Editor’s Note: Uh Oh! Another split?! That’s right! Though this is not another BIG ass split as seen in Team Klown’s Dead Kennedy show and Team ASSasIN’s Ministry gig, there was a minor crack in last week’s trials! Read Jenny Oh’s Team ASSasIN’s take on…

Monarch Are Set To ‘Go Forth…Slaughter’

These local thrashers have released their debut LP Go Forth…Slaughter independently. Like the title mentions Monarch has every intention to slaughter your ears and dare I say have you “Beheaded.” Okay not literally, but the brutal song will and it will do it with a bloody delicacy much like “Bloody Assault.” This “…Assault” is not like any other, this one will slowly stalk and reel in its opponent where vocalist/guitarist Matt Smith hits that high note to the T!

Not interested in high notes? Okay well “Dawn to Night” and “Memories of War” will be a good one to crank up. “Kill or Die,” “Entropy” and the title track “Go Forth…Slaughter” wastes no time in sinking its jaws in you and will induce a serious case of headbanging!

Monarch’s debut full length album will appease thrashers and casual metalheads alike. Casey Trask’s memorable riffs in this album along with the vigorous drumming from Adam West, and the bass foundation from Alex Pickard lays in this album will also seal the deal for you. And this is just the album, see what we thought about them live! Nuff of yours truly yammering on and on, now go forth my child and get your copy here and experience the power of this Monarch.

5 out 6, Successful invasion

Arch Enemy Shows A Tamer Side of Their ‘Power’

Where there’s a will there’s a way no? Well the will was very much there for Arch Enemy’s latest album Will to Power which was released via Century Media Records. You know something big is coming when you hear the instrumental “Set Flame to the Night,” this beautiful intro will have you wonder what’s gonna happen next with their epic riffs before launching you in to the fast paced “The Race” and “The World Is Yours.”

“The Eagle Flies Alone,” the empowering “A Fight I Must Win” (which yours truly really enjoyed), and “Blood in the Water” tone down their tempo allowing you to let the instrumentals simmer a little better in your worn out ear drums. “Reason to Believe” made us believe we have feelings especially when Alissa White-Gluz shows off her clean vocals along with her thick growls which are complimented by the splendid solo in between.

Arch Enemy slightly sanded their rough surface in this album and works well for them and added a tiny drop of orchestra (I’m looking at you, “A Fight…”). Arch Enemy also do a great cover of Charged GBH’s “City Baby Attacked by Rats.” It’s clear Arch Enemy are ready to play around to confuzzle their foes and can be quite a treat if you open your mind. Get your copy of Will to Power right here and see what this is all about!

4 Out 6, They’re finding their way.

‘Monocle’ Is 1 In A Million

Meanwhile in Norway, a ghastly wonder is being crafted by the experimental Atrox. Atrox is not like the other experimental bands. They have a knack for blending a lot of different musical elements which can be heard in their latest Monocle which was released via Dark Essence Records. The quintet bust out their unique blend of industrial that’s laced with a whiff of prog and metalcore. I told you they were special especially when they bring THE “Heat.”

Atrox add a little more of the gothic element, especially in the lyrical aspect, in the pained “Finger” which transitions into a deeper level of anguish in the predominantly industrial “Suicide Days” and “Target.” “For We Are Many” mischievously slithers out of this foreboding train ride and shows off its proggy scales before it flashes its vicious little fangs towards the end before swallowing you whole with “Movie.” *Catches breath*

Atrox continue to shine in the vast sea of metal and refuse to conform, you go boys! Rune Folgerø’s melodic and passionate vocals along with the rest of Atrox will carry you to a dark land in a galaxy far, far away. Monocle promises a great time with a refreshing and new sense of wonder for those that are willing to drink this baby in. Open your mind and be the best and unique nugget you can be and get your copy here.

6 Out 6, There can only be one!  

Stay tuned for Part 2 by Chuggo’s Team Klown!



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