Every Time I Die have resurrected themselves with their eighth

Man… it is been a while since the Klown has talked about or heard from these metalcore giants. The new ETID album is titled Low Teens and the Klown is rather impressed with the album. The album sounds like Norma Jean decided to incorporate some grunge undertones in to the mix. None are a greater example of that than the track “Two Summers.” One thing to note about this album is that it sounds like the band decided to revisit some of their roots and mixed it with something new. It was definitely adrenaline pumping out and a great comeback to kick off their 2 plus year hiatus.

6 out of 6, Legendary Comeback!

Every Time I Die resurrects with "Low Teens"

Every Time I Die resurrects with “Low Teens”


Stick To Your Guns have released an EP instead of Dust

The OC metalcore collective known as Stick To Your Guns have returned with a brand new EP titled Better Ash Than Dust and are melodic as they are metal… interpret that as you will. The tracks “No Tolerance” and “The Neverending Story” will definitely get you pumped up and get shit started! Speaking of the Neverending Story, if you are a fan of Atreyu (get it!?) you are definitely in for a treat with this album. A couple of years back, the Klown would have definitely been all over this sound but then again, this is just an EP and it seems like STYG are just getting started on giving us a potential feast. Judge that statement all you want, but it could have been worse.

4 out of 6

Stick to Your Guns return with "Better Ash Than Dust"

Stick to Your Guns return with “Better Ash Than Dust”


Crobot Welcomes their third album from Fat City

The hard rockers from Pottsville, PA have returned after two years with a brand new album Welcome to Fat City. Fat City has an array of psychedelic and hard rock sounds enough to make a bitchin’ new album. The track “Not For Sale” was rightfully chosen as the band’s forerunning hit single. Not only is it catchy as hell but Crobot honors the hard rock and trippy element that the band is currently promoting. Not to toot the horn of the previous track, but the Klown was really hooked on Brandon Yeagley’s vocals and the sound that accompanies their track “Play It Cool”. This album is most definitely a treat bestow upon your ears.

6 our 6, Looking For Real Estate in Fat City

It's always a trip with Crobot's latest "Welcome To Fat City"

It’s always a trip with Crobot’s latest “Welcome To Fat City”


Airbourne Have Broken Outta Hell For The Fourth Time!

Airbourne is back after a 3+ year hiatus, proving that Australia has more than AC/DC and Parkway Drive. The quartet from Down Under’s fourth titled Breakin’ Outta Hell shed some light as to where they had disappeared off to. Once again, invoking their inner AC/DC with some hard rock overtones, Airbourne manages to bring nostalgia and the spirit of rock to the max. This album was quite a treat and does a great job bringing us, metalheads, to the basics. Whether you listen to “Breakin’ Outta Hell,” “Thin the Blood” or the Klown’s personal favorites “When I Drink I Go Crazy” and “Do Me Like You Do Yourself,” it’ll make you beg the dark one for a one way ticket to the underground.

6 out of 6, One Ticket To Hell Please!

Airbourne breaks out with "Breakin' Outta Hell"

Airbourne breaks out with “Breakin’ Outta Hell”


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