Suicide Silence Make A Clean Return

Alright… so it’s now the Klown’s turn to listen to the new and somewhat controversial self titled installment of Suicide Silence. Before the Klown begins, he would like to start by stating that Suicide Silence has never been in the Klown’s radar nor is it on his favorite bands list. Nevertheless, he listened to this so called abomination to the metal genre that has even called for a ridiculous petition to halt the release altogether.

So without further ado, the infamous “Doris” song that has caused this shit storm isn’t really that bad to begin with nor is it that clean and features Liquid Metal’s DJ, Jose Mangin. To the Klown, “Doris” sounded more like a typical metalcore track with a bit more anger, which can also be said about “Silence.”“Listen” had a great beginning but, once again, a bit more on the core than death, however, the second half of the song was a great catalyst for a smooth transition to “Dying in a Red Room” (more on this in a bit). “Run” and “The Zero” features Hernan Hermida’s clean vocals but, for those who keep forgetting what the core in deathcore stands for, it was to be expected because of the chorus line.

“Dying…” and “Conformity” are the only true clean vocal tracks in this whole album because they were ballads. Lastly, “Don’t Be Careful You Might Hurt Yourself” is basically the only “true” deathcore song in this album and the only downside that staunch deathcore fans will find is that it’s slower. Whatever your feelings on this album may be, it’s available and you don’t have to get it.

4 out of 6, Let the Mass Suicide Commence!

Suicide Silence, hear it and weep..(?)

Suicide Silence, hear it and weep..(?)

Immolation’s Tenth is Death Metal Bliss

The New York death metal collective have released Atonement through Nuclear Blast Records. Right off the bat, “The Distorting Light” will immediately induce you into a death metal nirvana. If you haven’t already checked out their single “Fostering the Divide,” this track’s heavy brutality is fueled by the killer guitar solo from Robert Vigna. Need more convincing?  “Rise the Heretics,”“Thrown to the Fire” and “The Power of the Gods” will seal the deal. “Destructive Currents,” “Lower” and “Atonement” will feed that death metal high with the killer guitar solos. Immolation will give you a dose reminiscent to a little known band from the upper state New York region *cough* Cannibal Corpse! *cough* in their last track “Epiphany.” The Klown highly recommends this album for Cannibal Corpse, Deicide and Morbid Angel fans!

6 out of 6, Immolation Has Nothing To Atone For

Immolation deliver another legendary album!

Immolation deliver another legendary album!

King Woman’s Debut Will Not Make You ‘Suffer’

King Woman made quite the impression in Ugh Metal. In fact, the Klown’s broke sibling associate first wrote about Christina Esfandiari commanding the stage at the Brick By Brick on the Pentagram show. Now, onto King Woman’s debut full length album titled Created in the Image of Suffering which was released through Relapse Records. The Klown along with the Ugh Metal staff had the privilege of hearing “Utopia” live and approximately a year in advance. The Klown liked the live version but he LOVED this new version because Esfandiari added more haunting vocals creating a harmonic, ghastly and spine tingling song.

The current hit,” Deny,” transitions beautifully into “Shame” and not only complement each other but also gives you a dose of absolute doom. Not taking anything away from “Hierophant” and “Worn” which were vocally like “Utopia” but only more mesmerizing due to the instrumentals that set the tone. The track “Manna” gives a faster, doom-like ballad with classical strings as a cherry on top, the Klown definitely enjoyed this hymn. This quartet did justice to this album and the hype was not undersold. If you think that the Klown is overselling it, you could check ’em out at their bandcamp and judge for yourselves!

6 out of 6, She Is King Christina, Hear Her Roar!



Ex Deo Prepare Us for Immortality

The Klown knew he was going to be in for a treat when Canadian quintet Ex Deo announced a new album. After a five year hiatus, The Immortal Wars was released through Napalm Records. “The Rise of Hannibal” was an epic opener to get anyone invested in this album especially with its fusion of metal and orchestra. The first three tracks “The Rise…,” “Hispania (Siege of Saguntum)” and “Crossing of the Alps” follow up on each other in an epically spectacular way, setting the tone for each other.

If you want more of an aggressive death metal song but glorious sounding, “Cato Major: Carthago delenda Est!” is the song you’ll definitely seek. Looking for a workout song or one to get you battle ready? “Ad Victoriam (The Battle of Zama)” is the one you’ll want to play and catered for such a moment! This album was great and definitely met the expectations that the Klown had. In fact, it was a great follow up to their previous album, Caligvla. If you love Fleshgod Apocalypse, Hour of Penance, Rotting Christ and Septicflesh than this a must!

6 out of 6, Glory to Rome!

Ex Deo conquer all in latest

Ex Deo conquer all in latest

Six Feet Under Latest Will Give You Pleasure

About 24 years ago, Six Feet Under started off as a side project by former Cannibal Corpse frontman Chris Barnes and ex-Obituary lead guitarist, Allen West. And the rest is history! The 12th new installment, Torment has clawed its way out through Metal Blade Records. This album not only met up with the hype but was just awesome in general.

“Sacrificial Kill” starts off by giving you some vintage Cannibal Corpse with Chris Barnes’ infamous guttural death metal vocals. If you haven’t heard “The Separation from Flesh to Bone” then you have been missing out because it’s just fucking awesome in general. “Skeleton” sounds like a marching death metal song that gets you prepared to battle and has a killer breakdown to match the intensity that you’d probably expected it to be. “Knife Through the Skull,” on the other hand is a fun song  because of the bass and guitar solo. “Knife…” had the Klown thinking of his days in the circus before being left behind… glad you closed, Ringling Brothers!

“Slaughtered as They Slept” and “Funeral Mask” were the Klown’s personal favorites on this album because it really hit the spot as far as hearing some brutal death metal went. This album was great and the Klown doesn’t feel like he should say it but… if you love Cannibal Corpse, Deicide, Kronos, Morbid Angel and Blood Red Throne you’re going to love this album.

6 out of 6, The Only Tormenting Thing About This Album Is Waiting For The Follow Up

The 'Torment' is over!

The ‘Torment’ is over!

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