A note from the Klown: By the time you trick and treats, it will most likely be one of the most wonderful times of the year, Hallo-f’n-ween. The time of year where diabeetus is not much of a concern and cosplayers take a back seat to frown upon the regular jerk offs dressing up in shitty costumes. But most importantly, the slutty costumes are in full swing no matter how cold the environment is. Pennywise, have mercy! Anyway… here are some treats with not many tricks and of the slithery variety.

Avenged Sevenfold Have Begun To Avenge Themselves

Despite their success, the band has gone through a roller coaster type of career. From frontman Matthew “M.Shadows” Sanders having vocal repairs through surgery and the untimely death of founding member and drummer James “The Rev” Sullivan. Despite all those bumps, Ax7 has soldiered on and have released their seventh installment, The Stage. The current single from the namesake album, “The Stage,” was a pretty good track to give the band a quick sound off for diehard fans. However, the Klown took a liking to the tracks “Sunny Disposition,” “Creating God” and “Simulation.” “Sunny Disposition” introduces different musical elements in to the mix, by blending the saxophone with thrash or a bit of speed with groove. “Creating God,” was melodic and “typical” Ax7 but with a bit of grunge. “Simulation,” didn’t drift away from its theme and is a power ballad type of track with crossover popping up almost immediately as M. Shadows silences. This was definitely a treat for the Klown’s ears and to anyone who listens to this album. This Klown dares to say this album equates with their infamous breakthrough, City of Evil.

6 out of 6 The Stage was set and they broke a leg

Avenged Sevenfold set their grandest 'Stage' yet

Avenged Sevenfold set their grandest ‘Stage’ yet


Dope Gets Their Hands Dirty With Their Sixth Album

So… it’s getting close to eight years since their last album, No Regrets. Let’s flash forward to October 28 of this year. The Chicagoan quartet have resuscitated with their current installment, Blood Money Part 1. The Klown will say this; it is a good overall comeback and its rather refreshing to be hearing them again. Good ol’ fashioned industrial! “Blood Money” is not only a great track but a good song to kick off the band’s long absence. Dope incorporated a dark ballad, appropriately titled after an antidepressant drug known as “Lexipro,” ‘cause love can be a pain. Unlike the late and great Prince, “1999” is darker and… personal but in a humorous way. It is metal and very industrial. It was definitely a great track. The Klown definitely recommends this album to Dopeheads, industrial enthusiasts and anyone who listens to Wednesday 13 and Marylin Manson… old school Manson.

5 out of 6 Dunno about your blood, definitely worth the money!

Dope is back and BLOODIER

Dope is back and BLOODIER


Crowbar Has Returned With An 11th Slithery Treat

Legendary sludge metal juggernauts, Crowbar have slithered out with The Serpent Only Lies. They’ve returned speedier rather than sludgier. Serpent features the uber heavy, “I Am The Storm.” The melodic sludge sound the band’s known for, however, is heavily featured on the track “Surviving the Abyss” and “The Serpent Only Lies.” If you are in the mood for a ballad than look no further than “Songs of the Dune” for that quick fix. This was a pretty good surprise after nearly three years apart from the last album. Serpent features a different side of the band without abandoning the sound they champion.

4 out of 6, This album will not lie to you

These sludge metal juggernauts are back with The Serpent Only Lies

These sludge metal juggernauts are back with ‘The Serpent Only Lies’


Serpentine Dominion Establishes Its Dominance

Ever wondered what would happen if you married George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher’s vocals with Killswitch Engaged? Well… even if you didn’t, here it is. The long awaited debut of Adam Dutkiewicz and Corpsegrinder is finally out in the self titled debut album, Serpentine Dominion. This album also features drummer Shannon Lucas from All That Remains and the satanic band The Black Dahlia Murder. This album is a beautiful and an unexpected union. If you want to reminisce on “new” Cannibal Corpse then that track “Divide, Conquer, Burn And Destroy” will be your thing.  Otherwise expect this unholy matrimony to surprise you with KSE’s riffs and backup vocalization, mixed with some BDM and ATR elements capped off with Fisher’s legendary vocals.

6 out of 6, Not even Conan got the better of these serpents

This super group will MELT your faces off!!!!!!!!!!!!

This super group will MELT your faces off!!!!!!!!!!!!


Testament’s New Album Will Make You Want To Join Their ‘Brotherhood’

The long awaited release from the underrated, Bay Area thrash gods is finally out! They got us joining a brotherhood ruled by a scaly Longfellow. The hit single “Brotherhood of the Snake” was released on September 2 and even had a game available to play through their record label Nuclear Blast. A couple of weeks back, Testament released their second, and current, single “Stronghold.” Both tracks are f’n awesome! The band, however, really take it a bit old school with “The Pale King” who recently debuted the music video for the track. The track takes you will take you back to the days when thrash REIGNED. This album was pure awesomeness and adrenaline. Through and through, guitarist Nick Skolnick shows no sign of slowing down. The same can be said about the rest of the band, as a whole.

6 out of 6, Welcome to the brotherhood of thrash!

Have you joined "The Brotherhood of the Snake" yet?!! We sure did!

Have you joined “The Brotherhood of the Snake” yet?!! We sure did!


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