Inquisition Reign With Empyrian Altar

Bloodshed Across the Empyrean Altar Beyond the Celestial Zenith has been unleashed for mortal consumption and it is BRUTAL. Though these Black Metal veterans have been crafting THE heaviest material for almost 30 years, they don’t waste any time and go straight for the jugular. Empyrian is a lot less melodic than their previous album Obscure Verses of the Multiverse, not that it was MELODIC to begin with, so calm down! The three years these guys took to weave this album was enough to have them do what they do best and ravage the dark mysticism of old school black metal.

6 out of 6, LEGENDARY *Side effects include chronic head banging, wind milling and tearing shit up.*


Cover for Inquisitions latest and brutal album yet titled “Bloodshed Across the Empyrean Altar Beyond the Celestial Zenith”

Sodom Still Gots It!

These legendary thrashers need no introduction and return triumphantly with their 15th studio album Decision Day. These pioneers of metal have been going at it for the past 35 years and are a living testament that not all bands that have been in the scene for so long lose their edge. This album will still melt your face off and ends with the song befittingly called “Refused To Die” and we’re glad!



Super bad ass album cover for legendary thrashers Sodom. “Decision Day” is their 15th studio album.

Prophets of Rage Are Older And Angrier… And OLDER… 

I know what you’re thinking, “WTF! This is NOT metal!” but let me tell you something, as an unapologetic and entitled 90’s kid, reviewing the debut of the self titled EP of this supergroup was a must in my “secret agenda.” These OG rebels from Rage Against the Machine, Public Enemy and Cypress Hill invoke the distant but angsty spirit of both the 80’s and 90’s, but that’s just it. The EP only has one original song with “The Party’s Over,” followed by three renditions of classics from the respective groups and a revamp of the Bestie Boys track re titled “No Sleep Till Cleveland.” It would have been great to see them create brand new material with this insurgent love child but instead they came across as a good cover band.

2 Out of 6, Hmmmmmm… Coulda been WAY better.              


Supergroup Prophets of Rage release their debut EP.


*The Klown would like to join and throw in his two cents… so much for that booze run he promised.*

Imperium Dekadenz bring forth their fifth

Imperium Dekadenz have released their fifth studio album titled, Dis Manibvs (Latin for “To the spirits of the dead”). This Black Metal band from East of the Rhine, have managed to pump out good ol’ fashioned Norwegian Black Metal. Their current singles “Only Fragments of Lights” and “Still I Rise” are a strong testament of the pioneering sounds that gave the subgenre its infamous identity. Diehard Black Metal aficionados are really going to enjoy this album a lot. Hopefully, you too will stumble upon this gem just like the Klown did or just like the band stumbled onto a Roman grave marker for their album’s title, as the band claimed through their Seasons of the Mist Records page.

5 out of 6, Bust Out That Corpse paint cause a goats gonna be sacrificed tonight!

imperium dekadenz Dis Manibvs

Imperium Dekadenz returns with the ominously delicious “Dis Manibus”

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