White Wizzard Races In To 2018 With ‘Infernal Overdrive’

White Wizzard raced past all the bumps in their road and delivered their first album in 5 years. The American heavy metallers put the pedal to the metal and dished out Infernal Overdrive which was released through M-Theory Audio.  A fun fact about this album is that it welcomes back their original front man Wyatt Anderson.

White Wizzard bring back their fusion of American Heavy Metal and power metal and it’s still so damn delectable! They waste no time to kick start our engines especially after they unleash the title track “Infernal Overdrive.” This joy ride will possibly rip the fabric of time. Because this quintet knows you are itching to raise some hell, they give us the bad ass tunes “Critical Mass,” “Storm The Shores,” and “Voyage of the Wolf Raiders” which will surely please the speed demons in us.

These rockers also show off their softer side with “Pretty May” and take us on a journey in “Chasing Dragons” which the J-Ohster must admit is her favorite track of this album. Ask and you shall receive is the motto of this album! White Wizzard pulled through and delivered a solid album that’s driven with hell fire and metal! You will want to add this album to your next adventure, and impress your road trip buddies. Get you album here ya speed demons!

5 Out 6, Demon speedin’!

We See The Glory Of The ‘Dragonhead’

Leaves Eyes sailed into 2018 with a new album and with their new vocalist, Elina Siirala, taking the reins. Though Siirala has graced stages super near (at the Brick By Brick in 2016) and far, the songstress and the rest of the band make her presence official in their latest Sign of the Dragonhead which was released via AFM Records. Will Kween Elina conquer the hearts of their diehard fans? The J-Ohster will take a bag of lemons to avoid scurvy and board the Dragonhead.

“Sign of the Dragonhead,” “Fires in the North” and “Riders of the Wind” will pump up the brave army aboard this vessel with these epic and hopeful battle hymns. Siirala never fails to deliver her symphonic alto notes, and co-vocalist/founder Alexander Krull gives us that guttural growling goodness in “Fires…” and the title track. Craving more of these two!? Me too! And guess what? Krull and Siirala deliver more of their signature duos in the mighty “Jomsborg” and “Waves of Euphoria” which I gotta admit I couldn’t get enough of.

Listeners will be singing along to the catchy track “Across the Sea” and “Like A Mountain” with a wide-eyed sense of wonder. The J-Ohster may not be an avid Leaves Eyes listener but she was wondering how this new full length would sound like without Liv Kristine. This new chapter with Siirala was great and even though I miss Kristine’s wispy and angelic voice, Siirala knows how to reel you in with her alto soprano pipes, and took up the mantle superbly. Listen to the whole album on Spotify and board this glorious vessel here.

6 out 6, All aboard!

Pack Your Bags To ‘Avatar Country’

Many of my fellow ‘Mericans may still be hellbent on fleeing to Canada but not me man. The J-Ohster (new year same me!) has her heart set on crossing the border to Avatar Country. OOH! Nevermind, the Avatar border came to us! The Klown’s compadre, Johannes Eckerstörm, and the rest of his eccentric comrades released Avatar Country via Entertainment One U.S. Once the royal trumpets from the grand intro of “Glory To Our King” filled the J-Ohster’s weary ear drums, it was obvious the J-Ohster was no longer in her cozy shitshack.

Avatar continued to be the best welcoming committee and greeted us with the cheery and infectious “The King Welcomes You To Avatar Country” which has a lot of the Western elements we fell in love with in “Black Water” AND features a snippet of lounge jazz right before the sweet breakdown. After that we were given a crash course on our new sovereign in “Legend of the King.” This ode’s epicness was fanned by guitarists Jonas Jarlsby and Tim Öhrström because they bust out some sweet power metal riffs. For those that missed Eckerstörm’s growling, it makes a comeback in this album.

Be sure to listen carefully to the important update on the King’s health in “The King Speaks,” constipations no joke! The carefreeness dissipates with “King After King,” which is one of yours truly’s favorite tracks. This legend concludes with two great instrumental tracks, the first one will make you reflect on your journey and wonder what will happen to the king, while the second and final one will empower you and show you that Avatar Country will be just fine.

Avatar Country is a reformed album with ambition as opposed to Feather And Flesh which was an amazing wild card that just wanted to party. But when that wild party is over, this album is a nice little buffer. Listen to the album on Spotify and book your trip… I mean get your copy here. And check out our first brush with Avatar last year here!

5 Out 6, Long live the king!

Corrosion of Conformity Show Off Their Stonery ‘Crown’

The coolest stoner metallers of the scene are back with their 10th studio album No Crown No Cross via Nuclear Blast Records. That’s right Corrosion of Conformity debut their latest under the Nuclear Blast banner and just ‘cause they’re stoner metal doesn’t mean they won’t produce explosive songs teeming with heaviness. Or will they?

The album starts with the rabid “The Luddite” which is a track that will gallop in with a steady but heavy pace, this track will slither in to your brain. If you want more of that slower and steadier jam then give in to the suave “Little Man” but if you want your blood to boil then blast “Cast the First Stone,” “E.L.M.” and “Wolf Named Crow.” “Forgive Me” and “Nothing Left To Say” will be begging us for forgiveness the only way badass rockers can. We will probably take them back because we can’t get enough of the “Old Disaster” and the song too! Why wouldn’t you take them back after these songs?

Corrosion of Conformity stuck to their stoner metal influences in this album as opposed to their 2014 release IX in which they added some of their punk roots. Even though I love it when they throw in their punky roots into the mix, this stoner metal album was a good follow up. Listen to the entire album on Spotify and get your copy here.

5 Out 6, And the crown goes to C.O.C….tee hee!

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