Candiria Make An Eighth ‘Sleeping’ Wonder

The Brooklyn quintet has returned with their eighth studio release titled While They Were Sleeping. This time around, Candiria continued to produce under the metalcore banner with Metal Blade Records after a seven year hiatus. It’s worth noting that this is their first studio album without their original guitarist Chris Puma due to his untimely passing and after front man, Carley Coma, claimed the band was going to be doing electronic based music. The track “While They Were Sleeping,” is a bit of a wild card due to its metalcore and jazz fusion whereas “Ten Thousand Tears” is a melodic track laced with some testosterone courtesy of Coma’s rhymes. This album is filled with musical ingenuity and was all over the place but in a good way. It is definitely an album for those who want to keep an open ear and mind.

6 out 6, This Mofo Will Awaken You


Candiria return after a seven year hiatus with “While They Were Sleeping”


Gatecreeper Provide A Long Awaited Album

Death Metal Arizonians known as Gatecreeper have rewarded their diehard fanbase with their studio debut album Sonoran Depravation through Relapse Records. Although this album is a good debut, it could have been better and it’s a record Death Metal heads are definitely gonna enjoy. “Depravation” and “Stronghold” not only have that oomph to summon a pit but they were the only two songs that stood out to the Klown. The rest of the album felt like a beautifully transitioned album to keep metal heads going for a quick dose. Before the Creeper’s fans attempt to pitchfork and burn the Klown and NAMS headquarters, not all debuts start off perfect and that is not a bad thing. With that said, expect Gatecreeper to shut my goofy ass up by releasing a great breakthrough one day.

3 out of 6, This Debut Definitely Will Creep Up On Your Ears

Gatecreeper make their studio album debut with "Sonoran Depravation"

Gatecreeper make their studio album debut with “Sonoran Depravation”


Sonata Arctica Arrive At The Ninth Hour

The Finnish power metal quintet have released their ninth album, cleverly titled The Ninth Hour. Could you imagine if they would have released this last month on the ninth, just for the sake of wit and dedication? Anyway, enough of that BS, this current installment gets a little deep and I mean deeper than a 12-packs-a-day smoker’s voice. The Ninth Hour seems to have humanity as its theme and feeding my assumption is the track “Life.” “Closer To An Animal” seeps in with a philosophical musings such as desiring feats such as flying and accomplishing them through ingenious machinations. Returning with their usual MO, “Fairy Tales” provides a track that would usually resonate with the band. This was definitely an enjoyable and beautifully composed album. It’s a treat for power metal aficionados and fans of the Arctica and Nightwish.

6 out of 6 You could play this at any hour!

Things get deep with Sonata Arcticas "The Ninth Hour"

Things get deep with Sonata Arctica’s “The Ninth Hour”


Meshuggah Have Awoken With ‘The Violent Sleep of Reason’

So… for those of you who speak Yiddish, Mazel Tov! You guys are ahead of the curve. For those who haven’t caught on, Meshuggah means crazy in Yiddish which is how I could best describe their four year hiatus and their new installment The Violent Sleep of Reason. Right from the get-go “Clockworks” sends an explosion of metal proportions, just the way Meshuggah knows how. “The Violent Sleep of Reason” shows a more lethargic side to Meshuggah and showcases lead guitarist’s, Fredrik Thordendal, riffs. The “Ivory Tower” follows up on the “The Violent Sleep…” track as a great extension of the song and is very melodic by Meshuggah’s standards. The track “Nonstrum” was a bit of a change and snowballs, ultimately shining the spotlight on Thordendal’s powerful solo riffs yet again. This was a very good album and for die hard Meshuggah fans, it’s an album that was worth the wait.

5 out of 6, There Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked  

Meshuggahs "The Violent Sleep of Reason" is anything but a yawn fest!

Meshuggah’s “The Violent Sleep of Reason” is no yawn fest!

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