Suicidal Tendencies’ Lucky 13th and final??

Yes, The Klown is well aware that their 13 album was released a little over 3 years ago. What the Klown is talking about is about the SoCal legends 13th installment World Gone Mad. Right from the start, Suicidal Tendencies kick off this album with a burst of energy! “The New Degeneration” will get you hyped and will compel you to start your own mini pit. “Living for Life” starts off with a bit of a stoner rock vibe and go straight to good ol’ fashion hardcore punk. “The Struggle Is Real” and “This World” are two songs that are part of the infinite soundtrack to the challenging but beautiful story we call life. Whether front man Mike Muir decides to call it quits or not, this album definitely would leave SxTx on a high note.

6 out of 6, If It’s Truly The End, Then Our Tendencies End On A High Note

Suicidal Tendencies deliver their 13th and possibly final album (?) We certainly hope not!

Suicidal Tendencies deliver their 13th and possibly final album (?) We certainly hope not!

Epica Establish Their Principle

Dutch symphonic metal band, Epica has returned and seen the future by releasing their seventh titled The Holographic Principle. The track “Universal Death Squad” not only spoke to the Klown but was rightfully chosen as a good hook to promote the album. It is very metal and melodic with Simone Simons vocals, proving to be powerful and graceful. ”Edge of the Blade” was another great track chosen by the band to be their current single. Simons’ vocals will captivate you with the rest of Epica’s male counterpart especially, drummer Ariën van Weesenbeek’s growling vocals. This album was compiled much better than the Klown anticipated and definitely recommend it, especially for those Nightwish and Within Temptation fans that are hankering for a quick fix.

6 out of 6 This Hologram Will Not Bankrupt You and Will Inspire You

Epica makes a grand appearance with their 7th album " The Holographic Principle"

Epica makes a grand appearance with their 7th album ” The Holographic Principle”

Lordi Compiles their eighth Monstereophonic album

The Finnish monster collective known as Lordi have returned after a two year hiatus, proving that the spirit of metal can be monstrous. The current installment, Monstereophonic (Theaterror vs. Demonarchy), brings a rather unique aspect to this current concept album by splitting it in two. Much like the infamous Planet Home natives, Mr. Lordi incorporates some humor in his music. None are much more evident like the track “Let’s Go Slaughter He-Man (I Wanna Be the Beast-Man in the Masters of the Universe)” in the first half. The second half presents us with edgier titles and a mix of hard rock and power metal. “And The Zombie Says” not only is an awesome track but it also made it in time for Halloween. Who better to champion and capture that spirit of All Hallows Eve than Mr. Lordi and his band of monsters?

6 out of 6 Oh, Lordi, lord…It’s a grand Monster-piece!

Lordi invades Earth in time for Halloween with "Monstereophonic (Theaterror vs. Demonarchy)"

Lordi invades Earth in time for Halloween with “Monstereophonic (Theaterror vs. Demonarchy)”

Asphyx Breathes Life Into Incoming Death

Dutch death metal band, Asphyx has rejoined the living with their ninth album Incoming Death. After a four year hiatus, this album features the band’s usual MO: a lot death metal mixed with doom making a HEAVY and brutal album. The track “Wardroid” champions the combined sound for this album whereas “The Feeder” features more of a doom element. “It Came From The Skies” decided to stick out from the rest of the tracks by focusing on a death metal sound. Although this album was good, The Klown just wasn’t feeling this album. For the lack of a better description, it felt a bit too much with its lack of smooth transitions. The mixes of heavy death metal overtones immediately jump in to some really heavy doom undertone, slowed my solo mosh pit a lot. This album, for sure, is for the Klown’s naysayers and diehard Asphyx fans.

3 out of 6

Dutch Death Metal dudes Asphyx come back to life in "Incoming Death"

Dutch Death Metal dudes Asphyx come back to life in “Incoming Death”

**Super Special Verdict From Jenny Oh!**

Opeth Puts A Spell With Sorceress

Let’s put our insatiable desires to hear Mikael Akerfeldt growl again aside, and appreciate this new and enchanting masterpiece Opeth has released. Though it’s painfully obvious what I think about this album, let me tell you why. The Swedish Prog rockers bring a type of magick that can instantly make those who listen into their wide eyed companions.  Sorceress is bursting with a fresh energy that is heightened with a psychedelic eclecticism much like “Strange Brew” but if you’re craving a bit of an edge on this journey, crank up “Chrysalis” and “Sorceress.”  Opeth downplays the melancholy on this album and that’s okay! Though I am not much of a prog enthusiast, this brand new and exciting journey full of magick and acid… I mean, wonder, is an adventure I’m down for. Now if you excuse me, adventure calls! * Blasts “The Seventh Sojourn” as I ride away in my unicorn. *

6 out of 6, Cause this Sorceress Is Magical!

Opeth has mercy on fans and stream full album a day before its release.

Opeth shines with the Sorceress.

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