Funeral

For this 6/6/16, this sack of drunken fun will tell you about the black gold mine that was let loose from the deep abyss of the earth a couple of days back. Relax eco-nuts, I am not talking about oil… this time. No, fellow headbangers what I will be talking about are one of the Swedish Black Metal kings, Dark Funeral, and their sinfully sixth studio album, Where Shadows Forever Reign. Right from the beginning of “Unchain my Soul” to the song title of the namesake album, “Where Shadows Forever Reign” this album is a plethora of brutal meets speed and melodic. Where Shadows Forever Reign is like listening to Watain’s The Wild Hunt sprinkled with some Dimmu Borgir minus the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra. The second to last track of the album, “Nail Them to the Cross,” proves why it was chosen to represent Dark Funeral’s current banner. Once the last tracks are over, you’ll be thirsty for more.

Rating: 6/6, LEGENDARY!

dark funeral

Epic cover for Dark Funeral, just in time for 6/6/16!

Uh oh! Jenny Oh’s about To Put In Her Two Cents In This Trial! (There goes her life savings…again :/ )

Combichrist Can Raise the Dead With This Is Where Death Begins

The Atlanta based industrial band return with their eighth studio and delivered it to the masses with more edge and grit. Andy LaPlegua’s piercing vocals are captivating when he transitions his shrills to thick to anguish all at once which can be best heard in “We Are The Plague.” Though the quintet flirt with a darker side of themselves on this album, they remain loyal to their industrial roots reinvigorating their sound. Not only will “This is …” lightly pet your angst and make you want to knock over that hideous vase your aunt gave you, but songs like “Exit Eternity” will make you want to dance around its pieces like its Saturday night.

Rating: 5/6, will make you the ultimate hellhound tamer and will make you wanna dance cause of it!

Combichirst album cover

Combichrist slithering in with their new album.


                                                          All albums are out now!!


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