Darkthrone Has Released Their 16th in 2016

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, Norwegian Councilman Gylve Nagell who is fondly known as Fenriz, has resurrected his legendary band Darkthrone. The councilman along with the other half of this awesome duo, Ted “Nocturno Oculto” Skjellum, have joined forces to release Arctic Tundra. While Metallica released their, widely popular single “Hardwire,” the Klown along with a handful of metal heads indulged in the release of “Tundra Leech.” This album has not disappointed me one bit. In fact, it has brought the spirit of early Norwegian Black Metal back! Fenriz and Nocturno were sure to stay on course and invoke the signature sound they have created with Darkthrone, but expect some punk overtones blended into some of the tracks. Unlike most politicians, Fenriz has stayed trve to his word and has produced more metal for the masses as promised. Die hard kvlts, Norwegian Black Metal enthusiasts and Darkthrone fans are going to really love this album

6 out of 6,  Fenriz for Norwegian Prime Minister!

Guess who's back, back again? Darkthrone's back tell a friend!

Guess who’s back, back again? Darkthrone’s back tell a friend!


The Dillinger Escape Plan Depart With their Sixth and Final Act

It was on August 5 when Ben Weinmann, the lead guitarist and the only original member of the Dillinger Escape Plan, did an interview with the music website Noisey, he announced that DEP would be taking a bow. About a month later, vocalist Greg Puciato confirmed to Metal Hammer magazine that the band was going to break up. The amicable disbandment sent shockwaves within the metal world because the band had still planned on releasing the appropriately titled album Dissociation. Right from the start, their first single and first track “Limerent Death,” was rightfully chosen to carry the banner as a reminder that DEP still has plenty of energy to give despite their imminent end. The second track and current single, “Symptom of a Terminal Illness” is deep and neurotic but melodic. “Dissociation” is a ballad and serves as a reminder of the band’s dissolve and leaves you feeling the feels. It was also the first time the Klown realized what a great singing voice Puciato has. This album has left the band with an impressive legacy to tip a feather in their caps.

5 out of 6, The Escape was Successful Just Like John Dillinger Planned

Dillinger Escape Plan take with "Dissociation"

Dillinger Escape Plan take with “Dissociation”


Red Fangs Goes to the ‘Great Beyond’

The hard stoner rock quartet from Portland have resurrected a new album from their three year hiatus, titled Only Ghosts. The track “No Air” is a great song with a bit more metal than the hard stoner rock M.O. whereas “Shadows” bring forth a much needed and fresher sound to Red Fang. “Not For You” brings back the bands signature melodic stoner sound but adds a touch of the heavy hard rock guitar riffs. Whether you are a true fan of the Fang or just hankering for some more Queens of the Stone Age, this album definitely will suffice that itch. This album is a great comeback from the Portlanders.

 6 out of 6 This album is not just for ghosts.

These stoner rockers have us seeing "Only Ghosts"

These stoner rockers have us seeing “Only Ghosts”


Wormrot Will Have You Hearing ‘Voices’

Singaporean grindcore titans, Wormrot have released their third album after four long years. The new album titled Voices is pure 100% adrenaline and speed. “Oblivious Mess” and “Fallen to Disuse” are some of the most testosterone filled tracks. “1st World Syndrome” have more of a speed death metal twist than grindcore whereas “Forced Siege” captured the spirit of grindcore and was full blown and in your face. The Singaporean trio has taken a page off of Nails, and the legendary grindcore band Anal Cunt by pumping out numerous short but high quality tracks. The album provides pure speed, adrenaline and powerful growling vocals. This is definitely an album worth listening to, especially if you’re a real Wormrot fan or love the shit out of grindcore.

6 out of 6 You’ll definitely going to be hearing voices

That cover and album will leave you hearing "Voices"

That cover and album will leave you hearing “Voices”

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