Monarch Are Determined To Reign With ‘Never Forever’

French doom metallers Monarch are here to guide us in to a darker and deeper extreme of doom with their latest album Never Forever via Profound Lore Records. The ambience is real and potent in “Of Night, With Knives” which is appropriately followed by the soft and slow “Song to the Void” which will ease us in to other worldly territory. You ready for this? Hold on to your metaphysical crystals ‘cause he we go!

Emilie Bresson continues to be our sludgy spirit guide and will entice us in to the rest of this doomy Forever with her silky and growling voice. Bresson switches to that sweeter side yours truly mentioned and sticks to clean vocals in their cover of Kiss’s “Diamant Noir” where she makes us feel her pain.  “Lilith” treads carefully and Bresson continues to mix her screaming vocals while her angelic chords which are complimented by the dark and steady riffs from Shiran Kaïdine and Stéphane Miollan.

Monarch continue to put the doom in doom. Bresson’s tortured screams mixed with Kaïdine, Miollan and bassist MicHell Bidegain riffs amplify the grimness in this genre, lest we forget the precision from drummer David Hemery. For my doom enthusiasts who are ready to submerge themselves to the next darker level of this subgenre, this ambient baby is it. Blacken your doom dosage and get your copy here.

5 out 6, Forever and ever

Satyricon Rise From The ‘Deep’

We like our comebacks and our coffees just like our metal…legendary! Sigurd “Satyr” Wongraven and drumming extraordinaire Kjetil-Vidar “Frost” Haraldstad are back despite the few hiccups life threw at them. The iconic black metal duo has released their ninth studio album Deep Calleth Upon Deep via Napalm Records and it was just what the witch doctor prescribed.

Satyricon crack open their signature riffs and style in the track “Blood Cracks Open the Ground” but experiment a little in “Dissonant” and briefly add a trumpet! Whoa…But just super briefly in the intro so before you get your pleather gauntlets in a bunch, it’s still a Satyricon song. MORE COWBE…I mean trumpet… please! Want another uber Satyricon song with a little bit of vintage black metal elements? “Black Wings And Withering Gloom” will soothe that craving.

“To Your Brethren in the Dark” adds an extra drop of black before carrying you off in to the cold embrace of the title track “Deep Calleth Upon Deep” to whisk you away… to hell! JK! More like a nice gondola ride in the river Styx. Another thing worth mentioning about the title track is that it lives up to the simple but poetic artwork this album proudly wears. Satyricon keeps the faint theatrical ball rolling with “The Ghost of Rome.”

Deep Calleth Upon Deep is somewhat of an elegant beast, but it will unexpectedly envelop you with a calculating darkness much like death. What too grim? You’re  actually right for once… Okay, this album will swallow you up at a steady pace with a sweet darkness that will make you see the Norwegian stars in the dark forest. Better? Does this sound more positive? Is this possibly a love letter? I don’t know but what the J-Oh’ster does know is that you MUST check it out. See how you feel about it at our Spotify and when you fall in love with it, get your copy here.

5 Out 6, DEEPER!

 Archspire Continue Their ‘Relentless Mutation’

 Ya know who was in overdrive? Archspire. But that’s not surprising from these technical death metallers who are ready to melt our brains and eardrums with their latest Relentless Mutation which burst out of its cage via Season Of Mist.

Are you ready for this mother of a ride? Strap on you strap-ons tightly everyone! ‘Cause Oli Peters ain’t slowing down especially once you get him started in “Human Murmuration” and “Calamus Will Animate.” Peters’s rapid vocals can power a big ass steamboat or train, which to be fair, can be heard throughout the whole album, not just these tracks.

“Relentless Mutation” cranks down the dial just a few decibels and allows you to bask in the amazing riff work from Tobi Morelli and Dean Lamb. “A Dark Horizontal” caps off with an elusive and somewhat turbulent ride that will take you out of this world! Right before the final track reaches the half way point, we’re treated with some nice acoustic fluff before launching back to the stratosphere.

Archspire’s rise is sure to continue with their third full length album because much like the title of this album, they are continuing to evolve and dominate in this genre. The instrumental work and Peters’s impressive interchanging range of growls and squeals is a talent any metal head will appreciate. Give in to this latest mutation from Archspire and get your copy here.

6/ 6, You can’t stop this evolution

Vacivus Will Convert You To Worship Their ‘Temple’

Looking for a new addition to your music library? Vacivus is here to fill in that void with their debut LP Temple of the Abyss which rose out of Profound Lore Records. These Brits will guide you down to blackened death metal’s basement by adding extra blackness to darken this album. I’m sure Spinal Tap would be pleased by this darker shade of black. Are you salivating yet? Surprised I used a big word? Me too but once you give in to this album you’ll see why.

Vacivus still maintain the same speed from these genres in “Summoning Apophis,” and “Cosmological Necroticism” which shines with more black metal elements, not to downplay the rest of the album. This Temple needs a chant right? “Black Flame Serpent” will make you kneel and throw your horns in the air especially when Dan Rochester and Ross Oliver lay out that breakdown and that final grand riff.

Vacivus delivered a strong debut potent with black metal magick that’s seething with brutal death metal. Nick Craggs’s vocals will certainly give you the best of both worlds that blend in so great with the fantastic and ruthless instrumentals from the rest of Vacivus. It’s only a matter of time till these British imports are dominating our American ears and metal scene. Join the Temple of the Abyss and get your copy here.

6 out of 6, You’ll worship this album

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