Opus Diaboli Unleash the Devil’s Work

The Uruguayan quartet known as Opus Diaboli have released their debut album Black Light of Destruction through Satanath Records. Allow the Klown to start by saying that these guys invoke the spirit of black metal in its humblest beginnings. “Ilmarinen” and “Hymn of Ragnarok” are a great example of that description. The track itself features sounds of Bathory when Tomas “Quorthon” Forsberg began to incorporate some folk like influences to his brand of black metal which is best heard in “Hymn of Ragnarok.” From there on, the album mostly features sounds near identical to that of an earlier Darkthrone, Mayhem and Emperor. Most prominently “Glory In Steel,” “Luciferian Black Light,” “In Flames” and the Disneyesque title of “Better to be a Mortal than a Crucified Whore.” One of the Klown’s favorites in this album happened to be “Rivers of Blood” not only did it bring some intensity in the form of drumming and some guitar riffs. Front man/ guitarist Lord Wolf Alexander sounded like a younger Atila Csihar of Mayhem if he had added more ghost-like screeching to his vocalization. For die hard black metal enthusiasts and if you fancy yourselves kvlt, the Klown definitely recommends this album. If you need some convincing, you can check their bandcamp to hear it for yourself.

5 out of 6, No Rituals or Sacrifices Necessary

Amentia Returns with Third Anticipated Album

Alex Goron, who is the bassist of Posthumous Blasphemer, has returned with his side project Amentia and a follow up to the 2015 Mind Degradation EP. The Belarusian quartet has released Scourge under Satanath Records and right from the beginning, Amentia shall take you on a brutal death metal ride with “Kill Me.” Valery Toothgrinder and Dmitry Zubov’s harsh and screaming vocals highlight the song’s brutality by accompanying one another, not disregarding Goron’s bass plucking talents which emphasize the foundation of the song, and guitarist Artyom Serdyuk’s killer guitar riffs. Although not identical to “Kill Me,” “Slow Decay” and “Sentence Executioner” give you a near pure dose of brutal death metal. “Anorexia” on the other hand is much like “Kill Me” but with Goron and Serdyuk really showcasing their talents emphasizing the technical brand. “Paranoia” caps off this latest release just like it began but more aggressive, heavier on the drums and on the technical aspect and features two awesome guitar solos courtesy of Serdyuk himself. The Klown highly recommends that you lend this album your ears especially if you fancy yourself a death metal aficionado. Fan of Artificial Brain, Kronos and Dying Fetus will love this. Lastly, you can check out this album on the band’s bandcamp and judge for yourself.

6 out of 6, This Album will Reward Your Death Metal Crave 

Pure Brings Forth its Fourth Release

The one man band called Pure has returned with their latest J’aurais dû (I Should Have) and has been distributed through Symbol of Domination Productions. The black metal Swiss army knife at the helm, Sergio “Ormenos” Moplat, treats your ears to raw black metal that can be synonymous to the sounds of the underground. “Anonyme et San Visage” (Anonymous and Faceless) treats you to such sounds but it’s also borderline ambient with the sounds the guitar riffs emanate. However, the song intended for the ladies “Je Tuerais le Monde pour ta Lumière” (I Would Kill the World for your Light) features a plethora of instruments and intensity which takes over a good chunk of the track towards the end. “The chunk” the Klown speaks of contains a slow paced, ambient electric guitar sounds with faint drumming before transitioning back to the same intensity featured in the beginning. “Le Silence Mortel” (The Deadly Silence), “Le Jour où Je Suis Mort” (The Day I Died) and “J’aurais dû” will make you nostalgic and set up the banner of raw black metal that this Swiss is representing. It was a pretty good album to listen to especially if you fancy yourself old school or a black metal faithful. Check this album on the label’s bandcamp.

5 out of 6, ‘Cuz You Old School!

Wormwitch ‘Strike’ With Their Debut

The Canadian black metal trio known as Wormwitch has released their debut studio album Strike Mortal Soil through Prosthetic Records. “Howling From the Grave,” “Relentless Death” and “Mantle of Ignorance” give you some black metal likened to the style of the known Swedish wolves in Watain in terms of intensity, instrumentals, composition and vocalization. “Even The Sun Will Die” tones it down a bit but gives an atmospheric, hymn-like song near identical to that of Black Anvil before becoming intense again towards the end. “Cerulean Abyss” and “… Smote His Ruin Upon the Mountainside” visit Norway in terms of guitars, vocals and composition to match the style to that of Taake’s. “Everlasting Lie” features more of a thrash influence and guitarist Colby Hink shred and performs an awesome solo. “So Below” wraps up this album and features some black metal similar to that of Poland’s own Mgla. This was a pretty sweet debut album from the trio and the Klown highly recommends it. As always you are more than welcomed to check it out for yourselves through the band’s bandcamp.

6 out of 6, Wormwitch Will Strike You!

Kobra and The Lotus Release the First Half of their Double Album

The Canadian quartet known as Kobra and The Lotus has been making quite some noise lately especially after their single “Gotham” was released in February. Now they have released their fourth album Prevail I under Napalm Records which was revealed to be part of a double concept album. The Klown must say that this album is well rounded. The album kicks off with “Gotham” and does a great job giving this album a strong hook to have you invested in this album, Kobra Paige’s voice does justice to this hard rock song. “TriggerPulse” was not only the first single of this album but also feature some Gothenburg metal influences synonymous with In Flames. The current single “You Don’t Know” kicks off with marching percussions but tones down with a bit of piano to accompany Paige’s angelic vocals before picking up tempo right before the breakdown to give you a hard rock song of praise. “Light Me Up” is a power ballad of the hard rock variety which features a bit of piano, a guitar solo by Jasio Kulakowski and the rest of the band serving as a backing chorus to Paige. On “Manifest Destiny,” “Victim” and “Hell on Earth” Paige treats the listener to some more power metal style of music. In “Check the Phyrg” Paige takes a backseat and allows her bandmates to shine in the limelight. This was a pretty great album and has yours truly anticipating part two.

6 out of 6, This Album has Prevailed

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