Igorrr Brings Back the Weirdness With His Latest

The man known as Gautier Serre has returned with one of his well known projects Igorrr. The newest installment Savage Sinusoid has been released through Metal Blade Records. If you are familiar with the man, then you are in for a treat. If you aren’t, allow the Klown to tell you that Child Bite makes more sense. The album starts off with the very experimental “Viande” which sounded like DJent on acid with repetitive, remixed screaming vocals.

The following song “ieuD” starts off with some harpsichord with Serre’s deep baritone vocals sounding like sniveling cries of pain which are then accompanied by some female soprano operatic vocals and mixed with some dubstep after the breakdown. “Houmous” starts the song with some accordion mixed with some electronic and clarinet which sounded like an erratic remix of a Russkaja song and finishes the song with a brief 8-bit version of the song. “Opus Brain” starts off with more of a house style EDM and features some more female operatic vocals before transitioning to brooding and remixed black metal elements and harsh vocals.

“Spaghetti Forever” begins with some acoustic guitar before the breakdown unleashing some dubstep with female chorus line, classical strings, double bass drum pedaling and screaming vocals. “Cheval” will take you to a demented version of Paris because it takes the sounds we associate with Paris and puts them in a mix and adds a bit of metal. The albums caps off with “Au Revoir” which starts and ends rather slow and tender with  the use of the piano, high female operatic vocals and choir. This track also features some symphonic metal and dubstep after the breakdown. If you are high on Electronic Dance Music style or experimental, then the Klown highly recommends this album to you. Lastly, you can check this album out in the man’s bandcamp.

4 out of 6, Drop the acid..LITERALLY! You don’t need it for this album

Mirrored In Secrecy Surprise their Fans with Latest

The former quintet known as Mirrored In Secrecy has returned with a second brand new album titled Solitution independently. The now sole member of the band, David Timsit, presents the diehard and potential fanbase of the Goth metal genre a showcase of his talents. Timsit starts this album with “Bittersweet” which was rather slow which was to be expected due to the fact that it’s supposed to make you feel the feels. The Klown, at one point in time, felt like he was listening to some lost Moonspell song but if Fernando Ribeiro showcased cleaner vocals. The Klown took a real liking to “Song of the Dead,” “Solitution” and “The Kill” aside from really sounding like Moonspell, Timsit featured a one-two vocal combo of clean and aggressive growling vocals.

The Klown also took a liking to “Megrim” and “Autumn Breeze” because it sounded like a young Septicflesh that was instrumentally combined with clean harmonic vocals. The difference between the two is that “Autumn Breeze” sounded more like attempting to do a rough dark ballad. “Ravenpath” was a dark, acoustic song one for the ladies and features Timsit’s clean vocals making things intimate, his voice was like a vampire seducing its victim before it feeds. Former bandmate Julia Kahlert takes over vocal duties for  “At The River” where Timsit briefly adds some of his vocals in the background to create an intimate duet. This was album was pretty good and chill for the most part. This album is strongly recommended for those diehard Goths who indulge in metal and diehard Moonspell, Septicflesh and Swallow The Sun fans. If you want to check out this album you can do so in the MIS’s bandcamp.

6 out of 6, Gothify yoself!

Iced Earth Is Incorruptible

The quintet from Tampa has released their 12 installment Incorruptible through Century Media Records. This album was full of surprise even in pre-production starting with founding member/rhythm guitarist/backing vocalist Jon Schaffer going under the knife after their 2015 tour and the band becoming somewhat inactive, Iced Earth’s long time skinsman Brent Smedley reuniting with the band, lead guitarist Troy Steele leaving the following year and being replaced by current lead guitarist Jake Dreyer. Despite all that, it didn’t stop the band’s determination to put this baby out.

The band starts off strongly with “The Great Heathen Army” and though it was a bit slow at first it set an epic mood before transitioning to their signature epic power metal sounds. For metalheads who love Pirates of the Carribean, good news “Black Flag” will definitely be the song you want to check out! Aside from it being a sung narrative about the piracy, it tells a very bitchin’ perspective on both privateering and piracy but it also paints an epic battle scene of clashing steel, powder kegs blowing, and barrels of rum because it wouldn’t be complete if there wasn’t any rum. For the ladies and gentle men, the group treats you to not one but two power ballads with “Raven Wing” and “The Veil.” “Raven Wing” features a bitchin’ solo from Dreyer and a very manly chorus to accompany frontman Stu Block’s vocals. “The Veil” is much darker and soothing, and the vocalist has hope about rekindling what was lost whereas “Raven Wing” is a standard power ballad.

The band picks up the pace with “Seven Headed Whore” and features Block’s interchanging vocals which switch from clean, harsh and even adds a few falsettos to the chorus. Also worth noting that Smedley made his presence known in this track by really thundering his drum like a thunder god! The band also features the bromantic song titled “Brothers” which feature several wailing solos from Dreyer. The band closes this album by revisiting the US Civil War with “Clear The Way (December 13th , 1862)” retelling the Battle of Fredericksburg and the horrors and romanticism of war from a first person perspective. This was a great comeback for this metal giant. Lastly you can get your hands on this album here.

6 out of 6, What a comeback!

Carach Angren Latest Will Send Shivers Down Your Spine

The Dutch black metal trio known as Carach Angren has released their latest, spine tingling album Dance and Laugh Amongst the Rotten through Season of Mist. The current masters of terror start this album with a melancholic piano intro to set the mood and acts as a catalyst for the infamous “Charlie” song. If you haven’t indulged in it, the Klown recommends that you do because “Charlie” is about an evil imaginary friend attempting to kill the protagonist staying true to the horror aspect. The song also features the signature screeching violin sounds used in scary movie and the rest of the band as a ghastly chorus.

“Blood Queen,” which happened to be the album’s first hit and a love letter to history’s most notorious blood queen Countess Elizabeth Bathory, was not only a bad ass song but also feature some symphonic sounds, piano, feminine whimpering, and ghastly struggling breaths adding some creepiness to the song. “Charles Francis Coghlan” follows right after and happens to be the current hit and pays tribute to the Anglo-Irish playwright/actor that would be the equivalent of Sylvester Stallone minus the action flicks, face paralysis, and huge muscle mass (by modern day standards) who entertained in both the UK and US theaters.

“Song for the Dead” set the tone and really represents the morbid approach of the group and feels as if you’re listening to a funeral song. The rest of the album from “In Da Naam Van De Duivel” finishes the album ridiculously strong and for those who mind orchestra, this track really gives you some pure extreme metal that the group is known for. The Klown could seriously give more deetz on this album but he may as well just talk about the entire album. Seriously, the Klown recommends this album if you fancy yourself a horror fiend and kvlt. Lastly, you could get your ears on this bad boy here.

 6 out of 6, Scary Terry has Found his Album, Bitch!

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