Lamb Of God Honour ‘The Duke’

Although not an LP, Lamb of God have released the EP titled The Duke. Unless you have disconnected from the internet or are still living in the 50’s, the album is not about John Wayne. Though The Duke offers two new tracks and three live ones, they are high quality and it’s all for a good cause. The proceeds of the signed EP along with other selected items available for purchase, will be donated to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. The first new track, “The Duke” is dedicated to a fan, Wayne Ford, who not only befriended front man D. Randall Blythe but made a big impression on him. Sadly, Ford passed away due to leukemia while Blythe was still working on the EP. Blythe recently stated in an interview with that when word of Ford’s passing came to him he wrote “The Duke” in his honor. “Culling” was thrashy laced with signature Lamb of God elements and groove. It is worth noting that this track dates back to the Wrath album and remained unreleased till now.

6 out of 6, It was an album fit for a King!

Lamb Of God praise 'The Duke' and so do we.

Lamb Of God praise ‘The Duke’ and so do we.


Devilment Would Like to Partake In These ‘Waltzes’ With Us

Though II: The Mephisto Waltzes has been on the down low by comparison to other high profile albums, it has managed to build anticipation. Devilment embraced the Christmas spirit a month early and began releasing a string of both lyric and music videos through the Nuclear Blast YouTube channel for “Under the Thunder,” the official music video to “Hitchcock Blonde” and “Full Dark, No Stars.” The Klown took a liking to the track of “Judasstein” it is an awesome opening track and will have you reminiscing over Cradle’s Godspeed on the Devil’s Thunder and Damnation and A Day. The tracks “Life Is What You Keep from the Reaper” and “DEA Della Morte” are incredibly fresh and fun because they play around with famous scary movie monsters and the horror genre. Only you, Dani.

6 out of 6, it indeed was the devil’s music for the infernal dance!

Devilment would like to have this dance, and we graciously accepted.

Devilment would like to have this dance, and we graciously accepted.


Metallica Get Us ‘Hardwired…’ With 2 Discs!

Disc 1: 

The legends of Thrash metal have quenched the eight year old thirst of their faithful legion with their 10th and two disc studio album Hardwired…to Self-Destruct. Metallica released the album under their  own record label Blackened Recordings putting it in the spotlight. Their first track and single “Hardwired” made waves in August, but now that we have “Now That We’re Dead,” “Dream No More” and “Halo on Fire” will take you back to the past when Thrash reigned. The same could almost be said about their current hit single, “Moth Into Flame” which will remind you of the Reload album.

Disc 2:

“Spit Out The Bone,” it was a great track and revisits Death Magnetic. “Confusion” and “Here’s Comes Revenge” blends new and old school Metallica… mostly old school though. Once again, regarding old school Metallica, “Am I Savage?“ and “Murder One” serve as the band’s banner of the time Masters Of Puppets  and their famous 1991 self titled record ( A.K.A The Black Album) put them into their legendary status. “ManUNkind” will take you back to the band’s Load album mixed with a dash of the black album. This album is great, especially for the loyal fan base that have waited so long. This brand new installment has served as an early x-mas present to metalheads and a reminder that the legendary quartet can produce far more, if patience is allowed. This album is especially perfect for those who are hardcore Thrash aficionados and for potential Metallica fans who want to experience the classics in a refreshing way.

6 out of 6, This One became two and will Kill’em All on the Billboards

Metallica's "Harwired..." was like some kind of monster...

Metallica’s “Harwired…” was like some kind of monster…


A final note regarding this release: For those getting the deluxe edition, this special edition will not only have a third disc but an extra new song titled “Lords of Summer,” and Metallica covering Rainbow, Deep Purple, Iron Maiden, a live cover of Diamond Head and eight more live tracks.


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