Orgy Continues to Tease with New EP

So… it seems that the age of nostalgia continues to be in full force. None is more prevalent than that of Orgy. The Klown remembers these guys for being the biggest thing back 1999 during the Klown’s middle school years. Everyone who lived in that era remembers it, will always know the quintet for their cover of the New Order’s “Blue Monday.” The Klown confesses that he still fancies that song. Now… let’s flash forward to 2018, it seems that frontman Jay Gordon’s industrial project has emerged and released a single EP titled Army To Your Party via Pacific Rising Entertainment.

As the Klown mentioned already it is a single EP, as in one song, “Army To Your Party.” Six versions of it to be exact. Half of which happens to be a dynamic version of the previous three… whatever the hell that means! All of which have also feature rapper Crichy Crich lending his voice to the song in a stand-alone chorus line. If you dunno who that is, just know that he’s relevant in the word EDM (Electronic Dance Music) and for tattooing Tara Reid’s name on himself. The Klown will confess that the song was catchy. Especially if you’re looking to find a song to dance to. Even the instrumentals version was good enough.

Then the A-Capella version of the song pops up and makes you wonder why?… at least that’s what the Klown thought. Of course, you’re treated to the exact same three style but in Dynamic version. Before the Klown signs off on this EP, the Klown shall say that he kept in mind that this is in anticipation of their new upcoming album which has been titled #newmusic. The Klown shall also comment that if you were at the Whiskey A-Go-Go on May 11, you had the opportunity to get the physical copy of this EP. However, if you wanna know what the hubbub is all about, you can mainly get this EP digitally either through Google Play, Apple Music, etc.

Doesn’t Even Register on Rating Scale… Bring Back Blue Monday!

Old Man Wizard Unveil Their Debut

Old Man Wizard… The Klown has spoken of these gents before. They made their Ugh Metal appearance about two years ago and this time these locals return to Ugh Metal with their debut album tilted Blame It All On Sorcery independently. Y’know they did it all by themselves.

The album begins with the appropriately titled “Beginnings and Happenstance.” It starts with frontman Francis Roberts’ soft guitar strums which is then joined by Kris Calabio’s bass pedals. Bassist Andre Beller and Calabio’s backing vocals soon join this circle and pick up the pace by the fourth minute of the song. The song is then followed by “The Blind Prince” and “Innocent Hands” which are best described as songs you can expect to hear from a Ghost or Visigoth album. Especially with Roberts’ fast but mellow guitar play. In “Never Leave” Beller’s bass shined the brightest in the beginning and really solidifies itself as the rhythmic foundation of the song.

“Cosmo”  and “The Long-Nosed Wiseman” sees the band picking up the pace and would essentially be among the few other songs in the album that have a lot of vigor.  Although this isn’t the Klown flask of bourbon, he still enjoyed the album. The Klown has mention comparisons but if you didn’t catch them, the Klown recommends this album for fans of Opeth, Visigoth, Ghost and Khemmis. Check this album out in your streaming service of choice or in the Wizards’ Bandcamp to really get enchanted.

5.5 out of 6 Move Over Harry Potter, there are New Wizards in Town

Strung Out Black Out their Hiatus with EP

Strung Out should be a familiar name especially for the punkers out there. The quintet from Simi Valley has even made several appearances in the Vans Warped Tour. Even metalheads are somewhat familiarized with them since they’ve experimented with metal sounds in the past even if it’s mostly been in the Prog category. Now, the collective has returned with a brand new EP titled Black Out the Sky which was released through Fat Wreck Chords.

The album begins with “The Architect” which starts out really mellow with some acoustic guitar. It is then followed by some electric guitar and Jason Cruz’s clean vocals which are backed by the guitarists Rob Ramos and Jake Kiley and bassist Chris Aiken’s. Truth be told, the album remains soft and easy to listen to. It was borderline indie rock.

“Unkoil,” although it starts like “The Architect” with some acoustic guitar sounds, it slowly picks up and unravels itself from the previous albums. How? Well, remember how the Klown brought up the group’s experimentation with Prog? This song would be a key example of that. Unlike most Prog rock or metal, this song was shorter than most peeps would encounter. The Klown can sorta say the same about “Requiem” except for it being mostly in the alternative rock category than prog.

Need a song that would mock your depression or get you upbeat despite relatable, albeit sad lyrical content? “Duke of Sorrow” is the song you want to listen to. The album ends just the way it began with “Presidio” more melodic, tender, more of Cruz’s clean vocals and tambourines. The album felt really mature, unlike yours truly, and was a pretty good album. If you haven’t heard of Strung Out before, the Klown recommends this for fans of Jimmy Eat World, 7 Seconds and Elway. Want to lean towards the Klown’s words but need to hear it? Check out their Bandcamp for more certainty.

6 out of 6 The Skies Aren’t that Black After All

Child Bite Have Returned with Some New Offerings

Hey guys, remember the time we talked about Child Bite? Y’know the one that featured the San Diego Metal Swap Meet’s after party with Superjoint? No? Dudes… and dudettes check that out when you can and our superb Metal Swap Meet misadventure with our temp intern on our Youtube. Now that that shameless self-advert is over, let’s talk about Child Bite’s latest release Burnt Offerings which was released through Phil Anselmo’s Housecore Records. Unlike previous releases, this one serves, as frontman Shawn Knight puts it, a “mass grave for all of (their) musical children.”

If you didn’t catch on, they’re songs that were scrapped in the span between 2010 and 2017 by the collective and eventually unearthed for us to enjoy. So with that in mind, “The Will to Disappear” begins this anthology and  opens the way Child Bite knows how with Jeremy Waun’s impulsive guitar play which is then accompanied by Knight unmistakable vocals. The song also features some brief shouting backup vocals which give the album a bit of oomph. The “Sick and Subhuman” features some punk influences and the erratic style the band is known for and will keep you awake and pumped.

“Prowl” uses old school video game soundbites and their style of noise rock. The song also features a wide range of guitar play and Knight playing around with his vocals by switching to auto tune in between. One of the Klown’s favorite tracks would have to be “Abstract Interior Putrefaction” because of the way the guitars don a personality of their own and compliment Knight’s vocals. Shaun Clancy’s bass also serves as the tone setter in the brief vocal solo. Another of the favorites is “Corrosive Devotion” mainly because the band mixes punk and noise which also features a variety of guitar play from drowning, to fading, distorted, etc.

Disc one finishes with the humorously titled “Jerk Off Your Life,” The Klown can best describe as an irregular rockabilly song and felt like a great closer for this mass grave. Disc two is mostly cover songs that the band decided to do like Black Flag’s “My War,” Minor Threat’s “Guilty of Being White/It Follows” just to name some. The real attraction of the second disc is Phil Anselmo taking over on vocal duties to perform Anal Cunt’s Morbid Hits EP like “Morrisey,” “Chump Change” and “Radio Hit” just to name a few. These albums were great and may leave your head scratching and banging at the thought of the songs being left out of their previous albums.

Not bashing on the first disc, the second disc really sold it to the Klown. The Klown especially enjoyed Anselmo’s renditions of the Anal Cunt songs and it also seemed appropriate given the history Anselmo and the late Seth Putnam had. If you’re still not sold check it out on your streaming service of choice. Want to cut the foreplay but try before you buy? Bandcamp’s got you!

6 out of 6 It Didn’t Just Bite, It Kicked Too


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