Fireball Ministry Want You To Remember That They’re Back

The stoner rock quartet known as Fireball Ministry has returned and came back with their 5th album to date. Remember The Story, released through Cleopatra Records, will have you remembering why this band gained some traction from the beginning.

The album, unsurprisingly, starts off mellow with “End Of Our Truth.” Soon after the band picks up the pace a bit with “Everything You Wanted”  and feature more of a hard rock influence than that of the stoner variety. “Back On Earth,” on the other hand, speed things up some more and features some really cool guitar solos and James Rota II’s signature harmonic vocals.

“The Answer” features some good ol’ fashioned stoner rock and has  all the members showcasing themselves. Most notably, bassist Scott Reeder has a brief solo, and drummer John Oreshnick accompanying him with his own bass drum kicks. The same could be said about “Remember The Story” minus the bass solo by instead featuring a guitar solo. “Stop Talking” actually does as it implies and has the band give you full blown stoner hard rock instrumental with some heavy distorted bass and guitars. “Weaver’s Dawn” introduces some more harmony to the mix in terms of vocalization and composition and also features some psychedelic influences.

This album caps off with a tribute to St. Lemmy by covering “I Don’t Believe A Word.” The Klown had never heard another rendition of this song till that moment and he’s got to say that it was rather unique and enjoyable. Rota’s touch adds more pain to the song and makes it rather significant which is accompanied by Reeder’s bass and also features guitarist Emily Burton chiming in with her vocals in an ongoing chorus towards the end of the song.

This album was pretty good and if you huge of the Ministry the wait is over. The Klown enjoyed this album but not much stood out beside the Motorhead cover. You can check this album at the label’s Bandcamp and hear some for yourself.

5 out of 6, You Can Still Get Blazed to This Album

You can totally blaze to this

Necromante Will Mystify You with Debut

The Klown recently stumbled upon this nugget and just felt intrigued to give it a listen and spread the word of their existence. Necromante is a black metal trio from the land of the Cavaleras and Samba have released their first studio LP The Magikal Presence of Occult Forces through Machado Fantasma Records in collaboration with Iron Bonehead Productions.

Anyway, the album starts off with Arquimedes “Arquimedes666” Araújo playing the transverse flute to make a rather ominous and suspenseful mood with “In the Wings of the Dark Mother (pt. 1) and it is immediately followed by “Secret Eye.” When the Klown first heard “Secret Eye,” he thought he may have been listening to an old, secret Sepultura song during their death metal phase.

“Nekrokosmic Pentagram” take it a bit further and feature some length and black metal reminiscent to that of an early Celtic Frost. The Klown really took a liking to “Occult Cult” not only did it bring speed into the mix but it really featured Macabro Oculto’s drumming and Gustavo “GC Reaper” Coveiro’s heavy bass for some foundation.

“A’arab Zaraq” in the opening play a bit of a tribute to the sounds of Black Sabbath and proceed to pick up the pace soon after. “Prelude to Movement” feature Arquimedes adding some acoustic guitar as a catalyst for the rest of the song and has the song pass over to “Baphomet Movement” which is best described as a blackened speed metal track.

The album is capped off with outro “Enuma Elish” which was a rather soothing, faded acoustic guitar play that felt like the perfect cherry on top. Although this band is a black metal band, they featured quite a bit of death metal influence most notably that of old Sepultura and Death. On that note, this album was still heavily ingrained with black metal influences and even featured a bit of a curveball like the addition of flutes and acoustic.

Nevertheless, the Klown enjoyed this album more than he thought and would incredibly recommend you listening to them if you like black metal and early death metal. If you are looking of the cassette of this release all you have to do is email Machado Fantasma Records. Otherwise, for the contemporaries, you can acquire it here.

6 out of 6, Ready for the Next Ritual

so kvlt they even made cassette tapes

Marylin Manson Will Give You a Dose of Industrial Heaven

If you were to bring up Marilyn Manson to casual fans, you’d expect a mixed reaction. To other metalheads who grew up around his music or have listened over the years, they’d probably say that he has lost his touch over the years. Whether you care to admit it or not, you knew you were looking forward to Manson’s tenth album Heaven Upside Down which was released through Loma Vista Recordings and Caroline International.

The album begins with some Industrial with “Revelation #12” and continues on in the same fashion with “Tattooed In Reverse” and “Je$u$ Cri$i$” which actually sounds like the Manson from  Antichrist Superstar.  “We Know Where You F’ing Live” and “Say10” has the bit of censorship from the Klown and felt like a revisit of Mechanical Animals sounds.

“Kill4Me” was rather unique and features Manson sporting electronic dance influences with some funk with the added bonus of it being a dark ballad. “Saturnalia” features more of a mellowed out Manson by keeping closely reminiscent to some songs to that of Portrait of an American Family.The album finishes the album with some more of a goth rock with both “Heaven Upside Down” and “Threats of Romance.” The latter  features Blues rock influences and has a nice but the brief guitar solo.

This album feels like a comeback for Manson and seems to have rediscovered his iconic sounds that most fans are akin to with some new influence. In a way, Manson reinvented himself through rediscovering some of his old material. The Klown would recommend this album if you fancy yourself a diehard Manson fan or actually enjoy industrial. You can get your copy here and hear for yourself what the Klown is writing about.

6 out of 6 Brian Warner has Done It!

Still as Satanic as Dumb Parents Think

August Burns Red Release a New Anthem for the Fans

The metalcore band known as August Burns Red has returned with their eighth installment titled Phantom Anthem through Fearless Records. The album starts off strong with “King Sorrow” which can be described as a plethora of rage and speed. It begins with muffled opening riffs from John Benjamin Brubaker and it is immediately accompanied by Jake Luhrs harsh vocals and the rest of the band which is later met by Brubaker’s solo.

“The Frost” features a lot of guitar play from Brubaker and Brett Rambler. “Lifeline” has Luhrs show more of an angry side than his preceding tracks and has Brubaker and Rambler’s guitar play even more as well as a solo from Brubaker. The same can also be said about “Invisible Enemy,” “Quake” and “Dangerous.”

ABR stick to metalcore with “Hero of the Half Truth,” “Coordinates” and “Generations.” The album ends with “Carbon Copy” which is nearly close to how it began with the difference being that it was more metalcore but somewhat aggressive with some sweet solos from Brubaker.

It has been awhile since the Klown has heard anything August Burns Red and he was a bit more impressed with this album than he originally anticipated. In fact, this feels like a good comeback for the band. Check this album about to either deny or take the Klown word on this. Either way, it’s just one opinion and can get here.

6 out of 6, Apparently Burns All the Way to October

Apparently, burning all the way to our Octobers

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