Syk Take Away the “I” in Waiting

So… the Klown is not expecting you to know who Syk is from the top of your head. Allow the Klown to give you a very brief description, imagine if Meshuggah was from Italy and was fronted by a female vocalist. This Italian quartet has released their sophomore album I-Optikon which is not only produced by Phil Anselmo but it’s also under his label Housecore Records. The Klown took a liking to the track “Disintegrate” because Dailia Kayros’ vocals sound ghostly and melodic AF with the Messhugah like rhythm. Just hearing “Disintegrate” gave this hot sack of drunkenness some chills… in a good way. “Mud” sounded like a cross between Meshuggah and the Dillinger Escape Plan while “Absence” sounded more like DEP if they had a feminine touch. This album was pretty good and well produced and the Klown highly recommends it to the heavy prog and mathcore enthusiasts.

5 out of 6, This album was Syk!

The SYK cover of SYK

The SYK cover of SYK


Bethlehem Need No Title for their Eighth

The kings of Dark Metal are back with a vengeance! Right from the start, this self titled album opening track “Fickselbomber Panzerplause” has that burst of energy to get anyone to start a pit and keep it going. “Kalt’ Ritt in Leicht Faltiger Leere” is a great track that was a bit reminiscent of a German Cradle of Filth track whereas “Die Dunkelheit Darbt” sounded like an incensed, no nonsense version of Hanzel Und Gretyl. Speaking of which, Hanzel Und Gretyl fans will have a sense of nostalgia with the track “Gängel Gängel Gang” which sounds like an old school song from the industrial duo’s Über Alles and Scheissmessiah! albums. Aside from that description, die hard Bethlehem fans will rejoice not just because it’s a new release but mostly because the band revisits their past for this album. The majority of this record takes you back to the days of the Dark Metal, Dictius Te Nacare and Schatten aus der Alexander Welt. If you’re feeling kvlt and are looking for something different or trying to expand your musical horizon, this album is definitely recommended.

6 out of 6, The Anti-Christ Approves

Bethlehem were definitely dressed for casual Friday on their self titled album cover.

Bethlehem were definitely dressed for casual Friday on their self titled album cover.


Ranger Is All For Speed & Violence

The Finnish speed metal quartet are back with Speed & Violence a little over a year and half later. What else can the Klown say if you haven’t heard speed metal? The Klown could state the obvious; it has you feeling a rush from beginning to end. The difference with this album, however, is that it pays homage to the 80’s, so don’t be alarmed if you thought you unearthed an undiscovered talent from the 80’s while you were rummaging through your Uncle Pete’s attic. The track from the namesake album, “Speed & Violence,” sets up the feel of this album and of all the sounds to come. “Demon Wind” features more of Miko Sipilä’s up-tempo, fast paced drumming. The current single “Lethal Force” is not only awesome but it reminds you what true Speed metal is all about. “Last Breath” is not only the most energetic, but like true performer’s, it was saved for last.

5 out 6, These Finnish will teach you all about speed and violence

Shut off that New Wave and really remeber the 80's with Ranger's "Speed & Violence"

Shut off that New Wave and really remember the 80’s with Ranger’s “Speed & Violence”


Trivium Blasts Us To The Past

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, Trivium has released the two disk set titled Ab Intio which would be the second reissue of their debut album Ember to Inferno. The interesting fact about this reissue, aside from rehearing a 17-year-old Matt Heafy blast his vocals in a newer re-release, is that they have released never before heard material from their early years. With that said, the Klown shall not waste time talking about the Ember to Inferno disc, the second disc was a bit of a surprise for the Klown. Aside from featuring some remastered songs that were first featured in The Crusade it had the previously unreleased “Lake of Fire.” At first, the Klown thought it was the same Curt Kirkwood cover of Nirvana fame, but no this was a great and powerful original track the way Trivium knows how to execute. “To Burn the Eye” was great and really resonated with the Ascendency’s album signature touches as well as the rest of the album. Despite everything, the Klown was expecting full blown demo style audio but was surprised by the sound quality of these tracks. Highly recommend this album especially if you’re a diehard Trivium fan who missed out on the original and first reissue of Ember and metalcore fans.

6 out of 6, Takes You Back Where it ALL began

TriviuT takes us back to where it all began with "Ab Initio"

TriviuT takes us back to where it all began with “Ab Initio”

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