Note: This year has been serendipitous already… or so the Klown thinks. Anyway, Happy Jason Voorhees Day! Historically, Friday the 13th has always had bad luck omen and innuendos attached to it, thankfully we are cynics! In fact, as of writing this entry, it seems that our beloved genre has come back full swing and has also come out of a holiday rest of its own.

Black Anvil Release Their Fourth on Friday 13, As Was Their Intentions

The black metal New Yorkers known as Black Anvil have released As Was and this album manages to keep the kvlt melodic and turn your luck upside up. Unlike Hail Death, As Was is a bit faster by comparison and…did the Klown mention that this album is melodic? For the tracks “On Forgotten Ways” and “As An Elder Learned Anew,” the Klown thought he was listening to lost Rotting Christ tracks or a very melodic and heavy Melechesh… minus the Middle Eastern instruments. The Klown enjoyed “May Her Wrath Be Just” as it reminded him of a Septicflesh song without the orchestrations mixed with a ghastly chorus to back up the song’s melody. “As Was” is the most melodic track of the whole album, the Klown thinks the metal ladies would appreciate this more. “Ultra” was the Klown’s personal favorite, not only was it a hymn for the dark one but was very melodic and felt like an appropriate closer for this album and its current theme. The Klown recommends this album for those who are Melechesh and Rotting Christ fans.

6 out of 6, This Album Is Best As Was

Black Anvil return with their 4th installment "As Was"

Black Anvil return with their 4th installment “As Was”


Grave Digger Is The Remedy To Our 2016 Blues

The Klown believes he and his favorite sibling have talked about Grave Digger in a sickly fashion. No pun intended, the flu is a hell of a thing! Anyway, these German power metal legends show that age is nothing but a number and have graced us with the healing powers of metal. Their current and 18th installment, Healed by Metal, brings the masses a remedy that every headbanger of all ages needs in their time of need. “When Night Falls” is inspirational and eerily appropriate for those needing to express devotion in anyway while “Lawbreaker” is a track that takes you back to a younger Grave Digger. Do you sometimes need a song to motivate your resilience? These gents back you up with “Call For War.” Need proof that our genre is more of a religion than art? Grave Digger got us covered by issuing the “Ten Commandments of Metal” and provided “Hallelujah” as an added measure. Grave Digger also provides two kickass, bonus tracks: “Kingdom of the Night” and “Bucket List.” It’s nearly 40 years (this November it shall be 37 to be precise) since these Germans have graced our scene and made a name for themselves. This brand new installment showed that time is an illusion and that Grave Digger can be enjoyed at any time amongst the young and old!

6 out 6, THE Cure Of All Cures

Grave Digger resurrected us and were "Healed By Metal"

Grave Digger resurrected us and we were “Healed By Metal”


Code Orange’s Third Installment May Forever Be Their Breakthrough

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, Code Orange has been making head way since the last quarter of 2016. Because the Klown wants to exaggerate, they seemed to have become a household name especially among the hardcore punkers. Enough about last year, this year the Pittsburgher quartet known as Code Orange has released Forever and will keep you guessing and in a good way. Let’s just say that tracks like “Forever” and “The New Reality” sound similar to that of Nails if they slowed down a bit. This piece, however, plays with almost every subgenre in metal, such as “Bleeding in the Blur” and “Ugly” taps in to the prog sound similar to that of The Ocean whereas “The Mud” gives you a bit of Nine Inch Nails, “Spy” plays around with Nu Metal and “dream2” give you a bit of the Dillinger Escape Plan. Forever will leave you curious and clamoring for some more.

6 out of 6, This Album is Not Hazardous

Code Orange "Forever," baby!

Code Orange “Forever,” baby!


Sepultura Still Going Strong

Sepultura, for some, has been long gone after Max and Igor Cavalera departed in 1997 and 2006, respectively. Though Andreas Kisser and Paolo Junior kickass and are not the founding fathers, they have been with the band long enough to be considered originals. Despite no original members left, this great Brazilian export is still going strong and pumped out album number 14 titled Machine Messiah. Anyway, this album was definitely a great surprise for the Klown as it revisited all of the Sepultura incarnations with Derrick Green. We get a bit of Roorback and Nation with some Kairos, The Mediator, and Against. For those who loathed Against, relax “Iceberg Dances” is not that bad; the track does an excellent job blending classical guitars and keyboards. The Klown definitely took an immediate liking to “Phantom Self” and “Alethea.” “Phantom Self” does a great job mixing jazz style percussions with orchestral overtures to create a great track. “Alethea” kicks ass and sticks to good ol’ fashion metal reminiscent to an old Sepultura when they were still thrashy. Sepultura also treat us to two bonus tracks, “Chosen Skin” and a cover of The Echoes’ “Ultraseven No Uta”. This album was great and features different musical elements from previous albums making a creative masterpiece.

6 out of 6, The Messiah Hath Cometh!

All hail Sepultura and the "Machine Messiah"

All hail Sepultura and the “Machine Messiah”

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