Note: The Klown would like to wish, especially to his Irish peeps, Happy belated St. Patrick’s Day! As you all know, this is technically the Klown’s Christmas! After all, the Keg part in the Klown’s full name wouldn’t be part of it! Enough about yours truly, don’t forget to bump som’a these new releases when you get shit faced. Most importantly, the Klown recommends Dropkick Murphy’s “Kiss Me I’m Shitfaced” or Flogging Molly’s “Drunken Lullabies!” So drink up me lad and lassies and, for fuck sake, please be responsible!

Demon Seduction Debuts their Studio Album

The German death metal quartet known as Demon Seduction, has released Dissolution independently and a day before St. Paddy’s. Right after the intro track, “…Through Fire” they immediately give you to some mellow death metal bliss. Kevin Leyendecker’s death metal growl resembles a younger Chris Barnes when he was still in Cannibal Corpse or a smoother and melodic version of Ross Dolan’s signature growl. A perfect example of these growls can be heard in “Over and Done,” by the end of this track you’ll think these legendary vocalists made a guest appearance. “Treasure in my Hand” had the Klown thinking, what if Wovenwar had guttural vocals? The Klown dug “Get What You Deserve,” although it was rather slow at the beginning, it picks up a bit as it progresses. The Klown really dug “Never Back Down” because it reminded him of Thick As Blood, if they decided to trade hardcore for a bit of brutal death metal. This album was not a bad start for the up and comers from East of the Rhine. This album is recommended for fans of Dethklok, Thick As Blood, Six Feet Under and Immolation.

5 out of 6, This Inauguration Was Still Better than Trump’s!

The Charm The Fury Sophomore Album Unleashes Euphoria

The Dutch quintet known as The Charm The Fury has released The Sick, Dumb and Happy through Nuclear Blast Records. Right from the start, “Down on the Ropes” is anything but that! It had more of a fight than the Klown anticipated. “Echoes” really showcases Caroline Westendorp’s interchangeable vocals and octaves which went from growls and screams to melodic and harmonic. “Weaponized” was an awesome track and really features the band’s talent for making a groove metal song fast paced and aggressive. In “Blood and Salt,” Westendorp comes at you with some harsh vocals but soothes you with a clean chorus to compliment the instrumentals much like Gojira. In “Silent War,” however, Westendorp stays clean, producing a lullaby that has the ability to tame a beast and gives you the feels. “Break and Dominate” was not only fucking awesome but it was a great closer for the album and leaves you hankering for more. This album was just fucking awesome in general and feels like the perfect breakthrough. If for some reason you’re not convinced by the Klown’s words, he recommends this album for fans of Eths, Arch Enemy, Straight Line Stitch and DevilDriver.

6 out of 6, Their Charm Will Soothe Your Fury 

Dodecahedron’s Sophomore has Finally Graced Us

Proving that the pentagram isn’t the only metal shape out there, Dodecahedron has released Kwintessens through Season of Mist after a five year hiatus. The Dutch black metal quintet proved that if patience is allowed the rewards will follow. This brand new installment was the tits! “Tetrahedron – The Cutting of the Unwanted from the Earth” took the Klown to some black metal similar to that of Dark Fortress. The Klown can say the same about “Hexahedron – Tilling the Human Soil,” while “Octahedron – Harbinger” gave the Klown a high. “Dodecahedron – An Ill Defined Air of Otherness” gave the Klown a good dose of Avant-garde style of black metal by having an aggressive start and winding down in the middle of the track to set a tone and building for a finale best suited for black metal enthusiasts. “Icosahedron – The Death of Your Body” will leave you with a blissful, ambient black metal sound as an ending. This album was a great comeback for these Dutchmen. The Klown highly recommends this album for Dark Funeral, Dark Fortress, Belphegor and Carach Angren fans. You can check this bad boy out through their bandcamp.

5 out of 6, These Dutch Are Not Scum!

Fit For An Autopsy Forks Over their Fourth

Proving that Overkill isn’t the only good thing outta Jersey, Fit For An Autopsy have now released The Great Collapse through EOne Music. Right from the start, “Hydra” gets in your face and gives you an idea of what to expect from this album. Joe Badolato’s vocals along with the rest of the bands instrumentals sound like a really pissed off Whitechapel which be heard in “Iron Moon” and “Too Late.” Speaking of Badolato’s vocals, he shows off his talents with “Heads Will Hang” by interchanging between growls and clean vocals during the chorus. Relax, staunch deathcore heads, this isn’t a sign of things to “go down the shitter” like Suicide Silence. “Black Mammoth” was fucking awesome, in general and rightly chosen to represent this album and while “Empty Still” sounds like a death metal ballad, it doesn’t compare to “Spiral.” Unlike “Empty Still,” “Spiral” was more up tempo and more death than core, despite the fact that it was still a ballad. The Klown recommends this album if you’re a fan of Whitechapel, Lamb of God, Carnifex and Despised Icon. If you’re not convinced by everything the Klown said you can check’em out on their Youtube page.

 6 out of 6, The Album Title Best Describes the Day After St. Paddy’s and the Lightweights 

Obituary Continues to Keep Death Metal Alive

If by now you’re not familiar with Obituary, you’re either a child or a bad metal head. But the Klown will digress and indulge you a bit on these pioneers of the death metal genre. Since 1984, this Floridian quintet alongside with the legendary Death, ventured further during the height of thrash metal. These pioneers experimented with the sounds of thrash, punk, hardcore along with the vocals.

Flash forward to now and the legendary quintet have released their 10th and self titled album under Relapse Records. The album opens with “Brave” track which feature Kenny Andrews kick ass guitar solo and smoothly transitions to “Sentence Day” which is a great following track. Andrews’ solo continues to steal the spotlight and shine in “Betrayed”. “A Lesson in Violence,”“End It Now” and “Straight to Hell” give a nod and a retouch of Back from the Dead album. Speaking of old school, John Tardy brings out his legendary death metal vocals for “It Lives.” This album also features a bonus track for the diehard Obituary fans titled “No Hope.” This was an awesome album and great comeback to compliment the Inked in Blood album. The Klown believes that you if you really love death metal, then you will have no problem loving this new album.

6 out of 6, They’re Still Alive and Kickin’ 

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