Boris Is One Manic ‘Dear’

Experimental rockers Boris are back with a love letter for us weirdos with Dear via Sargant House Records. The Japanese trio set the mood of whats to come with the “D.O.W.N- Domination of Waiting Noise” which appropriately makes you feel like you’re about to begin an acidic journey and piques your interest. Ready to travel to the other side? Well hold on to your pantalones ‘cause the eerie “Deadsong” will slowly pull you across THE ghostly veil. Wata’s silky smooth voice and Takeshi Ohtani’s clean vocals will make you want to follow them till the very end of “Beyond.” After everything, you will want to go back because you’re so damn happy they both trapped you with their riffs.

Loving the clean vocals? Then the ambient “Biotape” and “Memento Mori” will keep fulfilling that craving and which feels like it has a dash of a cinematic feel to them. You will bow down to the mighty power of Boris’ riffs in “The Power.” The penultimate eleven minute and a half “Dystopia-Vanishing Point” slightly amplified the cinematic element was ready to prepare you for some type of resolution until the tormented “Dear” swoops in to give you a memorable end.

Boris will keep you on your toes and are notorious for being audibly fluid. Experimental fiends will certainly love this and for those that are not so open to this wild child, it will certainly be an interesting and pleasant journey into the WTF courtesy of these legends. Make Dear in to your dear and get it at Boris’ bandcamp.

5 Out 6, Your manic  dream.

Execration Take Us In Back In To The ‘Void’

These Norwegian death metallers continue to blacken their death metal with their latest Return To The Void via Metal Blade Records. Their first track “Eternal Recurrence” slowly fades in THE riffs till this hellhound comes straight for that bag of Doritos you’re holding right now! Execration starts out strongly and spews out more of that blackened death metal goodness in “Eternal Recurrence” which stays fast and feisty till the end and the calculating “Hammers of Vulcan.” Why calculating? Because this firecracker briefly takes a rest a little over the halfway point and gathers its strength before striking you down for one final match.

Execration continues to release the old and elusive spirit of Norwegian black metal with “Unicursal Horrorscope” and the title track “Return to the Void.” Execration end their album powerfully with the memorable “Det Uransakelige Dyp,” where bassist Jonas Helgemo and drummer Cato Syversud take the lead before guitarist/vocalist Chris Johansen and guitarist/vocalist Jørgen Maristuen hop in. This song feels a little different than the rest of the tracks and it’s a brutal and bumpy ride deeper into the void.

Execration deliver another great album and are without a doubt the light within this ‘Void.’ The J-Oh’ster (Am I still doing this right, Klown?) enjoyed this Return to the Void a little too much and continues to play this album on the Ugh Metal Spotify account for the 10 billionth time now! If you love Execration, some death metal with a beautiful black metal fusion, this is your album. Don’t be a wiener and Return to the Void here if you dare! Not sure? Check it out on the band’s bandcamp their Spotify or our Spotify!

6 Out 6, Two one way tickets to the ‘Void’ Por favor!

Ewigkeit’s ‘Cosmic Man’ Will Make Major Tom Proud

The ultra cool James “Mr. Fog” Fogarty is ready to take us aboard his black magic spacecraft and beyond with his latest Cosmic Man via Svart Records. We cross the universe with Mr. Fog at the helm with the instrumental intro “Quantum Eraser” which sets the mood perfectly before we give in to “Cold Souls.” Now that we’ve made it to deep space we and enter choppier terrain with “Death Is The Portal” a track where Mr. Fog adds more mystique with his clean vocals.

Things get more psychedelic with the keyboards shining brighter than any star in the Disney ride “Neon Ghoul Ride,” okay maybe it’s not a ride yet but if this song is blasting in this rollercoaster along with the instrumental “Space Horse” count us in times 50! Ewigkeit seems to pay homage to my brudda from the same mutha, the Klown, with “Running Away From The Circus” though it was the other way around, but you didn’t hear that from me *sips coffee*, anyway this track makes you feel the fear the circus feels from the Klown!

The Jenn-Oh (Well Klown?) could give you a complete breakdown of this album and go on abu the beauty of “Thieves in the Sky” and Mr.Fog’s rendition of “Two Minutes To Midnight” but not this time. Ewigkeit delivers a great and cosmically different follow up to his 2013 heavily underrated and predominant black metal album Back To Beyond. Take a trip with the Cosmic Man and get it here. Iffy about it? Pay Decibel Magazine’s site and stream it for free and then buy it right here!

6 Out 6, Out of this world

Bloodclot Waves Its ‘Arms’ In The Like It Just Don’t Care

This anarchist supergroup is here with Metal Blade Records and their latest Up In Arms and are ready to get your sleepy butts up and in to that pit! After taking a nine year break, Bloodclot mean business and they ain’t playing around with their first track and title track “Up In Arms” which is guaranteed to cause some many many pits. Need more pit feed? “Manic” and “Kill the Beast” is here to save the day and nourish your pet pit to be big and strong! This beast never sleeps and jumps right into “Prayer” which will make you sympathize with this beast and feel enlightened with “Siva/ Rudra.” Just when you think all is Zen, at the end John Joseph belts out a vicious

Hungry for more? The J-oh’ster was and so Side-B fulfilled my hunger and kicked off with the “Soldiers of New Babylon” which fuels the anticipation by fading in Joey Castillo’s drumming and Todd Youth’s riff as an amazing chaser. The power of fading in man! If you think you have time to sit down on your La-Z-Boy, no! “Kali,” “Slipping Into Darkness” gives you that jolt of energy and the J-Oh’ster must mention that the J-Oh’ster (WELL KLOWN!?) thinks that “Slow Kill Genocide” has a catchy chorus.

Bloodclot came and conquered with Up In Arms and it makes all the more exciting to see them share the stage with fellow ultraviolet hooligans Nails on Aug.6 at the Brick By Brick. Get pumped up for this tour and get you copy here because if you don’t you will have every reason to go up in arms. You will eat this sucker up! Visit Metal Blade Records’ Youtube channel to stream the whole LP and get it here!

6 Out Of 6, Bloodclot kick started our hearts and manifestos    

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