Periphery on a roll with their fifth installment

Greetings motherlovers and Peripherals!…Or however Periphery fans call themselves. The DC sextet is back and continuing to be on a roll. Five days shy of a year and a half to be exact, the fifth installment, Periphery III: Select Difficulty is a nice blend of Prog meets alternative. Their current hit, “Marigold”, was rightfully picked as a pretty good hook to check out this album. “The Price is Wrong” and “Motormouth” serves to remind listeners they are metal… a subgenre of it anyway. However, diehard metal heads will hate this album and say “WTF, Klown!?” To those I say, the album is good for what it is and a good follow up to their previous album Juggernaut: Omega. For diehard Peripherals, not only is it worth the buy, it will definitely be worth your eardrums.

5 out of 6


The cover for Periphery’s new album


Despised Icon Unleashed the Beast

Rejoice, friends! After a seven year long hiatus, Montreal deathcorers Despised Icon are finally back. These Canucks proved that a good rest and a change of scenery can be important factors for new material. “Bad Vibes” is a great song and a personal favorite of the Klown. In an act that there is change, Icon actually did an introductory track with synths for the track “Grind Forever” which gave it a nice flow. The track from the namesake album, “Beast,” brings back exact brutality and sound that these guys are known for. Great album and a special thanks to Nuclear Blast Record for providing this fix early during the San Diego Comic Con at their booth.

6 out of 6


Despised Icon unleashes the “Beast” after a 7 year absence!

Black Crown Initiate Needs No Forgiveness for This Album

The latest installment of the BCI, Selves We Cannot Forgive, will have you hooked especially if you’re a diehard Opeth fan. The track of “Belie the Machine” is one of the most spot-on attributions to the Swedish prog rockers. Just like Opeth’s Watershed album, this record has soft instrumental build ups along with heavy riffs and soft vocals dashed with the occasional death growl. This a great album to listen to soothe that Opeth itch!

6 out of 6

black crown initiate

Gnarly cover for Black Crown Initiate


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