Emyn Muli Towers with Album Two

The Italian one man band known as Emyn Muli has returned with Elenion Ancalima through Northern Silence Productions. Saverio Giove’s project is not like any other black. How? Although the incorporation of the Lord of the Rings saga is not uncommon in the world of black metal (ie Shagrath of Dimmu Borgir chose his name from an orc general in the series), Giove takes it one step further. He takes his love of Tolkien and turns his fandom into some epic black metal bliss which also nearly sounds folk. “The Lay Of Númenorë” is a 14-plus minute song that could best highlight the Klown’s description of the album. When you hear it, it sounds like it belongs in LOTR’s The Two Towers soundtrack that was originally slated to be used during a climactic battle. “Ar-Pharazôn” starts off rather epically with some brass overture, a bit of marching percussion and some wind instruments which then transition to some old school black metal with Giove’s harsh vocals. “Far Umbar” goes medieval in terms of foundation for the song which not only makes it good but interesting especially if you fancy some old school Burzum.

Lastly, Giove finishes his epic tale with the soothing “Elenion Ancalima” which has an overture of strings accompanied by an angelic female choir as a background chorus and synthesizers, which would rival any New Age song. The Klown was rather impressed with this album because of the cinematic aspect and presence that it has. Despite that, it’s not the Klown’s full cup of tea mainly because of the lengths of the song. The Klown is a fan of LOTR but even he would get fidgety from watching the movies. Even with that said the Klown highly recommends it if you love black metal, are a huge Tolkienite, or if you want to feel inspired. You can check this album out Giove’s bandcamp and mute LOTR scenes while you sample the album!

4 out of 6, Peter Jackson fucked up!

Danzig Returns to ‘Crown’ His 11th Album

Glenn Danzig, the man most synonymous with the New Jersey Punk and Metal scene has returned with Black Laden Crown through Evilive Records/Nuclear Blast Records. “Black Laden Crown” starts the album rather slow with Danzig’s vocals of “Mother” fame and transitions smoothly to “Eyes Ripping Fire” where the track picks up the tempo and shows off Tommy Victory’s legendary guitar skills and solos near-identical to Prong. The Klown will admit that he took an immediately liking to “Devil on Hwy 9,” “Last Ride” and “Blackness Falls.” They reminded the Klown of the old school hard rock sounds during a time when metal was being declared dead in the mid-90s. “The Witching Hour” was a great track in general because it was a one-two punch combo courtesy of Danzig’s melancholic vocals, and rhythmic guitar combined with Victory’s awesome riffs.“Pull The Sun” closed the album just about the same way it began but with a long and awesome solo from Victory. This album also has quite a selection in drummers starting with current Danzig and former Type O Negative skinsman Johnny Kelly, Soilwork’s Dirk Verbeuren, Queen of the Stone Age’s Joey Castillo and Steel Prophet’s Karl Rosqvist. The Klown isn’t a big fan of Danzig but will admit that this album was pretty good especially if you’re riding hard on the nostalgia train. You can pick this album up here.

5 out of 6 Finally, Something Other than “Mother!”

In Reverence Have Propagated their Album

The Swedish death metal trio known as In Reverence has now arrived with their debut studio album The Selected Breed through Non Serviam Records. Right off the bat, the Klown had no idea what to expect since the band classifies itself as atmospheric. Nevertheless, the trio kicked off this debut strongly with “Jehiliah” which is somewhat atmospheric but immediately picks up speed right after the breakdown, giving you a dose of brutal death metal and features an awesome guitar solo from Pedram Shahiri. The Klown took an immediate liking to “Gods of Dehumanization,” “Prometheus” and “The Sixth Bloodletting.” The tracks were not only brutal but it had the Klown wondering, what if Cattle Decap added more brutality and had Travis Ryan adopt deep growling vocals? “The Selected Breed” had the Klown thinking of Ryan’s imaginary new style of vocals combined with a bit technical death metal. “Red Waves” was a really good song in general and had some atmospheric undertones, fast double bass pedaling from Oscar Krumlinde and some strong bass strumming from frontman/bassist Filip Danielsson. This was a great debut from the trio and the Klown would not be surprised if he begins to see In Reverence’s spark become a fire. You can check out this album in the label’s bandcamp to really experience what the Klown heard.

6 out of 6, The 1st batch of this ‘Breed’ is superior!

Dream Evil Has Returned After the 7 Year Itch

The Swedish power metal quintet known as Dream Evil are back after their long hiatus with their cleverly titled sixth album Six through Century Media Records. Allow the Klown to tell you, the group doesn’t miss a beat and start the album strongly with “Dream Evil.” The song features Niklas Isfeldt’s legendary vocals, Marcus Fristedt’s awesome solos and good chorus line. “Sin City” pays homage to this said place and to glam because of the catchy rhythm and the sleazy undertones. The band continued their string of shout outs and acknowledged old school legends such as Judas Priest and Ozzy in “Hellride” and “Six Hundred and 66,” while “44 Riders” was crisp with its beginning thanks to Fristedt opening with a catchy guitar sequence and Björn Nordström immediately complimenting it with his rhythmic guitar playing. The structure of the track continues to be strong and enhances the meaning and romanticism of biker life by adding revving motorcycle engine sounds.  The group finishes strongly with “We Are Forever” which felt like a song of praise for metal as a genre and all who support it. This was a good comeback from the quintet and the Klown hopes that it doesn’t take them another seven years before a new album is released. You can always get album here.

5 out of 6, Worth waiting for ‘Six’

Alestorm Embark on Their Fifth Voyage

The five seadogs known as Alestorm have returned after a three year hiatus with the release of their latest doubloon No Grave But The Sea through Napalm Records. “No Grave But The Sea,” “Bar ünd Imbiss” and “Man The Pumps” are not only the perfect anthems for your inner pirate but also emphasize their pirate theme. The Klown had the privilege of hearing “Mexico” live before the album came to fruition. The song commences with a brief but catchy 8-bit version of the song and then, as the song progressed, it begins to feel more like a drunken romp and a new theme song for Mexico’s bureau of tourism. “To the End of the World” has Alestorm revisiting the concept in “1741 (The Battle of Cartagena)” where the bugles, and battle cry- like choruses make a comeback. The fun doesn’t stop there because in this track, front man/keytarist Christopher Bowes vocals turn to harsh screams, and has an awesome guitar solo from Máté Bodor.

“Alestorm” was much like the Klown’s theme song “Drink” because the group revisits the sound and lyrical content but this time more metal than “Drink.” The Klown didn’t think he would have another favorite Alestorm song till he heard “Fucked with An Anchor.” I have two reasons, 1: the song is humorous as hell, 2: it is incredibly catchy, simple and 3: it sounds like something the band of pirates from Disneyland would sing as they quit their jobs. The quintet finishes this album with their version of a timeless pirate tale, “Treasure Island.” Not only does it sound metal with the clear folk influences but Bowes lyrical content is from the perspective of a bemused crew member of Long John Silver’s band selling the idea of the island to the rest of the crew. This album was awesome as hell and the Klown highly recommends you get your ears all over it, saavy? You can get this bad boy here.

6 out of 6, Sign this Scalawag Up, Capt. Bowes!


 Bonus Round!

Morphesia Treats Us to A Glimpse of Its Future

The name Morphesia should be somewhat familiar to you if you keep with us. If you don’t, the man known as Zombie Thirteen has in the past indulged Ugh Metal as an opening act at both the Brick By Brick and The Merrow. During that time span, Ugh Metal has also seen the artistic evolution of Thirteen. In anticipation to his upcoming album I Forever End, the man responsible for Morphesia has released a 3 track sample to ease some black metal qualms, and to entertain the masses with his new artistic direction. Thirteen has decided to ditch the desolate one and take it old school by going back to the Egyptian gods. The first track “Within” features Thirteen’s signature guitar riffs but with an ambient element while his vocals are still harsh he combines it with some auto tune to mimic an echoing effect.

“The Moon” takes a bit of a chill pill for black metal standards without necessarily dwelling into a full blown ambient tone. Lastly, the sample ends with “Forever” and finishes like it began with the difference being the guitar play towards the end. The vibrato on the guitar play makes it seem like the guitar is somewhat out of tune which sounds like a melancholic ending that leaves you wanting more. On that note, if you happen to be in Colton, CA be sure to check Morphesia out at The Hub on July 1st  where he may even have samples of this upcoming project. For now take, the Klown’s word for it because he can’t wait till this album is released later this year! Get pumped and check out his bandcamp.

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