R.I.P Debut Comes to Life

Alright… So… Just to clarify things this is not the Seattle based band of the same name. Although, they also happen to be from the Northwest these guys are Portlanders and they are Doom metal. Also, if skipping titles is your thing, these guys have officially debut an album unlike the other R.I.P. The album titled In the Wind has been released through Easy Riding Records and has euphoria of psychedelic sounds and trippiness that were synonymous with the late sixties and seventies. The tracks “In The Wind I” and “In the Wind II” are tracks that really resonates with the Klown’s claim. For those who love the original Black Sabbath, “Smoke and Lightning” is the one to strike a chord of persuasion to further invest on this album.

4 out of 6, It’s Alive!

Don't fuck with R.I.P 'cause the reaper and his gold chain will get ya!

Don’t fuck with R.I.P ’cause the reaper and his gold chain will get ya!

Nephilim Has Released their Gigantic Debut

Much like the opening statement to previous entry, this death metal quintet from the windy city should not be confused with the black metal band from Missouri nor the Groove metal band from Sac Town. Their debut album Disciplined lives up to the title from the beginning. The opening track “Lord of Fear” and “Join Us or Die” will immediately have you hooked and invested. This album had yours truly wondering what if Sigurd “Satyr” Wongraven of Satyricon ever did a death metal collaboration with Job For A Cowboy? The Klown might be overselling it but Linus Knuttson vocals were eerily similar to that of Satyr blended with Job For A Cowboy. Once you listen to “Disciplined” the band start to sound like more like JFAC and a bit like All Shall Perish’s Awaken the Dreamers album. This band’s debut album is not only awesome but was really strong and well-balanced. Expect these guys to start making rounds in the near future… assuming the Klown didn’t jinx them!

6 out of 6, It’s so disciplined… it’s chaotic!

Nephilim are "Disciplined" in their strong debut.

Nephilim are “Disciplined” in their strong debut.

Gnaw Their Tongues Have Released Their 10th Hymn

The former studio-only band from the Netherlands has returned with Hymns of the Broken, Swollen and Silent. Gnaw Their Tongues have been around for around 13 years and is impressive that they’ve released 10 studio albums within that timeline. This album is very experimental. A good example and a good track that is really experimental is “Silent Burned Atrocities.” The track kicks off with the sounds of “Tocatta and Fugue in D minor” (aka Dracula’s Theme song) and then mixes it with some industrial and some really heavy double bass drumming. Overall, it invokes the spirit of true industrial. Although this isn’t the Klown’s flask of bourbon, he still kind of enjoyed it and felt a bit pumped after this album. This album and would fit right at home at San Diego’s very own Goth club, Club Sabbath and it’s music Cyber Goths, in particular,  would love.

4 out of 6, You can sink your teeth into it!

You bet your local goth club will be bumping this album from Gnaw Their Tongues

You bet your local goth club will be bumpin’ this album from Gnaw Their Tongues


Tengger Calvary Honor Us With A New Kaan

So… unless you don’t keep up with us, we have had the pleasure of seeing Tengger Calvary at Brick by Brick a while back. This time the Calvary has released a new EP titled Kaan. If you haven’t heard anything with the Calvary, you’re missing out. Assuming you ain’t staunch about metal, this badass quintet incorporate Mongolian folk music with metal and do it well! The track “Wasted” features Nature Ganganbaigal signature throat singing in the beginning along with English lyrics and vocalization. The use of his throat singing, this time around, was almost reminiscent to that of Rammstein’s vocalist, Till Lindemann. The “Accused” was a great folk and harmonious track to listen to because it had groove metal elements sprinkled with some Apocalyptica-like rhythm and thumbjam. It was a great album and highly recommended to lend it your ear!

6 out of 6, All Hail the KAAN!

Tengger Cavalry shows why they're "Kaan"!

Tengger Cavalry shows why they’re “Kaan”!

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