Melvins Keep Up with their Contemporary Album

The name Melvins should be rather familiar to you especially if you grew up with or were big on grunge #only90skidsremember. If you’re not, that’s okay because the Klown shall indulge you. The hobbyhorse of frontman/guitarist Roger “Buzz” Osborne and skinsman Dale Crover have been around longer than the Klown and they have manage to pump out more material. Although the band came to light, more-or-less, during the rise of Grunge the current trio don’t relegate themselves to one genre altogether. There was a time where the band was predominantly sludge metal. Enough on the bio, the Klown shall now talk about A Walk with Love and Death which was released through Ipecac Recordings.

The album begins with “Black Heath (Death)” which contains the sounds of indie/alternative with some easy going house and snare drumming of Crover and the ambient guitar strumming by Osborne. Melvins bring back the sludge/stoner sounds for “Sober-delic (Acid-only) [Death],”“Euthanasia (Death)” and “Christ Hammer (Death).” They bring back the Grunge influences for “What’s Wrong with You? (Death).” As you’ve probably figured out by now the album is divided between death and love as a concept and not just a part of the title.

The quick summary of the love concept is that it begins with “Aim High (Love)” and that it was purely experimental, not much to highlight other than that. This album was pretty good especially if you enjoy the sounds of the Melvins with a  bit of curve ball added to the mix. You can check this out on the band’s bandcamp to hear for yourself.

5 out of 6,  Still Better than Seattle’s Best Coffee

Take a walk with the Melvins it will be rather eye opening

Apothesary Bring Forth their Latest Album

The Concordian quartet known as Apothesary has returned with their second album Accept Loss Forever through M-Theory Audio Records. Ever since these gents were snagged by M-Theory Audio, they have been making quite some noise in the metal world. Enough fluff, this album begins with “Sensory Overload” which the Klown can describe as a great start for this album it begins heavy with guitars, drums and frontman/rhythm guitarist Jared Eandi accompanying the glut with his harsh vocals which are then met with guitar solos from Clayton Cagle and powerful double kicks from Greg O’Neill.

“1976” and “Woodland Critter Christmas” take a page out of deathcore and feature Cagle’s backup vocals and guitar solo accompanying Eandi’s growling vocals. The group picks up the pace with “Accept Loss Forever” and  transition to punk in the middle of the song till the finish. “Knight” tones it down about a bit and features more of a prog metal influence with its easy going play. It is worth noting that this album features guest musician in the form of I Am Morbid’s guitarist Bill Hudson with “Tempest (Even Tide).” This album closes rapidly with “Expressionless Me” which slows down a bit with some autotuned spoken word vocals and some slow vibrato applied to the guitar for some ambience.

This album was a great sophomore from the group and demonstrates why M-Theory Audio did right in snagging them from other potential label suitors. The Klown recommends this album to those fans of Whitechapel, Cattle Decapitation and The Ocean. You can check out this album in the band’s bandcamp.

6 out of 6 This Album is Not a Loss

Apothesary will make you get over things through Death Metal

Limbonic Art Continue to Pump Out Material

For those unfamiliar with the underrated Norwegian black metal band Limbonic Art, you are in luck for the Klown shall indulge you once more. Limbonic Art is one of the few lesser known NBM bands. It had an unpredictable future because of a mass member departure but has returned as a one man project under one of the originators, Vidar “Daemon” Jensen. Now the one man project releases Spectre Abysm through Candlelight Recordings after a seven year hiatus.

The album begins with the lengthy but fast and somewhat raw sounding “Demonic Resurrection” with Daemon’s vocals showing range from growls, cries, chants and spoken word. “Omega Doom” and “Requiem Sempiternam” brings back the classic sounds of the Norwegian Black Metal Scene. “Disciplina Arcani” takes an ambient approach to the album. The album finishes just like it began but with its time slightly cut with “Through The Vast Profundity Obscure.” This album was a treat given the unknown status of the band. The Klown highly recommends this album to those who really fancy themselves lovers of the Norwegian black metal scene. You can get the album here to get your hands on a copy.

6 out of 6, Kvlt AF!

Another OG from NBMS, Limbonic Art making itself be heard

Decapitated Unveil their Newest Release

One of the fathers of Polish death metal has graced us with a brand new seventh installment titled Anticult through Nuclear Blast Records. Before the Klown even got the chance to hear it, he already heard many things about this album. In fact, the Klown wanted to know how good Anticult really was,  it  even made it into the Billboards charts.

So without further ado, the album begins with “Impulse” which starts slow with some guitar on a whammy pedal for some ambiance and picks up the pace after the breakdown. The momentum continues with the help of Michał Łysejko drums which eventually accompanied with Rafał “Rasta” Piotrowski’s harsh vocals. “Deathvaluation” keeps the noise going and features an awesome solo by Wacław “Vogg” Kiełtyka.

The Klown’s favorites in this album are “Kill The Cult,”“One-Eyed Nation” and “Earth Scar” because they remind the Klown why Decapitated is on top of the food chain in the death metal scene and why Rasta was chosen to take up vocals for the group. They also feature Kiełtyka’s solo and Łysejko drumming exquisitely without leaving Hubert Więcek’s bass far behind from this mix. This new cult classic finishes with “Amen” which is best described as a band session with Rasta screaming somewhere in between either as a reminder that he’s around or as a glimpse on how the band operates when coming up with new material.

The band evolved a little and tried something new,  in terms of sounds but still managed keep their usual alongside with it. This album was short but sweet proving that to be satisfied, you don’t have to overindulge. You can get your copy here or, if you happen to be in San Diego for the Comic Con, you can get a copy from the Nuclear Blast Records’ booth.

6 out of 6, Warning: This Album May Cause Some Serious Headbanging, You May Lose Your Head.

Decapitated will make your head roll from too much headbanging

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