Machinae Supremacy have released their 8-bit album

Gamers and Power metal enthusiasts rejoice! The Swedish collective known as Machinae Supremacy have returned with their eighth 8 bit installment, Into the Night World. Right from the start, “My Dragons Will Decimate” has the power metal epicness with the old school video game sounds. Speaking of which, “Into the Night World” heavily uses sound effects reminiscent to old Mega Man and Final Fantasy I games (yes, the Klown games that far back) blended with some electronica and Power metal. “Remember Me” sounded like a Kamelot or Sonata Arctica ballad which was both sentimental and melodic. For actual power metal, the Supremacy provides you with “Space Boat” and “Star Had To Die So You Could Live,” just to name a few. This album is definitely for those who are fans of Powerglove, good ol’ fashioned power metal enthusiasts and video game lovers.

4 out of 6, It’s currently on the next level!


Machinae Supremacy’s Into The Night World… still better than the last Deus Ex Machina game

Inquiring Blood Have Unleashed Their ‘Morbid Creation’

The up and coming German death metal quartet, Inquiring Blood, has released its sophomore album and right from the start catches your attention giving you a bit of an old school Blood Red Throne vibe with “Japanese Knife Assassin.” They bring out sounds reminiscent to Ghoul, more vocally than instrumentally, with “Death Row” and “Three Feet to Carnage,” just to name a few. “Suffocation” changes gears a bit by upping its tempo in the beginning and gradually slows down towards the end. The track “Nuclear Massacre,” however, threw the Klown off a bit because he thought that he was listening to Brujeria minus Juan Brujo for a brief moment. For “Faceless,” the Blood adds some speed creating a brutal and speedy closing track. Morbid Creation is pretty good as far as follow ups go and I definitely recommend it for death metal enthusiasts as well as Ghoul heads and BRT fans.

5 out of 6, It’s so morbid!


Inquiring Blood’s Morbid Creation it’s so morbid, it’s cheerful… and metal!

Call Of The Void Treat Us to Something New Before Year Ends

The quartet from Boulder, Colorado is back and is proving that they still have some creative juices going. Although this is not a studio album, Call Of The Void give the masses an EP titled AYFKM. Although the Void consider themselves grind and crust, this album had more Hardcore punk vibes BUT The Klown is not complaining, he’s just saying. Nevertheless, AYFKM was really good and for those wondering what those initials stand for, the Klown’s got you covered! The acronym was also the name of one of the tracks the Klown took a liking to and it stands for  “Are You Fucking Kidding Me.” The titular track was fast, energetic and to the point! Another favorite of the Klown, which in turn was rather appropriate with this release, was “Never Enough.” Unfortunately, this would have to suffice for now and at least this quartet treated us to some new material before the year ends. Keep your eyes peeled for the third studio installment.

6 out of 6, This EP is not a joke!


Call Of The Void’s AYFKM is not a laughing matter

Vesen Pick Our Brains Before The Holidays

If you thought Witchery was the only Scandinavian black/thrash band album to put out something this year, than you were dead wrong! The Norwegian black metal thrashers known as Vesen have released their fifth studio album titled Rorschach. The opening tracks, “Damnation Path” and “Target: Horizon,” sounded like two remastered and lost Venom tracks with screaming vocals. “Pray For Fire” and “Blood, Bones and Pride,” on the other hand, sounded like they were unearthed from the infamous Helvete record store in Oslo. The track “Crown of Scars” reminded the Klown of Darkthrone and their ability to experiment with their sounds and the black metal genre. This album was pretty great and it actually reminded me of Witchery’s Restless and Dead album. Definitely would recommend this album if you’re a huge fan of the early Norwegian black metal scene as well as Witchery and Venom… before the split.

6 out of 6, This album was conclusive!


Vesen administers a Rorschach for the masses.

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