Fire Next Time Bring Out their Fifth

Did you ever wonder what Social Distortion would sound like with the Dropkick Murphys’ Al Barr or Ken Casey at the helm? Wonder no more. The mystical land of the Canádas has got you covered with their punk collective called Fire Next Time and for those thinking that it’s the British punk band from the eighties, the Klown sends his condolences. Fire Next Time has released Knives through Stomp Records.

The album opens with some drumming from Garrett and some guitars on “Wanderlust.” The song also contained some banjo from Kevin which enhanced and made the song melodic. “Party Foul” brought some Dropkick Murphys style of punk rock into the mix. “Old Scratch” was one of the Klown’s favorite songs in the album and for some, it will make you feel the feels. “Birch Wood” is one of the songs in the album that sounded like Social D.

“Bethlehem” picks up the pace and has some pretty morbid and deep lyrics. The song also featured some keyboards from Kevin to add some tempo and somewhat downplayed the dark content, either way, the Klown approves. “A Jameson Fracture” was another favorite because it was fast but tame, and had a nice blend of acoustic mixed with an electric guitar. “Hurry Up and Wait” definitely felt like a punk anthem for the true punks and skins who have seen and experienced the political and social climates of today.

The album ended with “Critical Fail” which was very melodic and upbeat and felt like the perfect ending to the album. Knives was great and feels like a breakthrough to the Klown, the Klown highly recommends this album especially for fans of Social Distortion, Bad Religion, 7 Seconds and Rancid. Didn’t care for the Klown’s recommendations and want to check it out anyway check it out on your streaming service of choice or Bandcamp.

6 out of 6 It’s Been Fired!

Fear Of Domination Show No Fear in Latest

The Finnish Industrial group known as Fear Of Domination have ended the wait and have now come back with a new album. So y’all can stop salivating over the last couple of singles that they have released the last couple of months. The latest album is titled Metanoia and it was released through Ranka Kustannus.

The album opens with “Dance with the Devil” which begins with Johannes Niemu’s guitar feedback combined with Vesa Ahiroth’s intermittent drums which are then joined by the rest of the band instruments, and a  guitar solo from Niemu. “Obsession” also has a solo from Niemu but also contains more electronic influence and features keyboardist Sara Strömmer at the helm and has vocalist Saku Solin backing her up vocally.

Want to dance but still want to be metal? “Sick and Beautiful” is definitely the song you want to get a hold of! The Klown can say the same about “We Dominate” with the difference being that it is faster than “Sick and Beautiful.” The synths, rhythm and samples blend together so great and will have you shaking that bootay like the Klown did many years ago. “Shame” has Solis taking control of the vocals, and trades off with Strömmer for a bit and sounded like something that came out of Pain.

The album finishes with a one-two punch combo with “Mindshifter” and “Ruin.” While “Mindshifter” was an upbeat industrial metal song, the song immediately pretends to malfunction at the end and transitions to “Ruin.” “Ruin,” on the other hand, was slow and dark which was rather appropriate since the song sounded like a dark ballad. This album was great and featured a little bit of everything for everyone who enjoys and dabbles with industrial. The Klown highly recommends this album for fans of Sonic Syndicate, Pain, Kontrust and Megaherz. If you wanna hear for yourself check it out on your streaming service of choice or get it here.

6 out of 6 Have No Fear Industrial Is Here!

Wolvhammer Release their Fourth on the Fourth

If that wasn’t appropriate, then the Klown doesn’t know what is. Seriously, it’s not often that a band releases their fourth album on the fourth day of a month. The name Wolvhammer should also be familiar to you all. After all, frontman of the group, Adam Clemans, is also the current front man to Skeletonwitch. Now Clemans is back with his baby, Wolvhammer and released The Monuments of Ash and Bone through Blood Music.

The album opens this darkened masterpiece with some distorted bass from Andrew Gerrity which are then joined by some guitars for “Eternal Rotting Misery.” The thing that got the Klown double taking was how the song along with Clemans vocals sounded a lot like a Satyricon’s which was awesome. “Call Me Death” not only truly emphasized the representation of blackened sludge metal but also presented how Goatwhore would sound like if they slowed down and were to have a bitchin’ solo. The same could be said about “Law of the Rope” except there is an opening bass and guitar session before the song went in to full force which would also feature an awesome solo.

“Bathed in Moonlight and Wolflight” and “Dead Rat, Rotting Raven” really bring on some fast-paced sludge metal and manage to keep it on the blackened side. “The Failure King” starts rather fast but then tones down ans maintains a steady pace. The album caps off with “Solace Eclipsed” which really bring out some true sludge into the mix but with some harsh screaming vocals from Clemans and was a perfect closer to the album. The record was a great surprise by the collective and the Klown recommends this album for Goatwhore, Enslaved, Satyricon and Abigail Williams fans. If you’re still a skeptic of the Klown give it a listen to in their Bandcamp.

6 out of 6 Hammered on Darkness!

 *Here’s Jenny Oh and her 2 cents**

 We Waited Eons For Dimmu Borgir’s Latest… 

It has been nearly an eons since we had heard anything from Dimmu Borgir. We spent countless days and nights paying close attention until we heard the wind howl which for once was not our farts. No, this was different, this was the northern wind bringing in the familiar symphonic black metal melodies from… Dimmu Borgir? What an offering on Cinco de drink-o eve! The wait was over and the highly anticipated Eonian came in like a jack hammer through Nuclear Blast Records.   

“The Unveiling” has a grand entrance and will flash its edgy elegance to those that are willing to look at it in the eye. “Interdimensional Summit” and “Council of Wolves And Snakes,” as you all know by now, will give us a bit of a throwback because it has the right balance between theatrical and riffs with its ever present choir, OK maybe the “balance” is still thrown off but they’re still cool songs. “Aetheric” will take you to a whole new different realm especially with that epic and orchestral breakdown. I know you probably want something that will make your blood boil and not just because of the “softness” of this album, you want something that will make you fuck shit up! “Archaic Correspondence” might do something for you, you adrenaline junky. GAHH! *ducks and avoids being killed by a rotten tomato*

Okay! Settle down! Look, if you are looking for seething black metal roughness you won’t find it here, however, you will find an album that will potentially help you unclog the annals of your brain and will help you focus on that book you couldn’t get in to or help you power through that 12 page essay that’s due tomorrow morning (yikes!). This album is not nearly as atrocious it was portrayed. Sure not much stood out to me, excluding the singles, but we must keep in mind that Dimmu Borgir is just in its fancy wizard phase, k? I’m sure they will grow out of it. Listen to the whole album on Spotify and if you want to feel the northern air tonight, get your copy here.

3 out of 6, It’s just a phase.

Àmr  Will Take You To Infinity And Beyond

Living legend and music extraordinaire Ihsahn continues to flex his musical prowess to fans and casuals alike in his seventh solo album titled Àmr released via Candlelight Records. I recommend you put your space helmets on because you will be seeing stars after this album is over.  

The theatrical “Lend Me The Eyes Of The Millenia” pours some synthy goodness onto our ears that will set the mood in to this quest of time and space before Ihsahn opens the floodgates and releases the roughness. What a start! Y’all know “Arcana Imperii” yes it’s still awesome and who doesn’t appreciate the rough proggines in this and Ihsahn’s clean vocals? What can’t this man do? “In Rites Of Passage” has more of that erratic prog elements with more synth and cyber sounds! Can we just have Ihsahn score the music for the next Space Odyssey movie?

Because Ihsahn wants to seal the deal with us, he gives us the slow and deep “Where You Are Lost And I Belong” and “Samr” and shows off more of his melodic vocals. “Marble Soul” has a nice and  ritualistic feel to it, a ritual you will slowly feel simmer onto your soul till Ihsahn’s soft vocals cushions this transcendence. I can gladly talk about every single song in this nine track album, which I basically did, BUT enough! I’m sure you don’t need the top psychiatrists or a hieroglyphics translator to decipher how I feel about this baby. Check it out on Spotify and get your copy here.

6 out of 6, Sublime


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