Steve ‘N’ Seagulls Definitely Are Brothers In Farms

This Finnish quintet has released their sophomore album through Spinefarm Records. Let me just state that curiosity has not killed this cat but has left it wondering, what bands should have gone country? Yes, you are reading this right, Steve ‘N’ Seagulls are a country band under a metal label that cover metal songs AND have actually played in metal festivals such as the Wacken Open Air Festival. I must say as cover bands go, you’ll definitely get a kick out of this band. So far this bloated sack of fun found their GnR covers of “You Will Be Mine” and “November Rain” the most enjoyable tracks. After experiencing these covers, it made me wonder what if Axl Rose and Slash had given up on hard rock and became prominent in the bluegrass and country scene? This album also covers Steppenwolf’s “Born To Be Wild”, The Offspring’s “Self Esteem” and Iron Maiden’s “Aces High” just to name a few. Check them out for the sake of curiosity and for shits and giggles. Either way, you’re going to be entertained.

6 out of 6 Because LOLZ


The cover for Steve N’ Seagulls’ new album “Brothers in Farms”


Norma Jean Have Returned With Lucky Number Seven

Norma Jean have silently been treading the metal scene and have returned strong with their current and seventh installment Polar Similarities. When the band officially announced the album was on the works, the general public was treated with the release of “1,000,000 Watts” and “Synthetic Sun” in June. The band is a mix of old and new. For certain tracks such as “Death Is A Living Partner,” they tapped that aggressive sound they were known for during the O God the Aftermath and Redeemer. However, I felt that the band kind of backtracked a bit and possibly attempted to make a listener friendly album… y’know, one for the kids. Despite that, this album feels like a potential album for a comeback and it did show a new artistic side of the band.

5 out of 6, It’s Still Good


Norma Jean is back with Polar Opposites

Pain Is Coming Home

The Peter Tägtgren side project known as Pain, has returned with their eighth installment titled Coming Home. The front man of Hypocrisy (in case you needed a reminder of Tägtgren’s primary group) has managed to impress a lot of audiences by dishing out a wave of creativity that would otherwise seem a bit out place in Hypocrisy. Tägtgren is a busy man and is far from being a musical one trick pony and proves in this album. Elements of his successful side project with front man of Rammstein, Till Lindemann (which was called… Lindemann), is PAINfully apparent in Coming Home especially in “Call Me” and “A Wannabe.” The “Black Knight Satellite” track is a league of its own, blending melodic power metal, electronic AND industrial. Definitely a good album, especially if you enjoy his Swedish comrades from Avatar, and German juggernauts Emigrate and Lindemann.

6 out of 6, A Legendary Return

pain coming home artwork

The artwork for Pain’s 8th studio album “Coming Home”


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