Note: We live in chaotic times and for some if not most, the work seems never-ending! The Klown knows this and so does his exasperated sister. So as the Dropkick Murphys have sung before in the “Workers Song.” “This one’s for the workers who toil night and day, by hand and by brain to earn your pay.” Happy Labor Day for you all, now on to the tune you can listen to so you can chillax to.

Honorable Mention:

Lemmy Gives Us One More Gem from Metal Valhalla

The Klown normally doesn’t do compilation albums unless something stands out. In fact, prior to this one, the only other compilation album the Klown did was Soilwork’s Death Resonance last year. Anyway, the name Lemmy Kilmister needs no further intro and the same can be said of his pioneering and iconic band, Motorhead.

Even though Lemmy took GWAR’s “Fuck This Place” to a whole literal level and joined Dave “Oderus Urungus” Brockie in metal Valhalla, the iconic frontman/bassist comes back with one more gift from the metal gods. Silver Lining Records have released Motorhead’s Under Cover compilation album which, if you haven’t caught on by now, is an array of cover songs done by this legendary band.

If you’ve ever wondered or never heard Motorhead cover Judas Priest’s “Breaking the Law,” the Sex Pistol’s “God Save the Queen,” David Bowie’s “Heroes,” Ozzy Osbourne’s “Hellraiser” or Metallica’s “Whiplash” inquire no further because this album has officially lumped them together to enjoy them all in one place.

St. Lemmy and St. Philthy Send Their Regards!

Speed Metal’s Holy Trinity


The Convalescence Release their Hellish Contemporary

The Toledoan sextet known as The Convalescence have returned with a new installment titled This Is Hell through Unique Leader Records. The albums commences rather soft and eccentric with the use of the keys and opens with keyboardist/vox Katie McCrimmon’s vocals which are immediately accompanied by Keith Wampler’s growling vocals. Soon after these two begin, they’re met with combination samples and electronic to their metalcore sounds, this combo returns in “I Won’t Survive.”

The band sticks to deathcore in “No Way Out,” ”Murder Machine” and “There Will Be Blood” just to name a few. The Convalescence would also venture a bit further and showcase a bit more and become borderline DJent with “This Is Hell” and “With No Hope.” The Klown definitely took a liking to “Alone” and begins with powerful drumming and a great opening riff that hooks you in almost instantly. This track also contains a medley of keys, riffs and drums with growling vocals. This album was a pleasant surprise considering it was a bit of a sleeper hit by comparison to the other releases. You can check this out and get this album through the labels Bandcamp.

5 out of 6, They’ll Give You Hell

Epica Circulate The Leftover for Hungry Fans

If anything could best describe this contemporary it would be Christmas in September. That’s right Epica fan, the Dutch symphonic sextet has returned nearly a year later with their latest EP The Solace System through Nuclear Blast Records. The album starts with “The Solace System” which does a great job hooking you to this EP with the orchestral overture that the song commences with which is followed by Simone Simons’ powerful operatic voice.

The song is then followed by “Fight Your Demons” and “Architect of Light” which was nearly similar to the previous but contains chorus and some growling vocals by Mark Jansen. Simons also manages to  make the biggest macho cry with her voice through the ballad “Immortal Melancholy.” The album finishes how it began, with “Decoded Poetry” which features more of Jansen’s growling vocals and more of a metal element when he takes over the mic. Isaac Delahaye’s guitar play and solo and Ariën van Weesenbeek’s thundering double kicks shine in this track.

This album was a pleasant surprise considering that this album could have simply been introduced as a “special” edition for The Holographic Principle or could have been used for a follow up album in the future. If you love Epica or symphonic metal definitely an album that the Klown recommends for you and you can get you album here.

5 out of 6, Symphony to Your Ears 


Paradise Lost Make Their Mythical Album a Reality

The British Goth metal band and one of the original pioneers of the death-doom subgenre known as Paradise Lost have returned with their 15th album titled Medusa through Nuclear Blast Records. The album begins with the 8-plus minute track “Fearless Sky” which was rather slow but powerful. The song begins with the sounds of an organ which would then transist into a rather brooding and really features frontman Nick Holmes show off his vocals in many forms from harsh and clean.

The song is then followed by “Gods of Ancients” which features the band go back to their sounds of doom and features artist Steve Crobar as a guest backing vocalist. They really sported their Goth banner with “From the Gallows,””The Longest Winter,” “Medusa” and “Shrines” with the gloomy but melodic sounds as well as the harmonic but dark chorus.  Artist Heather Mackintosh also lends her vocals for “No Passage for the Dead” which would completely revisit the doom-death subgenre the band has been known for with some heavy distorted guitar riff from Aaron Aedy and a sweet solo from Greg Mackintosh.

The album finishes in true Goth fashion with their dark ballad “Symbolic Virtue” which not only made a great closer, it features some keys courtesy of Mackintosh and feature a beautiful chorus and harmony that is sure to win you gents and ladies some brownie points for that alone time with your significant other and is reminiscent to that of the late great Pete Steele’s Type O Negative in terms of composition, sounds and lyrical content. This album was great and was justly hyped, it even had yours truly hooked because it featured everything the band has had to offer since day one. You can totally get your copy here and enjoy my Goths and ghouls because this one was a good one!

6 out of 6, Perseus Couldn’t Slay This One 

*Uh oh! Here comes Jenny Oh to throw in her 2 cents! There goes her life savings…AGAIN*

Septicflesh Cracks Open The ‘Codex’

Did you miss these Greek extreme metallers as much as the J-Ohster did? Well luckily for us the wait is over for Codex Omega which was released via Prosthetic Records (here in ‘Mericuh that is). This 10th saga was waiting to be unearth and devoured by yours truly…don’t mind if I do *winks awkwardly.*

Septicflesh cracked open this bad boy, with a symphonic intro that they know how to do so great with their first single “Dante’s Inferno.”  Septicflesh crank up the cinematic and haunting sound in “Portrait of a Headless Man.” After stumbing out of the haunted mansion, “The Gospel of Fear” will get you ready for an epic battle where the Arabic flute pops in to guide you before casting a spell on you with “Dark Art.” In “Dark Art” rhythm guitarist/co-vocalist Sotiris Vayenas’s clean vocals work their magic in these gothic horror stories.

Not feeling the cinematic part too much? Well “Martyr” and “Enemy of Truth” tones down that element a little bit keeping the dramatic overtones with a rougher sound Septicflesh is ALSO known. What can’t these guys do, amirite? “Faceless Queen,” and “Our Church, Below The Sea”  has Vayenas’s clean and anguished voice beautifully dance around bassist/co-vocalist Spiro “Seth Siro Anton” Antoniou’s growl giving you the other side of the coin like a melodic Jekyll and Hyde.

This Codex balances the orchestral sound Septicflesh has mastered with their rougher side as opposed to their previous albums (Check out Communion for a symphonic masterpiece). Both of these delectable flavors will make you want to indulge harder and for those who are not familiar with these guys, this album will feel like the right balance for you. Snag THE Codex Omega here and dive head first into this new saga.

6 Out 6, Alpha *Sips on blood of enemies, puts on monocle*

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