Dying Fetus Release the Right One to Listen to

It has been a while since the Klown heard anything from the death metal trio known as Dying Fetus. In fact, it has been five full years since Reign Supreme was released. Nevertheless, Fetus fans may now breathe again because their eighth album Wrong One to Fuck With has been finally released through Relapse Records. The trio begins strongly with “Fixated on Devastation” which features Trey Williams’ powerful double kick drumming, John Gallagher’s fierce growling vocals and powerful riffs without discounting Sean Beasley’s backing vocals and heavy bass strum.

“Panic Amongst the Herd” and “Reveling in the Abyss” slow it down a bit. The difference between both is that “Panic…” featured Beasley’s heavy bass resonating while “Reveling…” featured more of Williams’ drumming. “Die with Integrity” features a retouched version of Dying Fetus but a bit more cleaner as far as sound quality is concerned. “Weaken the Structure” was a pretty awesome and brutal track that featured everyone equally from Williams’ double bass pedaling to Beasley’s heavy bass to Gallagher’s awesome solo and voice going from growling to guttural. The album also includes a bonus track titled “Induce Terror” which sounded like their technical death metal 2007 classic War of Attrition. This album was pretty refreshing to hear and it’s sure to please the Fetus faithful. You can check out and acquire their newest album in the label’s bandcamp.

5 out of 6, This Was the Right One to Fuck With

KMFDM Tease with Their Latest Release

You didn’t think the Klown would ever do some industrial, did you? Joke’s on you! Anyway, the Industrial powerhouse known as KMFDM has released a tormenting EP titled Yeah! through earMusic Records. The reason the Klown says that it’s tormenting is because it’s in anticipation to their next release Hell Yeah due to come out in mid-August. Sascha Konietzko’s famous project treats us to the first hit of the yet-to-be-released LP by beginning with the eponymous title “Hell Yeah” not just in its original incarnation but also as a remixed by Lord of the Lost, and the edited version.

The Klown liked the song but liked the remix a bit more because, although autotune was applied, the song had more range in sound such as the combination of trance with some wide range of electric drum sounds, synthesizers and a sweet guitar solo from Jules Hodgsons. The album also treats us to a radio friendly version of “Freak Flag” which will be featured in the upcoming LP which the Klown can describe as more of an easy listening type of song that can be danced to and features vox/keyboardist Lucia Cifarelli as backing vocals to Konietzko’s autotuned vocals.

This EP also features the a new version of the 2002 hit, which is now titled, “Attak 2017” and turned it into a fast paced trance remix featuring Cifarelli on the helm with heavy use of synthesizers as a foundation and electric drums for pacing. This tease is well worth the listen especially if you’re anticipating Hell Yeah. The Klown highly recommends this album to those who are big on electronic dance music and industrial. Lastly, if you can’t wait or fancy yourself a true fan attempting to collect all the albums, you can get yer copy here. Catch them on tour too and will be here in San Diego at the House of Blues on Oct. 20 and you can get your tickets right here.

6 out of 6 Cyber Goths Rejoice!


Municipal Waste  Rewards the Fans with Album

The Klown believes that he invoked Municipal Waste when he reviewed Tony Foresta and Phil “Landphil” Hall’s other brainchild, Iron Reagan. Ask and you shall receive because the kings of the Richmond punk scene have returned and wasted no time to introduce their new album Slime and Punishment through Nuclear Blast Records.

Just like it was to expected the Muni Waste steamrolls to the album with nothing but pure adrenaline of the punk variety starting with “Breathe Grease.” “Enjoy the Night” jumpstarts itself with the radical and groovy bass sounds of Landphil and power through with Ryan Waste and Nick “Nikropolis” Poulo’s fast and intense guitar riffs. Waste shows off his guitar solo in “Dingy Situations” which feature Forest’s powerful punk vocals and Dave Witte fast and powerful drumming.

“Poison the Preacher” features Foresta’s vocals go from his usual high screaming vocals to mild  growling. “Bourbon Discipline” and “Slime and Punishment” are just a few tracks that give you some customary Muni Waste sounds aside from their famous chorus. “Amateur Sketch” starts out with a muffled guitar solo and immediately unleashes the adrenaline thereafter. The album finishes with “Think Fast” which starts off slow and immediately picks up the pace after the breakdown and features the myriad of bass, drums, briefs solos accompanying Foresta’s speedy vocals. This was a good album and featured a little bit of everything from this prolific band. You can attain a copy here and check it out.

5 out of 6, Not a Waste of Time!


Goatwhore Comeback with a ‘Vengeance’!

The NOLA quartet has graced the Ugh Metal twice before. Right now, though, the Klown is about indulging you with their seventh album Vengeful Ascension which was released through Metal Blade Records. Goatwhore put a huge emphasis on vengeance. The group commences their acts of Vengeance with the heavy and aggressive songs titled “Forsaken” and “Vengeful Ascension” which features some strong bass and guitar riffs courtesy of James Harvey and Sammy Duet which compliment vox L.Ben Falgoust II’s harsher vocals.

If you are hankering for some traditional Goatwhore sounds then the band treats you to “Under the Flesh, Into the Soul” and “Chaos Arcane” which are prime examples of what the Klown speaks of. The band takes a page from their past selves and revisit some of the black metal influences with “Where the Sun is Silent” which the Klown enjoyed very much and can say that although a little slow it builds up but remains consistent. The drummer Zack Simmons shines brightly with “Abandon Indoctrination” and “Mankind Will Have No Mercy” with thundering double kicks and fast drumming which are then accompanied by an awesome solo provided by Duet. The group end their latest reprisal with the fast paced “Those Who Denied God’s Will” which not only featured some fast paced drumming,  guitar solos and some intense bass. This album was a great comeback from these Voodoo kings from the bayous. Lastly you can get a hold of this album at the band’s bandcamp. Also catch them in town too at the Brick By Brick on Sept. 20 with Venom Inc. and Toxic Holocaust so get your tickets here.

6 out of 6 Their Revenge was Sweet

Jenny Oh is About to Drop Her Two Cents… There Goes Her Rent Money!

Jyrki 69 Releases His Gothtastic Side

Jyrki 69, the front man of The 69 Eyes, has ditched the sleazy black lights and has returned to the intimacy of his gothic estate for his solo project. Cleopatra Records has opened the crypt and set the brooding Helsinki Vampire free to seduce the black hearts and restore the goth back into “goth n’ roll.”  The album celebrates this new beginning with “Ad Infinitum,” a seven and half minute song that starts slow with a faint and ominous chorus which ultimately builds up to a new wave type of song with Jyrki 69’s baritone vocals making an appearance towards the end.

The piano chords in the forlorn “Versailles” may remind The 69 Eyes fans about their Paris Kills and Blessed Be days. “Spanish Steps” features some synths which shine in the moonlight of nostalgia (… I’m not crying, you’re crying!) and every other song . Jyrki 69 changes the mood and scares away the melancholic with his two singles the danceable “Bloodlust” and the horror tribute “Last Halloween.” You think Jyrki 69 is going to keep things light? WRONG! Jyrki 69 then spills out the gloomy “Happy Birthday,” which is GOTH APPROVED! Get your brooding face ready again with “Call Of The Night” and “In Your Dreams.”

By this point it’s a little obvi what yours truly thinks about Helsinki Vampire because I practically spoke about the entire album. The faithful followers of The 69 Eyes who particularly loved their gothic sound and the new wave elements will certainly drink this baby up! For those that liked their sleazy roots may be a little iffy before giving in to Jyrki 69. This Helsinki Vampire is sure to glamour those Tripp pants off especially if you make this album your own by clicking this link.

6 Out of 6, Eat me, drink me baby 😉   

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