Thrown Into Exile debut album will make you feel ‘Safe Inside’

Man… I know Halloween, as of this writing, is in ten days but talk about them treats! Die hard T.I. will rejoice, for the quartet has rewarded your patience and fandom by releasing their debut album titled Safe Inside. The Klown and Jenny Oh first saw this quartet’s energetic performance at our Cinco de Drink-o in Brick by Brick as a supporting act for Fear Factory for their Demanifacture 20 year anniversary tour *cough* READ IT*cough*. Speaking of that tour, Soilwork’s frontman, Björn “Speed” Strid lends his vocals to this album for the track “Song For The Lost” and it is melodic AF. “Foreshadow” is not only emotionally charged but it captures the spirit of metalcore, you can be metal and have feelings at the same time, guys. “Idol Of One” takes a slightly different turn and summons the spirit of Swedish Extreme Metal. This album is highly recommended if you’re a fan of Trivium, Wovenwar and metalcore. Last thing to note, don’t miss these guys when they return to the Brick with thrash legends Death Angel on the 30th.

5 out of 6, It Is Definitely Safe for Your Ears!

The wait is over and it's 'Safe' to say no one will be banishing Thrown Into Exile with their strong debut.

The wait is over and it’s ‘Safe’ to say no one will be banishing Thrown Into Exile with their strong debut.


Wovenwar Bring Back ‘Honor’ To Our Genre

Since mentioning Brick by Brick and Wovenwar in the previous album, allow the Klown to talk about their sophomore release. Honor Is Dead is the brand new installment from our local metalcore titans, Wovenwar. Even though guitarist Phil Sgrosso decided to leave the band right before the release of this album, Wovenwar showed no signs of derailment. Lead guitarist, Nick Hipa stated on, that this time aggression was going to be displayed and he did not lie. The first single, “Censorship,” “World on Fire” and “Stone Thrown” are the strong forerunners to truly display that aggressive release. “Compass,” one of the album’s ballads, displays the vulnerability one expresses after a period of pure aggression. This album was a masterpiece and can be a very therapeutic album for those having a shitty day.

6 out of 6, It Was An Honor Listening To This Album

'Honor' is alive and well especially after Wovenwar's sophomore album.

‘Honor’ is alive and well especially after Wovenwar’s sophomore album.


Obituary Demonstrate How To Die ‘Ten Thousand Ways’

Although it’s not a brand spankin’ new studio album, Death Metal pioneers Obituary have managed to release an album nonetheless. The new album, Ten Thousand Ways To Die is a compilation and is the calm before the storm and will hype fans for the Spring release of their highly anticipated album. This compilation features two brand new tracks called  “Loathe,”  and “Ten Thousand Ways To Die.” “Loathe” is the first track and single that was released and streamed on August 24 to promote this album. Obituary is back and no change is necessary. The rest of the album are recorded live tracks.

4 out of 6, You’ll Live

Death Metal pioneers, Obituary, hype fans up with their compilation album.

Death Metal pioneers, Obituary, will hype fans with their compilation album.


I Declare War Create ‘Songs’ For The Sick

The Seattle collective known as I Declare War are back almost 3 years before their last release. The current album is titled Songs For The Sick and it sounds sick! In fact, they sound really angry and it gave the Klown some goosebumps. “We Wait” features vocalist Jamie Hanks growling till our hearts are content and unleash a new and much needed aggression. “Flower Child” features a bit more speed and an up-tempo than most of the tracks. Despite the fact that this album is pretty good, the Klown feels like the album could have been a bit different. The Klown at one point felt that he was listening to their previous album. Simply put, it was good but the Klown wasn’t feeling it.

3 out of 6, It’s Sick But It Could Use A Remedy

I Declare War will appease loyal fans because they stuck to their old ways.

I Declare War will appease loyal fans because they stuck to their old ways.


Korn Ends The ‘Suffering” With Their 12th release

The Nu metal titans release The Serenity of Suffering a little over 3 years after their previous album. The Bakersfield quintet newest release brings a forth a new and old Korn together. To reiterate that previous sentence, old school Korn blends with the current Korn sound which uses some electronic and dubstep undertones. The opening track, “Insane” and “A Different World” were great songs reminding the Klown of classic Korn. Assuming you haven’t heard of the latter track, Slipknot and Stone Sour’s frontman, Corey Taylor, lends his vocals for the track. My inner man-boy had some major excitement brewing from beginning to end. “Black is the Soul” was a great song that represents the current Korn with more meaning. The Klown actually enjoyed this album a bit more than he anticipated. This album is definitely a treat for Korn fans and Nu Metal lovers.

6 out of 6,  Suffer No More!

Old Korn married new Korn and had a wonderful baby together.

Old Korn married new Korn and had a wonderful baby together.

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