Ghost Is THE Popestar!

These groovy ghouls have made their grand entrance with the EP Popestar. Though four out of the five songs on this EP are cover songs, Papa and his nameless ghouls made it their own while experimenting with a newer sound.  The first and only original track in this EP “Square Hammer” is unmistakably Ghost, the rest of the songs; however, showcase the different styles they played around with. These ghouls have an unsurprising talent for the gospel sound and will make fans believe with “Bible” and “Missionary Man.” Much like a diva, Popestar has more of a wondrous bite to it than their previous material particularly in the wide eyed cover of electronic duo Simian Mobile Disco’s “I Believe” and the edgier version of Echo & the Bunnymen’s “Nocturnal Me.” The reception to this band is extreme on both spectrums but with all personal opinions aside, this is a nice little offering.

5 Out Of 6, Popestar Dazzles With Covers  

Ghost cover popestar

Ghost has returned with their latest EP “Popestar”


Brujeria Rise Again With Pocho Aztlan

16 years after their last album, Brujeria make their triumphant return with their fourth studio album Pocho Aztlan. Long hiatuses can either kill or revitalize a band and for these enigmatic narcos, it was the latter and it was all worth the wait. Juan Brujo’s merciless vocals still have the power to effortlessly invoke the same chaos he did years ago. Brujeria stayed true to their themes about the narco lifestyle and the occult as heard in “Angel De La Frontera” (Angel of The Border)  and the hauntingly awesome “Codigos” (Codes). But not all is grit, mis amigos! Brujo sings about unrequited love in “Bruja” (Witch) and he really gets in touch with his feelings…Just kidding! That’s just another brutally fun and catchy song!

6 out of 6, Bow Down to Pocho Aztlan         

brujeria pocho aztlan

Brujeria returns with their first brutal album in 16 years, “Pocho Aztlan”


We’ll Gladly  Flirt with La Petite Mort

The metal thugs of King 810 are back with their dramatic sophomore album La Petite Mort Or A Conversion With God. The quartet still oozes with their signature rage and grit but much like death and its grievances, La Petite Mort simmers in a theatrical anguish creating a dark and dramatic ride we’ll gladly go on. The symphonic “Black Swan” takes listeners through a tragic tale of repentance, but King 810 changes the mood by adding a dash of jazz and blues with the sultry “Me and Maxine” and the haunting “Life’s Not Enough,” giving this album a forlorn heart beneath the fury. These guys are not your typical metal band and though they don’t fit in to the “metal look,” it would be no surprise if these four disgruntled bad boys from Michigan become Roadrunner Records’ MVPS.

6 Out Of 6, These Kings Feel And Do It So Well  


King 810 releases the theatrically gritty “La Petite Mort Or A Conversation With God.”



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