Counterparts Came Forth with their Fifth Album

The Klown recalls mentioning these Canucks briefly for the Vans Warped Tour segment, check that out when you can. Anyway, the hardcore punk quintet known as Counterparts have released their album You’re Not You Anymore through Victory Records and right off the bat, these Canucks bring on the noise.

The album commences with a short intro and follows up with some aggression in the form of “Bouquet.” The song could be described as screamo as opposed to hardcore punk in terms of vocals and composition as well as a very melodic chorus. “No Servant of Mine,” however, exemplifies the sounds and influences of hardcore punk.

The Klown took a liking to “A Memory Misread” it was catchy and featured the screaming hardcore punk chorus, maintained the aggression, and really features Blake Hardman’s heavy guitar riffed solo to solidify that aggressive touch. The album caps off with the title of the namesake album which begins rather slow and immediately builds up fast and slows down during the chorus and the end for a soft melodic solo from Hardman.

Despite what the Klown has said about the album, the album doesn’t really stand out as much. It is rather aggressive at times but felt mostly repetitive. However, the Klown will say that if you’re looking for a nudge into the hardcore punk genre this would make a good starter album. As always this is one opinion, this album is definitely for the fans and you can get your copy here.

3 out of 6, The Klown is Still the Klown!

King Parrot ‘Produce’ An Attractive Album

In honor of the fact that Ugh Metal didn’t get the chance to see these guys for their 2 day stop in our fine city, the Klown shall talk about their latest release. The Aussie quintet has indulged their fans with their third release Ugly Produce which was released through Phil Anselmo’s label Housecore Records. The album begins strongly with “Entrapment” with the opening aggressive guitar riff which would abruptly stop and  before Matthew “Youngy” Young’s harsh, screaming vocals and Todd “Toddy” Hansen’s double kicks joins in. This track is then followed by an erratic version of the former which is titled “Piss Wreck.”

The band really features the grindcore they’re known for with “All Hail the Grub,” the Ugh Metal mantra when it comes to working, “Ten Pounds of Shit in a Five Pound Bag” and “Numb Skull.” “Die Before You Die” features some of the thrash metal that this band is sometimes known for which the Klown can describe as Muni Waste if frontman Tony Deforesta were to adopt aggressive screeching vocals.

This contemporary finishes with “Spookin’ Animals Dead” which can be described as a combo of grindcore and thrash and has Wayne “Slatts” Slattery’s powerful bass slapping featured and solidifies itself as the foundation of this song. The Klown can see why this album was highly anticipated by the diehard fans and some of the casual ones. To hear what the Klown is talking about check it out on Housecore’s Bandcamp for some clarity.

6 out of 6, This One’s for the Birds… and People

Wolves In The Throne Room Have Finished Weaving their Latest Work

One of the forerunners for the American black metal scene is back. After a three-year hiatus, the Wolves In The Throne Room have now released their sixth contemporary titled Thrice Woven through Artemisia Records. Before the Klown continues, he shall inform you that this album is five tracks long but definitely not slim by any means and featured an array of guest musicians.

The Wolves open with “Born from the Serpent’s Eyes” which features Anna von Hausswolff on vocals and begins  melodically due to  guest acoustic guitarist Don McGreevy before transpiring into a atmospheric black metal song. It is then followed by “The Old Ones Are with Us” which was like the latter but this time with Neurosis’s Steve Von Till on vocals and acoustic guitars.

The Washingtonian trio honors the Nordic heritage by performing a dark hymn for Loki’s giantess of a wife and Fenrir’s mother in “Angrboda.” It is also worth noting that the song was more of an avant-garde style black metal and it was a little over 10 minutes. The album caps off with a one-two punch combo and has “Mother Owl, Father Ocean” serve as an atmospheric and new age 2-plus minute intro to the final track. “Mother…” has von Hausswolff on vocals, guest drummer Phil Petrocelli and Zeynep Oyku Yilmaz on the grand harp.

The finisher “Fire Roars in the Palace of the Moon,” gives you black metal reminiscent to that of Bathory and plays for 11 minutes. This album was well anticipated and delivered. If you really are a fan of WITTR or really love black metal, don’t hesitate to check out this album. You can access this album in the Wolves’ Bandcamp to give it a listen and see what he means.

6 out of 6, Fenrir Is Proud!

Cradle of Filth Return with Tales of New-Fangled Victorian Darkness

Well, well, well… the Klown shall get to talk about Dani Filth once again but this time with the band that he’s been known for. Cradle Of Filth is back and has released their 12th album titled Cyptoriana: The Seductiveness of Decay through Nuclear Blast Records. The album kicks off with the deliciously evil title “Exquisite Torments Await” which has a dramatically slow start but because it’s endearingly fast and is the shortest song of the album. The track also serves as the catalyst for “Heartbreak and Séance.”

The latter was a pretty good song that contains some awesome and heavy guitar riffs and the infamous banshee screams from Filth himself. “Achingly Beautiful,” aside from being a song dedicated to the Klown, was a song that revisits the theatrics and gothic-like influence that Cradle Of Filth is known for. This track also features the femme fatale keyboardist/vox Lindsay Schoolcraft and her mesmerizing ghostly vocals.  “Vengeful Spirit” also includes this similar formula.

The band also revisits another gimmick that they’re known for with “Wester Vespertine” in terms of Schoolcraft setting a darker tone with a spoken word narrative during the song’s brief pause. The song also features a really awesome guitar solo. Speaking of which, “The Seductiveness Of Decay,”“You Will Know the Lion by His Claw” and “The Night at Catafalque Manor” features quite a few solos and contains some dramatic chorus, effects, and some sweet double kicks from Marek ‘Ashok’ Šmerda.

The latter happens to be a bonus track. When in Rome, Filth treats his ghouls with another bonus track in the form of a cover from Annihilator’s “Alison Hell” which also takes a turn at the dramatic but takes a heavier and aggressive approach, and in a way shall remind you of the Damnation And A Day album. This album was a pretty good comeback and will really pique the interest of fans who’ve lost some interest in the band. You can check it through Spotify (give Ugh Metal &/or the Klown [chuggotheklown] a follow if you do) or you can take the Klown’s word and get your copy here.

6 out of 6 The Album Will Take You to the Great Beyond

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