Archgoat Cometh With An EP

Ya think Archgoat is gonna leave this year quietly? EI! To celebrate the last day of September, the Finnish black metallers threw us a bone and released their EP Eternal Damnation of Christ via Debemur Morti Productions. Though Eternal… only contains two track, they will give you an earful of pure, tar black metal.

Archgoat begins this short sermon with the hypnotizing “Black Mass Mysticism” which has the power to entrance any black metal aficionado and will certainly invoke a choreograph of  headbanging and raised horns. Kai “Ritual Butcherer” Puolakanaho takes the lead in this black mass before Rainer “Lord Angelslayer” Puolakanaho’s thick guttural vocals work their black magick with. Another awesome element to appreciate is the insatiable pounding from Tuukka Franck whose cymbals fuel the anticipation of this incantation.

The title track “Eternal Damnation of Christ” will slowly rise out of the darkness and will lunge at you with an otherworldly force. Franck and Ritual Butcherer will surround you with this brutal combo till Lord Angelslayer swoops in and collects your nachos, ‘cause chances are you sold your soul for ‘em. Eternal…is a great little sampler of what’s to come, get it here!

6 out 6, You’ll be damned if you don’t get this

Brace Yourself For Vontrov’s ‘Second Summoning’

The one man black metal band Vontrov has risen with his second EP Second Summoning which was released independently. For those who haven’t listened to his first EP Zenith, which was released earlier this year, you are missing out! We were totally smitten with the EP we had to use the track “They Have Come” as the intro in our SD Metal Swap Meet segment. Enough about my endless splurging over Zenith and more on Second Summoning.

You know winter is here for realzees when you first hear the horn of winter go off in “And Horns Bellow” before the black metal goodness of “The Last of the Snow” engulfs your ear drums. This track will give you the right kind of chills that only a great song or a yummy burrito can give you.

Just when you think all is calm, “An Angel Upon Mortal Soil” will lure you in to its chambers with a nice acoustic intro before consuming you with pure heaviness. Vontrov ends this four track EP with a great cover of Watain’s “Total Funeral.” Why is it so damn great? Well, Timmy glad you asked! Vontrov speeds things up in this rabid rendition adding more attitude, giving this wolf sharper fangs.

Though there are only four songs in Second Summoning, it will leave you thirsty for more. Joe “Arevera” Johnston’s thick vocals and riffs are appease and lure any trves in to a darker side of black metal. See why this local one man band got us all hot and bothered, and get your copy at bandcamp. Be prepared to see more about Vontrov ‘cause we ain’t done talkin’ about him.

6 out of 6, Your kvlt lord and master

Grave Pleasures Gives Us A ‘Mother’ Load With Latest

Craving a newer wave of deathrock? Grave Pleasures will satisfy those needs with their latest Motherblood via Century Media Records. The Finnish/British deathrockers, who were previously known as Beastmilk till 2013, may have switched up their name but they’ve still retained their infectiously sensual, angsty and love lorn style. I see you discretely dancing to this, stuffy metal head! You can’t hide from the J-Oh’ster’s all seeing eyes! Nuff about me spying on peeps and more on Motherblood.

Grave Pleasures cut the foreplay and get down to business with “Infatuation Overkill” which has a great starting hook from the whole ensemble, and who could resist Mat McNerney’s intro verse? Don’t tap out now baby, Grave Pleasures is just getting started! Their current hit “Be My Hiroshima” will be stuck in your head for all the right reasons, and “Joy Through Death” will get your fine ass dancing. Just ask the girl on the music video and the staunch metal head that’s secretly dancing in their seat.

If your black lil heart is aching and craving a deathrock song about star-crossed lovers, “Doomsday Rainbows” will hit the spot but if you’re just a psycho like moi, “Mind Intruder” is catchy and will voice those feelings ‘cause you really really care. How about the darker and slower setting of this subgenre? Well the “Atomic Christ” is here to save you, my child. Grave Pleasures guarantees you a good time whether you are “hardcore” or not. So for a good time check out their album at Spotify and once you get GP whipped, get your copy here.

6 out of 6, We’ll Be Your Hiroshima 😉

Unsane Will ‘Sterilize’ Your Membrane

Unsane has broken out of their rusty cage and is hellbent on cleansing us with their latest Sterilize via Southern Lord Records. These underrated pioneers aren’t playing around especially after their five year break and begin strongly with “Factory” which has a smooth build up, memorable riffs and pained vocals all from Chris Spencer.

“No Reprieve” shines the spotlight on the trio and one can fully absorb and swallow Spencer’s riffs, Vincent Signorelli’s heavy cymbal bashing and tempo, and the bass foundation laid by Dave Curran. What a track! Amidst the shouts and the subtle distorted effects, you know it’s gonna be a bumpy ride!

“Aberration” will put the “noise” in the “noise rock” banner Unsane goes by and has another great build up. Unsane gets it because they made a song using the phrase that is near and dear to my gut and that is all too familiar to us here in Ugh Metal, “We’re Fucked.” Like in real life, this angsty and huffy track maintains a steady beat with a volatile interior bubbling beneath the surface, just like you would in IRL when you’re fucked and trying to dig yourself out! Unseen gets it man!

Sterilize will purify Unseen fans of any doubts that this trio would ever return. This album will also induce nostalgia for the OG 90’s grunge kids that saw these fellas reign. See what you think and get your copy here.

5 out of 6, Not just noise

Jag Panzer Strike A ‘Chord’

Power metallers Jag Panzer are here to conquer your ears with their 10th studio album The Deviant Chord via Steamhammer/SPV records. The Ugh Metal team had the chance to experience these epic gents in living color at this year’s San Diego Metal Swap Meet which you can read here and watch here, but we’re curious as to what they would produce six years after their last album.

Jag Panzer were ready to make everyone believe and kicked off with a magical riff in “Born of the Flame.” Because Jag Panzer wants to keep this album lit, they added fuel to that sense of adventure with “Fire of Our Spirit” and “Far Beyond All Fear.” There are more killer riffs featured in these tracks!

The title track “The Deviant Chord” is both touching and haunting. One has the opportunity to admire and relish Henry “The Tyrant” Conklin’s clean and melodic vocals and admire his high notes! Because we are also softies inside (C’mon admit it!) “Long Awaited Kiss” will certainly pull all of your heartstrings and win you over. Because you’ll have to part ways from your beloved and fight the evil work monster, “Foggy Dew” will be the perfect song as you ride away in to your shitty job.

Jag Panzer rolled in with a new tale that’s ready to take you in to the Tardis and onto an adventure. Power metal aficionados will definitely appreciate this and it can also be the gateway drug to metal heads in the making. The Deviant Chord is available for streaming on Spotify and once you fall for this album, you can get it here.

4 Out 6, Struck ALL the chords!

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