Editor’s Note: It’s late, we know but still, Happy New Years to y’all! If you’ve kept up with us then you know that it’s been a while but we’ve made our final verdicts of 2017. If you just happened to stumble into our site: Welcome! Happy new year, enjoy these trials and check out the rest of the site as well as our final verdicts of 2017. Enough formalities here are the trials of yesteryear and of the new year.

December 15, 2017

Asking Alexandria Reunite for their Fifth

No matter what your feelings are about the British quintet known as Asking Alexandria, they are a name that has lingered around our genre for some time. On that note, the quintet has released their fifth self-titled album with Sumerian Records. It is also worth noting that this the first album with the quintet to feature the original frontman, Danny Worsnop at the helm once more.

The album starts off rather light, rhythmically and somewhat ambient with “Alone In A Room.” To keep it short, the song seemed more like a ballad and ridiculously radio-friendly. The Klown will admit that he did rather enjoy Worsnop’s lyrical rhythm which would have the potential to go toe-to-toe with some hip-hop contemporaries even if it was very brief.

The track is then followed by the current hit of the album and WWE’s NXT Takeover Philadelphia’s primary theme song, “Into The Fire.” The song was like it’s predecessor but incorporated some distorted guitar sounds and Wisnop’s harsh vocals into the mix.  “When The Lights Come On,” which is also another song that the WWE’s special event uses, was more of a melodic hard rock track.

In “Where Did It Go?” Wisnop lays out some of his intermittent harsh vocals which  flow with some electronic samples to accompany the ambient sounds. “Vultures” would be this album’s true ballad and features acoustic guitars with classical string samples. “Eve” revisits some of their old sounds for the diehard fans.

The song “Empire” features American hip-hop/rap artist Bingx as a guest vocalist, and guitarist Ben Bruce on back up vocal duties.The album finishes how it began, with “Room 138” but Wisnop adds more harsh vocals in between.

The band also added as a bonus the radio edit version of “Into the Fire” with a hidden track titled “Explicit.” This album wasn’t the Klown’s cup of tea but it was something different. For fans of Asking Alexandria and alternative music, it is a must-have. Lastly, if you want to take the plunge, you can get the album here.

3 out of 6 Still Wondering Who Alexandria Is

Still asking who Alexandria is

Midnight Brings Back Sleaze In Time for the Holidays

If you’ve kept up with Ugh Metal, the solo black/speed metal band manned and founded by Jaime “Athenar” Walters has been featured before. Check that out whenever you can here. Now the project known as Midnight is gracing our site once more but this time with his latest album Sweet Death and Ecstasy which was released through Hells Headbangers Records.

The album kicks off with “Crushed By Demons” which features some heavy solo guitar action and harsh vocals. The song was rather slow than what Athenar normally dishes out. Midnight returns to the black/speed metal they’re known for with “Penetratal Ecstasy,” “Melting Brain” and “Rabid!” The Klown really took a liking to “Bitch Mongrel” and “Poison Trash” because not only do they accomplish a great job exemplifying the black speed metal banner but they also take you back to No Mercy For Mayhem.

The album officially concludes with “Before My Time In Hell” and it was a good conclusion because it was a raw speed metal track that built up to the finale. The album also features Midnight rehearsing their well-known hits . The best way to describe this album is slow and mellow. You can check this album out on Midnight’s Bandcamp and acquire it there as well.

5 out of 6, Talk About a Stocking Stuffer 😉

Look it up for the uncensored version 😉

December 22, 2017

Venom Return Like Bats Outta Hell

The legendary Venom is just that no matter what some will say. The fathers of black metal, despite their rocky saga, still remain a force to be reckoned with. What is considered to be the original members of Venom announced that they too were going to release an album later this year. Whatever the motivation may be, Venom delivered and released a three-track EP titled 100 Miles To Hell via Spinefarm Records.

The latest release kicks off with the title track “100 Miles To Hell” which can be best described as a reinvented Venom. The song also features Conrad “Cronos” Lant who not only slaps the bass like it owed him money but also had Danny “Dante” Needham really show off his drumming prowess with John “Rage” Dixon giving a sweet solo. The same can also be said about “We The Loud.” Venom finishes the EP strongly with a really heavy thrash track called  “Beaten To A Pulp.” The Klown thought for a moment that he may have been listening to a never before released Venom track or a new Testament song.

Although the EP was only three songs, the Klown is looking forward to what this trio is going to dish out next. Let’s face it, an EP is just merely an appetizer and not the main course. Check it out on youtube or take the plunge and get it here.

4 out of 6 Picked Our Poison for the Holidaze

A long way to hell

January 6, 2017

Watain Eclipse 2017

Wa. F’n. Tain. This Swedish quintet managed to make all metalheads, try and speed up father time once they announced their latest was going to be released five days after the new year. The announcement of their sixth album was met with great anticipation especially once the music video for “Nuclear Alchemy” was released. The Klown will get to that in a few. Anyway, now that that’s outta the Klown’s system allow him to appropriately talk about Trident Wolf Eclipse which was released through Century Media Records.

The album kicks off with the best Halloween treat that the band bestowed upon the world, “Nuclear Alchemy.” The song not only gives the album a strong start but it immediately keeps you invested to hear more. It is then followed by the best Christmas gift that the band bequiffed to us, “Sacred Damnation.” A song which also helps carry the album and assist “Nuclear Alchemy” for further investment on this records. “Teufelsreich” and “Furor Diabolicus” were not only awesome but brought back some of the classic Swedish black metal touches.

The Klown really took a liking to “Ultra (Pandemoniac),” “Towards the Sanctuary” and “The Fire of Power” because not only did they mix some influences of the Swedish black metal genre but it also had the speed to further emblaze the album’s intense approach. The album finishes their latest with the lengthy but awesome “Antikrist Mirakel.” The best way to summarize the instrumentals of this track would be to compare it to Behemoth’s “Horns Ov Baphomet” from 2002’s Zos Kia Cultus and “Ben Sahar” from 2014’s The Satanist.

This album was a great way to kick off the new year. The best news was that the hype was made and it delivered. For fans of Watain, this is excellent news. For those who think that they are trve or love Swedish black metal, especially of the classic variety, then this is great. You can check out the album in Spotify or you can stop hesitating and get the album here.

6 out of 6, Ringing In the Trve New Year!

The Hunt of the new year

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