The Furor Leads the Charge on their Fifth Cavalry

If you haven’t heard of these guys that’s okay, yours truly gots you covered. The Furor is a trio from Down Under that bring some over the top black metal which can be heard in their latest album Cavalries of the Occult which is out through Transcending Obscurity Records. The Klown can tell you this, right from the very beginning “Death Manifest” sets the tone for the whole album with some epic black metal resembling Dimmu Borgir.

“Cavalries of the Occult” starts somewhat slow but builds up to an awesome and energetic track. “Second Coming Slaughtered” sounded like a faster and awesome Dark Funeral song much like the testosterone filled “The Flames of Fate.” The Klown could keep going on about this black metal masterpiece but he won’t because he much rather you’d give it a listen. It is highly recommended for Dimmu Borgir, Dark Funeral, Immortal and Abbath fans and you can check this album out on the record label’s bandcamp.

6 out of 6, The Charge was Strong and Hell will Rise Again!

Feel The Furor’s fury!

Within The Ruins Meet Us More than ‘Halfway’ with Latest

The quartet from Massachusetts known as Within The Ruins have released their fifth installment, Halfway Human through E1 Music/Good Fight Music Records. “Shape Shifter” is a good start for the album but the Klown really took a liking to “Death of the Rockstar” because it made the Klown reminisce about Whitechapel’s This Is Exile album which can also be said about “Beautiful Agony.” “Bittersweet” was anything but and was rather bitchin’ because it showcases guitarist Joe Cocchi’s talent much like “Absolution.”

For the hardcore metalcore enthusiasts, the Ruins provide your fix with “Objective Reality.” In “Ivory Tower” the breakdown and melody shine whereas in “Ataxia IV” lead vocalist, Tim Goergen takes a back seat letting the rest of the band to strut their stuff. “Treadstone” close this album out and gives a nice dose of adrenaline with a bit of a chorus. The Klown recommends this to Whitechapel, Himsa and Bullet For My Valentine fans.

6 out of 6, We Feel It

Within The Ruins make an inhumanly good record.

Gorephilia Unleash ‘Embodiment of Death’

Don’t fret if you haven’t heard of this Finnish quintet. Although they’re not that new, these guys have released their sophomore album after five years titled Severed Monolith via Dark Descent Records and it is brutal AF. “Interplanar” will lure you in thanks to that slow build up in the beginning, which will have you anticipating something bigger and is delivered on the breakdown.

Other good tracks on this bitchin’ album were “Harmaggedon of Souls” and “The Ravenous Storm,” which were just awesome and energetic as hell. The Klown’s personal favorite was “Black Horns,” besides featuring a great guitar solo, the chorus of the song makes the track seem more like an anthem than a regular brutal death metal song. The Klown highly recommends this to death metal enthusiasts and fans of Six Feet Under, Cannibal Corpse and Blood Red Throne and Death.

5 out of 6, Bloody Good Time

Gorephilia busts out the part tray in this cover

Wolfheart Release the Third of their Expanding Pack

If you thought the Klown was done talking about the Finnish, you were dead wrong! The quartet gives us some melodic death metal and is ready to share the goods in their latest album Tyhjyys through Spinefarm Records. This pack of Finnish wolves kick off their album with some instrumentals as an intro before diving into the awesome sounding “Boneyard” which pretty much had a little bit of everything including solos and a chorus.

“World of Fire” gives you some death metal with some folk a la Wintersun. “The Flood,” on the other hand, does a 180 and go melodic in the form of Swallow the Sun but with vocalist Tuomas Saukkonen incorporating the harsh vocal and with faster tempos in between the melody. If “The Flood” wasn’t metal enough for you, “The Rift” and “The Call of Winter” will make up for the lack of. “Dead White” and “Tyhjyys” will give you the musical styling similar to Amorphis. This was an great album and the Klown highly recommends this for fans of Amorphis, Wintersun, Swallow the Sun and Dark Tranquility.

6 out of 6, You’ll Wanna Join This Pack ASAP

Hear the call of the Wolfheart!

John 5 and The Creatures Invoke The ‘Witch’

For those who aren’t aware of who John 5 is, you’re either too young or living under rock! The former Rob Zombie, Marilyn Manson and David Lee Roth lead guitarist has been venturing on his own instrumental journey much like Zakk Wylde… only more extensively. With that in mind don’t expect the Klown to talk about vocals ‘cause there aren’t any in Season of the Witch. “The Black Grass Plague” gives some good ol’ fashioned rock ‘n’ roll with a hint of country bluegrass, especially when they incorporate the banjo into the mix. This song was good and became a treat especially when the banjo was mixed with a smooth heavy bass sound. If you’re seeking for a wailing guitar sound that finishes with a smooth jazzy ambient transition then “Guitars, Tits and Monsters” is the track you seek.

“Behind the Nut Love” and “The Macabre” will give you calming hard rock instrumentals enough to set a tone for sounds reminiscent of New Age but for the metal head. The playful “Making Monsters” opens with old school Halloween cartoon sound effects, a screaming pig and John 5’s extensive talents where he shows off his mastery of the guitar solos.

The current single ,“Here’s to the Crazy Ones,” is a great track and if all you want is a guitar solo, “Ddd” is  perfect because it is a 2-plus minute guitar solo. Do you want a bit of jazz without compromising your status as a metal head? “Hell Haw I.G.R.” is the track that will do it for you. Lastly, “Season of the Witch” gives a nod and will satisfy that Rob Zombie craving.

5 out of 6, That’s One Talented Creature

John 5 is the most successful John out of the other four.


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