Accept ‘The Rise of Chaos’

Accept is back bearing gifts. The heavy metal icons are here to supply us with a great soundtrack applicable to everyday life with The Rise of Chaos via Nuclear Blast Records. These legends begins this mayhem with the honorable “Die by the Sword,” and keep the epic overtone going with “What’s Done Is Done”  which will amp you to finally stand up to that cardboard cutout of He-Man’s ‘cause it’s been looking at you funny for some time now.

Not everything is all fun and games with Accept, especially after they warn us with the catchy “Koolaid.” Which only makes yours truly crave the sugary and processed elixir a little more especially while looping this track, and yes this track might sock you right in the childhood if you’re not too familiar with the reference, young one.

After issuing their warning against the beloved drink, these metal vets showcase their heaviness and great riffs in their single “The Rise of Chaos,” “World’s Colliding,” and “No Regrets.” Accept maintain their iconic sound and are one of the few OG metal bands that have stood the test of time. This record will make you rise with your horns high up in the air. Get yours here and check it out!

4 Out Of 6, Still Got It 

Dead Cross Debut Lives!

For those unfamiliar with Dead Cross, this is quite the supergroup which has the master of percussion Dave Lombardo (ex-Slayer, Suicidal Tendencies), vocalist Mike Patton (Faith No More), fellow San Diegan, bassist Justin Pearson (Retox), and guitarist Michael Crain (Retox). Together, they have finally released their highly anticipated self titled album via Ipecac Recordings.

You know you’re going on a volatile ride when you begin with “Seizure and Desist” which has a great and dramatic chorus while letting you peek into some dystopian mind. This first track ends just as abruptly and mysteriously as it started…which hooks you in because curiosity fed the cat!…Addicted to the erraticism? So was yours truly! So when “Idiopathic,” “Divine Filth” and “Grave Slave” blasted in to these weary eardrums you bet it melted my prized ear wax reservoir!

Now the J-Oh’ster must publicly declare her love for Dead Cross’s take on Bauhaus’s “Bela Lugosi’s Dead.” This collective add a new layer of grimness, grit, and angst and I just jizzed myself. Another song that made me feel warm and fuzzy inside is the death rock-esque “Church of the Motherfuckers.” You better believe these two particular songs were replayed quite a few times in the Ugh Metal fortress…okay maybe not just these two songs.

Patton slays and showcases his many interchanging vocal ranges and the rest of the band shine along with him. Patton is NOT just the dude from Faith No More, Lombardo is NOT just the ex-Slayer drummer and Pearson and Crain are NOT just some legendary punkers from Retox. Dead Cross is a testament of what gifted musicians can do together and damn… Experience this and grab your copy here and catch them in San Diego and stop by our hood on August 19 at the North Park Observatory.

6 out 6, The J-Oh’ster’s speechless

Bonehunter Unleashes Their ‘Sexual Panic Human Machine’

This Finnish trio is here to do THE business. Bonehunter is here to seduce you into the dark side with their sophomore album Sexual Panic Human Machine via Hells Headbangers Records. Bonehunter slap us silly with their hefty, blackened speed metal and add a little bit of foreplay before saying “nah,” and getting down to business with “Enter Satan’s Dimension,” and “Electric Nightmare” to name a few.

What’s that? Fuck the foreplay you say?! Okay ‘cause you asked for it raw and straight to the point, “Digital Evil” and “Spectre of Sex Vengeance” will cum at you hard! The title track and “Devil Science,” however, have a slower tempo making you soak in all the great beats from drummer S.S. Penetrator, the bass foundation from Witch Rider and Satanarchist’s high black metal growls.

Bonehunter’s black speed metal is NOT like their label mate Midnight’s brand of naughty. The trio from Oulu adds more emphasis on the Norwegian branch of black metal but beef it up with tremendous agility. Bonehunter used the feather tickler a little more this time around and know the power of a great build up. Most of these tracks will tease you before it turns animalistic, and will sandwiches you in between a slow breakdown before it slowly ends again…Woooo! Someone get me a frozen Blackout Lemonade! Get your copy at the label’s bandcamp right here and see what I mean and because you know you wanna see the FULL cover 😉

6 Out 6, Bonerrific

Click the link to their Bandcamp to see the FULL surprise 😉

**The Klown Has Cracked Open A Fresh One**

Russkaja Roll Out Their Fifth

The Klown is back with this gem! Although Russkaja is from Austria, the Russian singing Ska Punk septet has returned with their latest album titled Kosmopoliturbo via Napalm Records. The opening track “Hey Road” and “Cheburashka” are great examples of the band’s famous Ska and Russian polka brand of music. The euphoria of upbeat trumpet sounds for Ska combined with the sounds of the fiddle, the potete trumpet for some Russian polka influence will fill your ears. Georgij Makazaria’s screaming baritone vocals complete the mix.

“Alive” was an extremely pleasant surprise to the Klown. Why? The group incorporated some hip hop samples to the mix which enhanced and didn’t deter the song. Are you still longing for bae? Russkaja once again reintroduce a breakup song with “Still In Love” but unlike the previous album they present the hopeful but slow ballad “Send You An Angel.”

Just like the previous album they incorporate other languages into their music such as “Mare Mare” which feature Makazaria singing in Italian. Another example is the combo of Russian and German with “Volle Kraft Voraus” accompanied by the rest of the band’s loud and harmonious chorus.Lastly Makazaria shows off his Spanish vocals once more in this album with “La Musica.” This became one of the Klown’s favorite song not just because he understands it but because of the lyrical content. The song’s message being translated as music is our religion which is something the Klown and his peeps can all agree with. You can get a hold of this record here and see what the Klown is overselling!

6 out of 6, These Russians Can Putin Their Music Anywhere

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