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Myrkur Creates Anything But A ‘Mareridt’

The Danish siren is back with her highly anticipated sophomore LP Mareridt via Relapse Records. Where to begin with this so called nightmare (which is what “Mareridt” means)? Amalie Bruun welcomes us in to this dream with her signature haunting and harmonic vocals in the title track before morphing into the growling black metal beast in “Måneblôt.

Bruun then sprinkles some of her magick and conjures up a rare kind of chills with “The Serpent.”  “Crown,” on the other hand, was a new level of epic wonder where Bruun showed us the sultry side of her vocals and fuels theatric element by adding the piano and a beautiful choir. “Ulvinde” has another beautiful union between chants and Bruun’s brief growls will make you battle ready. *Shivers* My skin is crawling…AWWW YEAH!

Bruun and doom songtress Chelsea Wolfe teamed up for the ambient “Funeral” and if you have the deluxe edition, the haunting ballad “Kvindelil.” Get ready for the raid with “Elleskudt” and be prepared to be lunged into a strange transcendence with “Bornehjem” where there is a chanting present while a female speaks in a distorted way. If you snag the deluxe version of Mareridt, Bruun will touch your soul with “Death Days,” and end in a heavenly note with “Två Konungabarn.”

Though Mareridt means “nightmare” let me tell you, that this album is what mystical black metal dreams are made of. This album is a superb follow up to the self titled debut, and though it’s painfully obvi how yours truly feels about this “nightmare” get your copy here. Though be warned that this baby will give you chills that will feel damn good.

6/6, Sweet dreams are made of this

Foo Fighters Continue To Cement Their Legacy

The Foo Fighters? Here in Ugh METAL?! That’s right bub you’re reading this correctly. Rating these rock legends was a must ‘cause say what you want, you know you can’t resist Dave Grohl and the rest of these Foos. These Foos are back with Concrete and Gold via Roswell/RCA Records and are ready to bare the good mature angst we can relate to.

Foo Fighters kick off their ninth creation with the “T-Shirt” which will entice you with a nice bluesy beginning before adding their signature hard rock element and back to the blues. Foo Fighters add some soul and a nice choir in the super real and divine hymn “The Sky Is A Neighborhood,” which is their current hit. Speaking of hits, I know you’ve heard or been singing their hit “Run” at the top of your lungs and have felt its heartfelt urgency.

Foo Fighters crank up the volume and play with subtle electronic elements in “La Dee Da” and will drown you with some nostalgia with “Sunday Rain” because it has a faint garage rock sound lingering in the back. This album concludes with the title track and will reward you with one final deep, melancholic but strangely uplifting song. Foo Fighters still got it going on and continue to produce the same ol’ angst we can relate while adding a few new ingredients into their mix that works so well. Get this chunk o’ gold here

5 Out 6, Solid

Prophets of Rage Deliver Their Debut LP

Prophets of Rage are back but this time, they come baring a gift. That’s right their self titled debut album has risen from this seasoned manifesto via Fantasy Records. Considering how my last reaction to their EP was, it was crucial for yours truly to dust off this new-old manifesto with an open mind. The supergroup made up of members from Rage Against the Machine, Cyprus Hill, Public Enemy and Audioslave don’t beat around the bush and dive in and hellbent on stirring these rebellious tendencies in the OG fans.

The first track “Radical Eyes” introduces the famous word play Rage was known for followed by the famous riffs from Tom Morello where Chuck-D takes over the vocals and B-Real chimes in. The Prophets then crank up the grit with “Unfuck the World.” These Prophets adds a hint of funk in the catchy “Legalize Me” where B-Real not only takes over for the most part but the band, as a whole, create an original sound that does not sound like RATM. Oooh! Digging the funky sound? “Take Me Higher” will have you dancing and humming the chorus.

“Who Owns Who” picks up the tempo again and adds a drop of electronic elements. Chuck-D shows off some of his legendary rhymes in the beginning of “Hail to the Chief” and “Fired A Shot.”   Do you miss Rage Against the Machine? No worries, the dramatic “Strength in Numbers,” “Hands Up” and “Smashit” will tease you with Morello’s iconic riffs yet again.

It was thrilling that Prophets Of Rage gave us original content, however, it feels like these musical geniuses still have ways to go when it comes down to finding their niche, their crème de la crème, their midnight special, their sound. This album will be enjoyable for those that grew up with the music of the respective members but yours truly can’t help but catch the feels and wonder where Zach De La Rocha is? This isn’t Rage’s highly anticipated album?! Nor Cypress Hill’s? How ‘bout Public Enemy? No!? Well, damn. Hmmm well this ain’t so bad for a start but dive headfirst and see how you feel about this new project here.

3 Out 6, Prophets of Meh

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  • […] What made Mareridt more rewarding was that Myrkur not only collaborated with another rising songstress, Chelsea Wolfe, Bruun let loose and dipped into other influences such as instrumental atmospheric tracks, Doom, and beautiful folk pieces. Myrkur continues to reign supreme in metal and every time I played this album, it was like hitting a black metal nirvana. I can’t wait to see what Myrkur will do next and I’m curious as hell to see what other influences this band will choose to play around with. Binge on this album on Spotify and see what I thought about it the first time here! […]


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