Xandria Takes ‘Theater’ to a New Dimension

The Klown loves the ladies… especially of the angelic and operatic vocal variety. On that note, German symphonic metal band Xandria has released their seventh installment, Theater of Dimensions through Napalm Records. Right from the start, “Where the Heart is Home” sets an epic tone and vocalist Dianne van Giersbergen adds a womanly touch. “We Are Murderers (We Are),” features the most recurrent special vocalist to grace our site, Soilwork’s Björn Strid. Unlike other appearances, Strid lends both his growls and clean vocals for the chorus and duets with van Giersbergen. Not to knock on the subgenre, the symphonic brand can’t simply be complete without its ballad and with that comes “Dark Night of the Soul.” The song gives van Giersbergen the complete spotlight in this symphonic and intimate song…It’s kind of a tear jerker. Highly recommended for Sirenia, Epica, Nightwish and Leaves’ Eyes fans!

5 out of 6, Will Bring the Beast Back for An Encore

Xandria takes "Theatre" to a whole new dimension

Hold on your hats ’cause its gonna be a bumpy ride

Hour of Penance Commits Another Sin

Hour of Penance might be the second coming with this album. The Italian technical death metal quartet has seen the proverbial light of Rome and has released their seventh heaven of an album, Cast the First Stone through Prosthetic Records. Let’s just say that right from the get-go, “XXI Century Imperial Crusade” will get you hooked. The Klown thought he was listening to a track from Fleshgod Apocalypse’s Oracles album or their Mafia EP and their influence bled through the tracks “Cast the First Stone” and “The Chains of Misdeed.” The Ex-Deo like closing track, “Damnatio Memoriae,” was rightfully placed as the grand finale of this album so much so that the Klown simply can’t find the appropriate words. It was that great of an album and was epic as it was brutal.

6 out of 6, Jesus, eat your heart out!



Au Champ Des Mort Debut their Kvlt of Joy

Pardon the Klown’s French, but this black metal quartet literally named The Field of Death have debuted their first studio album Dans la Joie (“In Joy,” see? The Klown is saving you some time from Google translate) through Debemur Morti Productions and their bandcamp. The Klown is not expecting you to know who Au Champ Des Mort are because unless you live in France or constantly search for new black metal acts to listen to, it will literally be all French to you. ACDM reminded the Klown of the Irish black metal collective known as Primordial.

The tracks “Le Sang, La Mort, La Chute” and “Dans la Joie” will definitely back the Klown’s claim. Passionate Behemoth fans will LOVE  “Contemplare L’abîme” because it sounds just like an up-and-coming Behemoth with vocals sounding similar to that of a young Adam “Nergal” Darski. “La Fin du Monde” is a perfect closer to this brooding album because it gives you a dark harmony the way a lovely kvlt Dane by the name of Myrkur knows how. If you don’t mind French lyrics and are kvlt AF, lend this quartet an ear, the Klown recommends them. Also this album is perfect for Primordial, Myrkur and Bathory fans!

5 out of 6, Viva La France et Au Champ des Morts!

Straight outta France

Straight outta France

Deserted Fear Will Wash Away Your Fears

The German death metal trio released their third album to date titled Dead Shore Rising through Century Media Records. “The Fall of Leaden Skies” will take you on an journey similar to that of Amon Amarth and Himsa right after the semi epic sounding intro. “The Edge of Insanity” was pretty kick ass to get a pit started and keep it going during a live performance. “Till the Last Drop” was a great song and great background for the Klown to drink when he’s getting sauced at the bar. “Carry On,” on the other hand, was a little slow and melodic but maintained its brutal edge making the perfect closer for these brutal gents. Deserted Fear delivered a good album especially for those who are big fans of Himsa, Poison Headache and Amon Amarth.

5 out of 6, This will leave you thirsty for more!

Deserted Fear really put the the death in death metal

Deserted Fear really put the the death in death metal

Kreator Produce Their Most Divine Album to Date

And now… the Klown will talk about the highly anticipated album brought to us by two German giants: Nuclear Blast Records and thrash legends Kreator! Unless you have been living under a rock, the Klown can only say that he feels sorry for you! Kreator has been teasing Gods of Violence since late last year. The Klown is happy to report that these fine men from the Rhineland have delivered. The Klown’s favorite track is “Satan Is Real,” which is basically the soundtrack to the devoted metal head in you. “Gods of Violence” and “Hail to the Hordes” may now be Metal’s new anthems. These two tracks have the works; a build up, great solos, and the chorus. “Death Becomes My Light” is literally the prefect closer to this album because just like the previous entries, it’s appropriately slow and melodic for a thrash song that doesn’t compromise the thrash sound.

6 out of 6, The German Pantheon of Thrash Proves to be as Brutal as Ever!

Kreator effortlessly prove why they are legends!

Kreator effortlessly prove why they are legends!

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